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    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    Tonight, the rain pattered down in RiverClan camp, the sound of the drops of water hitting the surface of the rocks around her den was soothing and calming, but despite this, Wisteriastar felt restless. Almost a full moon has passed now since she was truly able to see her mate. She had always thought of herself as the patient type and the kind of cat that wasn’t quick to act despite her personal feelings, but she didn’t want to wait any longer to see Hornetstar again. This would be the first time that the two of them would be seeing one another since the discovery of ShadowClan’s new camp– the night in which they had finally established mutual feelings between them. The two leaders that pined for one another, where that fate would lead them she did not know, but she could only hope that they could persevere whatever limitations came before them. The anxious bubbling she felt deep within her told her that she wanted this more than she initially thought. It was almost like she was acting like some sort of lovestruck apprentice, waiting around all day for her crush to show up before she accomplished her duties for the day. Wisteriastar had never thought of herself as the type of she-cat that was so in the clouds that she couldn’t think of anything else, but here she was, determined to see her mate tonight, no matter how long she had to wait.

    As she slipped silently out of RiverClan camp, the calico warrior, for the first time, felt a smidgen of doubt. She and Hornetstar had not yet set a certain time when they would see each other again, or if they would at all. Even if they had expressed mutually to each other that they were indeed falling for each other, was that night an impulsive moment of passion and nothing else? Would he regret his choice in choosing her now that he was back in his own camp, leading his Clan like normal life again? She didn’t know if Hornetstar visited their borders looking for her, for she had not yet the chance to try. The RiverClan leader paused in her trek to catch her breath, inhaling as deeply as her lungs would allow her. The fact that she wasn’t even halfway there yet and she was exhausted was a reminder to her the consequences of their romantic night together. Now she was expecting his kits and Saplingskies, ShadowClan’s medicine cat, who had taken his time to come to RiverClan and aid them in their battle wounds, had told her that she was going to be kitting in the next few moons. Since then, he had returned to his own Clan, and surely, had told Hornetstar the news that he was going to be a father. 

    Wisteriastar did not regret her choices and she was looking quite forward to mothering a litter again, she just hoped that her mate was as eager as she was and that she would get the chance to see him tonight. The rain had now slicked down her calico pelt and exposed exactly how round her stomach was beginning to get– something that her long fur was normally able to hide relatively well. Having collected herself, the RiverClanner glanced carefully around to ensure that none of her Clanmates were near or following her before she continued on her way to the ShadowClan border. As she neared it, she felt her heart-rate pick up in anticipation, a feeling of longing tugging at her chest all over again as she thought of the honey-furred tom and her willingness to see him again. 

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