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    Cats are of course, born in litters. So most of the time when your Warriors OC has siblings. they were born at the same time and have always been the same age. Despite this, these cats are quite humanized so for me I always have a clear idea of who would be the “oldest” if they had only one child at a time like us humans.


    Bearheart & Palefawn – Bearheart is DEFINITELY the younger sister, younger siblings always get away with more don’t they? Well, maybe not always…

    Nightstorm & Murktongue – This one is tricky, but I feel Nightstorm is the older brother. It’s not uncommon to look up to your older sibling, or to feel overshadowed by them.

    Blankstone – Blankstone was the older sister in every way, and more often than not, mother.

    Rainysky & Frostpaw – Were twins, actually. I feel this adds to their closeness.

    Hawkpaw – Hawkpaw was the oldest brother, doting on his two younger sisters. (Keyword: was :’) )

    Mudface and Magnoliabreeze were only childs, lol.

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