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    Rainysky had always been afraid of foxes.

    As soon as he had glimpsed that tuft of ginger hair, the pale tabby tom had been gone like a shot. He’d heard steps behind him, felt hot breath  on his flank once or twice, but he had successfully outmaneuvered his canine assailant in the end. He staggered to a halt, legs violently trembling like trees in a storm. They barely supported him as he collapsed to his belly, sides heaving.

    He would need to report this, of course. But for the time being he collected himself, perking up to take in his surroundings. With creeping unease he realized he must have crossed the border some time ago, as none of the sights and smells were familiar to him. Luckily as a Medicine Cat, there was some clemency against the clear-cut rules that most cats lived under, though it was not a power to be abused.

    If he could keep a low profile he would be on his way before anyone ever detected his presence.

    However, footsteps crunched just beyond amid the brambles. He tensed, heart pounding.

    “H-hello? Please don’t be a fox….”


    Not much got past Kass when she was in the territories, muscles loose and mind clear, waiting for something out of the ordinary to catch her attention. She’d forgotten to send out an evening patrol, it was an accident but today she was supposed to have the scent borders between ThunderClan and RiverClan checked. She wasn’t expecting to find traces of a RiverClan cat crossing the border, that’s why she’d gone alone into the territories so close to hunting time for the larger animals in her territory. She couldn’t help but feel a pang of anger sit low in her stomach, swirling around until her chest was tight and her kitty-brows were furrowed. Hadn’t they all learned their lessons? Who possibly could have been so mouse-brained that they would cross a clearly marked border? You couldn’t really miss a whole river.

    Grumbling curses under her breath the deputy followed what was left of the foreign scent into the tree line until she lost the scent in favor for pollen and other strong NewLeaf trails that confused her nose to no doubt. For a while she truly was just walking with the mindset of ‘if I didn’t know where I was going, where would I go?’. With luck on her side she kept walking until she noticed a break in the bramble line- a sign! She was close, she decided when the salty scent of a RiverClan cat filled her nostrils again. Without a second thought the feline began the trek through the forest until she noticed a flash of gray in the corner of her blue eye. Aha!

    Without a second through the ThunderClan deputy rounded on the unknown tom, “You have a lot of nerve stepping foot on ThunderClan soil after what happened the last time, RiverClanner. She ranted in greeting taking a bold step towards the tom hardly noticing the tremble in his legs, or the fact that his attention definitely wasn’t on her when she marched out but somewhere to the left of her. All it took was a rustle in the bushes behind her to realize that they weren’t alone in the forest. She whipped around, strategically placing her body in between the threat and the unknown tom without a second thought, searching the woods for the tell tale beady eyes.

    Kass tossed a glance over her shoulder at the unknown tom, “Do not move. If you want to make it out of this you need to trust me and do not run until I say so,” she instructed with a hard stare before turning back to where she assumed the fox would make its appearance from.



    Initially, the slender silver tom felt relief upon seeing it was merely a cat- the Deputy, if he had her description right- but a sentient being who would at least rationalize its actions before handing his ass to him, unlike a stone-cold predator would. He flattened himself into the frigid earth, trying convey with every fiber that he was no threat. If it did come to blows, he might be able to hold his own but……he’d rather not have to find out.

    “I-I-I’m s-sorry. M-my na-name is R-Rainy…I’m…a-a-a M-medicine-” He paused from his stammering, swallowing. “I-I didn’t m-mean to…there was a-” Just then, the devil appeared as it was spoken of. “Fox……”

    He felt frozen to the ground like the snowbanks surrounding them. His body had emptied its reserves of adrenaline, leaving behind only a residue of weary numbness which he did his best to scrape together into coherent thought. It was a fox, at least, not a badger or dog. Two Warriors facing one wasn’t ideal, but it was a hell of a lot better than one. He’d been there, as his facial scarring would tell anyone.

    He kept his pale seafoam gaze trained on Kass. He was a follower, not a Leader, and would defer to her judgement if it meant no blood need to spilled.


    With a cautious step forward the fox peeked its head out from the bushes, black beady eyes not leaving the deputy’s. Instinctively, Kass took a step back, her hindlegs knocking into the medicine cat. She risked a glance behind herself again. This was not going to end well, she highly doubted the gray tom had ever fought in a battle a day in his life. ‘His stance could use some work’ She noted, eyes going back to the fox.

    “I need you to listen to me, we need to scare it away-“ Kass whispered sharply at her whimpering companion, “-whatever you do, do not sound like you are in pain. Don’t whimper, don’t moan- I don’t care what silly little noises you choose to make… but so help me if you sound like you are in pain… this isn’t the only fox in the territories.” 

    The fox looked as if it were about to step forward but the ThunderClan deputy was quicker and used the space between them to scoop up snow and spray a sheet of ice at the fox.  “Make loud noises. Like a dog! Now!” Kass called to Rainysky, already switching up her stance so that she stood at an angle which put more distance between herself and Rainysky, leaving the tom especially open.


    His breath caught like ice in his throat as narrow features parted the scraggly undergrowth. Those eyes were so unsettling, amber, but too sweetly so. The last time he had seen such eyes things hadn’t exactly gone well.

    Her words sounded muffled and distant at first, slowly coming into to focus he processed half or so of what was said. Dog noises? He knew what dogs were supposed to sound like, but he’d never seen one himself. With RiverClan being far from anything twoleg-related. Nonetheless, he wracked his brain for an accurate recreation. Perhaps she intended to fright it off by pretending to be dogs? Somehow he doubt it would work. But they might as well try something. He’d rather die at least trying.

