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    mahon [owl]


    The air was crisp and cold, indicating the start of leaf-bare. The grass beneath their paws had frosted over, letting out an almost inaudible crunch with each and every step. Luckily, the felines were not in search of prey but were in fact looking for a new place to call home. Owlbelly let out a deep sigh as he led the small patrol through windclan territory, watching the cool air create a misty cloud with his breath. While the deputy made an effort to stay close to his new mate, he also wanted to make sure both Willowfur and Ravenpaw felt included. Every so often, he would peak a glance to the two of them and listen into their conversations. He couldn’t help but have a fatherly smile anytime Ravenpaw proved themself to be ready to become a warrior. I’m sure Wolfstar has already given it a thought. With that being said, Tinyflame took up most of his attention.

    The group walked closer towards thunderclan territory, something that unnerved Owlbelly. He knew that windclan and thunderclan were more often than not allies, but his growing dislike for the newly named thunderclan deputy made him feel uncomfortable. Better thunderclan than riverclan. He murmured, knowing that riverclan did not have the same mutual understand. Owlbelly couldn’t help but feel saddened by this, and though he would never admit it aloud, wished windclan had a closer alliance with riverclan. Sure, maybe he was feeling sentimental after the death of his daughter which led to a quiet regret of not being more present, or maybe he just really disliked Kass. Either way, he respected Wolfstar’s decision through and through.

    Glancing down at Tinyflame, he couldn’t help but give her a grateful smile. His heart swelled with joy every time he looked at her. “I’m glad you’re by my side.” The handsome tom murmured under his breath before turning to the others. “Wolfstar gave us our instructions: water nearby and a clearing with room for dens. Let’s look around here and move deeper into the territory if we need.” Amber eyes gave the area a quick scan, a frown slowly appearing on his features. It didn’t look too promising, but he wanted to try.

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    – T I N Y F L A M E – 

    The chill in the air made the small warrior shiver, her thin fur fluffing up as she tried to keep herself warm as much as she possibly could. Due to her smaller than usual stature, Leaf-Bare was always a difficult season for her to bear. It made her whole body tremble with the mere lack of temperature around them. Tinyflame hated being out in the cold, but she knew that she had a duty to perform as a WindClan warrior and that she needed to persevere regardless of her personal feelings of the cold. She was, however, grateful to be in the company of her mate while they were out. Not only just to be around him, but to steal some of the warm his larger, much fluffier fur exuded. And as sure as all of WindClan was by now that the couple was in their honeymoon phase, she knew that they couldn’t just stick to each other’s sides like glue– they had duties to accomplish. 

    Regardless, she really was just plain happy to be with him. That much showed in her clear blue eyes as she looked up at Owlbelly. “Me too.” she murmured, pressing her nose briefly to his shoulder before she parted from him and joined Willowfur and Ravenpaw further back. “Alright, Wolfstar wants us to look for somewhere with water nearby, right? So then, why don’t we start searching near the streams? Does that sound like a good idea?”


    Willowfur stayed close to Ravenpaw’s side, trying to look around their territory as if she was seeing it for the first time. To her, it was just their territory, but she knew they needed to look for a place they would be able to permanently live in. The ginger she-cat glanced at Owlbelly and Tinyflame for a few moments, wanting to cringe at how they looked and loved on each other. She knew it was wrong to be jealous of how they were able to show their affection publicly, but it rubbed her the wrong way knowing she couldn’t do the same. Willowfur’s ears twitched when the two love-birds spoke, nodding her head in agreement. “The only stream on this part of the territory is the one that borders us from ThunderClan.” She nodded towards the direction of ThunderClan territory. “There are a few places where the stream separates into small little pools on the other side of this hill.

    If they were to find a camp near water, that was the only place she was able to come up with. There was also the lake that they shared with ShadowClan, but there wasn’t much cover for a camp considering they liked to be near hills. She looked at Owlbelly, wondering what he thought of her comments. It would be strange to be so close to the border they share with ThunderClan, but maybe it was the perfect area for their camp. The abandoned Twoleg den was the perfect place…She knew everyone in her Clan missed living in the protection of the den, but when they got back home after the storm, it looked like the walls had easily been broken apart.


