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Seawatcher of ThunderClan

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    Name:: Seawatcher
    Age:: Twenty moons
    Gender:: Female
    Rank:: Warrior
    Affiliation:: ThunderClan

    Apprentice:: Open

    Partner:: None currently

    Kin:: None – Parents deceased, one late brother who passed away during birth

    Orientation:: Prefers males

    Personality:: Seawatcher is typically soft-spoken, until she has something important to say. She deeply values her time alone and tends to wander off by herself, but loves her fellow Clanmates and is also quite friendly and approachable. She has a soft spot for cats in need and will do anything to help.

    Description:: Seawatcher has deep russet, medium length fur that is a lighter orange around her eyes, paws, and underbelly. She has light, gray-green eyes that are sometimes slightly off-putting. Her stature is lithe and borders on the thin side, and she is around average height. 

    Likes:: Physical activity to channel her thoughts, including hunting, fighting, and climbing trees. She also likes kits and will constantly check on nursing queens.

    Dislikes:: Abundant noise easily gives her headaches. She does not appreciate intrusions on her time alone, unless the cat is very close to her. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Character Creation Create a Cat Seawatcher of ThunderClan