    With a silent nod her way, he pushed himself to his paws and shook off the fear as best he could. It remained at his side, its cloying talons pulling at him. But at his core he was calm in a detached manner. They might be about to die, truly and wholly. What could matter?

    He let loose with a series of beastly bellows. Not terribly dog-like, but further from cat-like than it was close. He puffed himself up, too. He knew lots of animals did so to try to look bigger, deadlier. He felt none of that right now, but the fox didn’t need to know that.


    The young fox turned swiftly and peered its’ beady eyes at the gray tom. He was warned by his father to be wary of the cats that roamed the forest, but he just couldn’t help himself! This gray creature seemed to just be an ordinary clan cat but the noises he was making plus the way his fur lifted up into a spike was peculiar? Was he sick? The fox let out a chortle in a fox’s own way before letting out a series of yips that translated roughly to “You’re a pretty funny cat, aren’t you?” Taking a step forwards the fox decided to investigate, paying no mind to the deputy in the corner of its vision frantically looking around for something to help the clan cats gain leverage.

    All it took was a sharp baring of his teeth for him to get hit in the muzzle with a projectile rock. With a whimper the young tom-fox pulled back abruptly, turning away from the cats to regain his vision. What had they done that for? He screamed when sharp claws hit his backside, sending him running away from the two clan cats. I better get out of here before dad sees me!

    Kass huffed, “And don’t you come back!” in the fox’s wake with a confident puff of her chest and a roll of her eyes. “We were lucky he was young. Just about as idiotic as an apprentice,” she hummed. Turning her attention back to the intruding tom the deputy didn’t see a point in making the tom pee himself. It was either leave or go back to camp with her, simple as that.

    “Now where were we?” She offered a raised kitty-brow in a display of her relaxed emotional state. “Who are you again?”



    Rainysky breathed a massive sigh of relief when the beats turned tail and ran. He was impressed by her technique, never having seen its like before.

    She really is from a different place. I wonder what else she knows?

    He sat back up, though his long pelt was still riddled with shredded grass and burrs from laying down. He rasped his tongue over it a few times, not feeling very much like he was living up to the regal elegance his Clan was known for.

    “My name is Rainysky. I’m just a Medicine Cat, no threat.” He meowed, meeting her gaze with some difficulty. “I was only running from that thing, I swear it on….well I don’t know if you believe in our ancestors, but something holy. Let’s go with that.” He said, with a nervous chuckle as he rose to his paws. Now that he’d just had a brush with a fox, talking to a stranger didn’t seem quite so daunting. It imbued the tom with a temporary confidence buffer.

    “I can just go and we can forget about this, I don’t want our Clans at war anymore than you do, I assume.” He added, with a flick of his tail. “It would mean more work for me and Saplingskies, anyways…”



    “A healer, huh?” Kass hummed with a cocked head, ‘I wonder..’ letting the information run through her brain for a moment she quickly wondered how she could possibly use this interaction to her advantage. “Dunno, you seemed pretty threatening to me with that fox.” she said in a playful tone and a cheeky grin. “Good thing I would never meet you on the battlefield, you’d have my fur no doubt.” With a roll of her eyes she released a hearty chuckle. “My name’s Kass.”

    She watched his nervous demeanor and instantly tried to think of a good way to get him to calm down. “Y’know.. I do respect healers and diplomatic immunity enough. This land, as long as you’re here for the right purposes, is just as much yours as any other healers or ThunderClan cat. I do ask that you leave for now though, I don’t want that fox to pick up your scent again.” The dilute calico half-shrugged, tail sweeping low behind her.

    At the mention of war Kass couldn’t help but perk up, is that what RiverClan thought of their skirmish? A pre-war battle? Oh please… Kass’ gaze hardened at the tom for a moment in a leveling gaze, “Hey don’t leave Peachblossom out of the fun now. She wouldn’t like to be left out,” in fact the little spit-fire would probably have his hide for that. “We’re not a group of cats you want to forget about okay?” Kass’ tail reached around to pat him on the shoulder lightly before turning to make her exit. “It was good to meet you Rainysky. I’ll see you at the Gathering, okay?”


    A smile came to his delicate features at her praise. But that small inner voice that had always haunted his steps rejected it, the voice questioned: why was she saying such nice things? There had to be a reason. Though he did his best to push it aside, he could not deny that it had a foothold in his consciousness.

    “I know who you are.” He mumbled, studying his white paws. “Every cat knows who you are.” He did not mean it in a negative way- her appearance would be distinctive even if her reputation were not. Odd eyes, and pale gray fur smashed up with a bright orange. He’d heard nasty things said of her looks, but he thought she was pretty in a rugged, worldly sort of way. Her beauty came not from conventional attractiveness but an inner light that said I don’t give a fuck what you think of me. Rainysky wished he could feel that way too. Instead, he’d been cursed with all of the fucks, it seemed.

    He nodded and made his own way back to his own land at her suggestion. Though he was surprised to hear her welcome him among them, even during such times. Maybe she wasn’t so unreasonable. He’d always found the the truth of such situations was usually less sensational than the gossip crowd made it seem.

    When he arrived home he stood among the roots, willow tendrils overhead swaying in the breeze. All was silent, and peaceful. But there was an air of uncertainty. It was a fragile calm, like the eye of a storm due soon to pass.

    The RiverClan Medicine Cat wondered what would become of his home.


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