    Wolfstar lead Galefrost and Snowpaw along the lower part of the stream that bordered with ThunderClan, his blue eyes roaming their surrounding area for any signs of a makeshift camp. He sent a silent prayer up to StarClan, hoping they were guiding his paws. However, they were too close to the border and the hills at the beginning of the moor were too small for cover. The WindClan leader eventually slowed, looking at the two cats behind him. “Let’s head back to Owlbelly’s patrol. I highly doubt that we’ll find a proper camp on this side of the territory. Where I sent them, the hills are larger and provide more cover.” He waited for any arguments, pleased to see they both agreed with him. 

    The journey back was not a long one, and he noticed the hills getting larger and larger the farther upstream they went. He knew the lake wasn’t too far from where they were. As soon as Wolfstar caught the fresh scents of his Clanmates, he picked up the pace until they met them at the top of a hill overlooking the territory around them. He blinked at Owlbelly. “There was nothing good up there. I have a feeling there will be more options here or farther up the stream towards the lake.” He flicked his tail for all of his cats to follow him, bounding down the hill they were on.

    Suddenly, he found himself jumping down into an empty clearing. Wolfstar narrowed his eyes with interest, swiveling his head in every direction to get a good look of the place they were above just moments ago. 

    The clearing was surrounded and protected well from gorse and heather bushes circling around the outside of it. It faced away from the ThunderClan side of the border, so it was well away from any prying eyes. A small pool of water lay just outside of the clearing that was connected to the stream, the water clear and clean-looking. Wolfstar padded up to a burrow dug in the ground from rabbits or cat-sized creatures, sniffing the entrance to see if there were any fresh scents. Abandoned. There were about five burrows in the clearing. Wolfstar turned to the others. “I need someone smaller to go inside the burrows and check where they head.

    I’ll do it,” Willowfur offered, her tail sticking straight up. She leaned forward and nosed her way into the burrow, digging her claws in the dirt hesitantly. The ginger she-cats nose twitched to catch any fresh scents, but found nothing. These burrows had been long abandoned from whomever made them. After a few pawsteps, the walls to the burrow opened up into an open space large enough to fit several cats. Her green eyes kept looking around to see if there was anything else to the burrow, but there nothing. Willowfur turned and headed back up to the others. “It looks like a den!” she breathed. “It doesn’t lead to anything but an open area.” 

    Wolfstar looked pleased. “Check all of them.” Willowfur did just that, squeezing into each burrow to check for any signs of life, or if they lead to anywhere but a den-like space. They all matched the first one. At the top of the clearing were two large rocks heavily covered from gorse bushes, their branches thick and lush. Wolfstar poked his head through a part of the bush between the rocks where it was thinned, his eyes widening. The inside opened up slightly, and he could see the rocks on both sides, small crevices etched into the stone. This would be a perfect place for a medicine den. Nettlenose and Startledcrow would be able to store their herbs in the rock crevices. All they had to do was clear out more of the inside so it was larger. Wolfstar stepped back out and looked at the patrol. “This is perfect,” he purred, his eyes sparkling with excitement and relief they found a place. It was close to food, water, and was well protected. He had never noticed this place before due to it being so heavily guarded by heather bushes. Thank you, StarClan. We’ll need to widen the entrances of the burrows and hollow them out so we can use them for our dens. The smallest of them is at the very top of the clearing and I’ll take that as my den. All the others look about the same, but I want the warriors’ den to be closer to wherever the entrance will be. Speaking of, we need to claw out some of this heather and make an entrance to the camp from the bottom of the hill. Owlbelly,” Wolfstar turned to his deputy. “You’re in charge of creating the patrols, but make sure you have one or two warriors to hollow out the gorse bushes beside the rocks. I want that to be the medicine den.” Wolfstar looked back to the rocks above the soon-to-be medicine den, knowing he would be making all of his announcements on top of the gorse-rock. 

    Wolfstar could see the excited faces of his patrol, pleased they all agreed with him. “Let’s go tell the others.” With a flick of his tail, he quickly bounded up the hill where they came from to tell the rest of their Clan that WindClan finally had a home.

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