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    Windclan Kitten and Captain of the Mission

    The ginger kit was sitting in front of the nursery, his amber eyes were slightly squinted as he looked around. Another patrol had just turned up, Desertstar rushing towards them with her eyes full of concern as she questioned Heatherpetal if they had spotted a certain gray bengal kit. The young rose gold warrior had shook her head and the Windclan leader slumped her shoulders in almost defeat and turned around to dismiss the patrol. Cactuskit had vanished from camp for two days now, and it seemed like the grown-ups needed some back-up in order to search for her.

    Cactuskit had seemed hurt when Rockykit lunged at her after Chirper the Cricket’s funeral. The little molly had retreated back to Desertstar’s den with tears in her light green eyes, Desertkit had ran after her to try to comfort her sister. The next thing Windclan knew, the little kit had disappeared in the middle of the night. Desertstar, Eveningstorm and Quiethawk had been worried sick for their daughter, sending many patrols to look for their missing kit. But no sign of Cactuskit turned up and the search was still going on. Daykit watched carefully around the camp before turning and heading straight back to the nursery, inside he found his brother Pinekit was looking through their rock collection as they had found yet another unique rock last night. He looked over and saw Tinyflame was in their nest speaking with another queen, and he quicken his steps to his older brother and poked the darker tom’s side with his tail

    “Meet at the usual corner, we need to talk.” Daykit said quietly before moving towards the other side of the nursery, making his way towards Desertstar’s kits. The remaining kits had been dropped off in the nursery so they could interact with their peers while Eveningstorm and Desertstar went out on search patrols and Quiethawk had meddie duties to do. They were quite the characters, made everything fun when all seven kits would come to the nursery and play with himself and Pinekit. The little tom suddenly stopped in front of the group and he waved his tail to quietly get their attention, he suddenly leaned forward and looked at them with a determined glance  “Come on, I need to speak with you guys. I just came up with an idea” He softly said before turning around and leading the kits to the corner of the nursery and nodded to Pinekit.

    To every queen in the nursery, it seemed like the many kits in the corner were just going to do their usual thing of talking gibberish along with Daykit and Pinekit showing off their collection of items. But once all the kits sat and settled down, the little ginger tom looked around to make sure that no one was listening except the ears that were supposed to. Clearing his throat for a moment, his amber gaze looked at everyone “Kits, we have a mission to do.” He began speaking quietly, looking at the surprised faces of some while others looked determined. Daykit liked that his companions were already determined for their mission to find poor Cactuskit. The ginger tom stood up and walked to make sure that he was speaking to every one of his peers, to inspire them for what would follow in their mission to save their missing friend and family member “Cactuskit has been gone for two days now, and no one has no idea where she went! We have to help the adults in looking for her, are you guys in?” Daykit questioned looking at all the kits, awaiting their response.

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    + T U M B L E K I T +

    windclan kitten and “am I first mate? What’s a first mate? Could I be–“

    Tumblekit limped over towards the Nursery, smelling of sweet, healing poultice and bitter herbs. Wrapped around his paw was a thick wad of spiderwebs, stopping the blood from what was a rather large thorn cut. As he hobbled back, he thought of Quiethawk’s expression, stressed and serious, and calculated movements. That sort of stuff was what Mom did, but Dad didn’t. Dad was all crazy smiles, hyper like a kit, and tempered only by his age and experiences. Dad wasn’t all mopey. But I guess we’re all kinda mopey now, Tumblekit thought bitterly, carefully skirting around his fear that they wouldn’t find Cactuskit.

    The dark brown Bengal patterned tom had made it a fear steps into the Nursery before Daykit‘s words came to his attention, and he quickly followed after the other. Sticking close to his siblings, Tumblekit carefully crossed the Nursery and settled with the others in the corner. What Daykit said next made him want to stand right back up and turn around, but he remained glued to his spot.

    “How do we find her, though? What if there are foxes? Dad told me even rabbits fight! What if Cactus went to another territory? Mom says going into another Clan’s territory is tr-trespa-trespassing.” Tumblekit stuttered out his questions, anxiously gnawing on his lip and shuffling his paw (only one because webs hindered the left). He wanted to find his sister more than anyone (except maybe his other family members- they all really, really wanted to find her), but he thought his questions were good ones. His parents always said he was allowed to ask questions, and they said he asked smart questions. How else would he learn that clans aren’t always fighting because of things called “borders”, and kits and elders were clan priority, and Quiethawk used to sneak out using–

    “I know how we can sneak out,” Tumble blurted out, offering a (hesitantly) confident smile. “It’s a little, uh, smelly, though.”

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    p i n e k i t
    the big brother of windclan

    He’d been sitting with his back turned to the entrance, his large frame blocking up the corner of the nursery that he and Daykit had filled with rocks, bugs, and even some dying heather. The kitten was practically the size of an apprentice, his tall stature and broad shoulders clearly inherited from his father, Hailgaze. He turned his head and mewed something to his mother, and her response made his ears flatten. Suddenly Daykit had nudged him and shuffled him outside, earning an exasperated sigh from the grey-colored kit. He waited for his brother, surprise lighting his features when a barrage of kits followed him, tottering awkwardly into their secret corner. “Daykit, what’s this all about?” he huffed grumpily, though the look on his face didn’t seem happy. Apparently Tinyflame’s comment had hurt his feelings, and he’d left without a word to his ginger tabby mom.

    Once his brother had spoken, his ears perked up a bit, though he still seemed bothered. “Find Cactuskit?” he echoed, though the nervous words from Tumblekit made him glance toward the younger kitten sympathetically. “Don’t worry Tumblekit, you think a fox would mess with this?” he stated, puffing out his chest. Although he was large, he certainly wasn’t coordinated enough to catch a mouse, let alone a dangerous animal. Mama says I’m big at least, am I really too big for the nursery? he thought, recalling their spat. She’d commented on his size and how he had to squeeze into their normal corner, fur pressed against the walls of the nursery as he crammed himself there. He had responded saying he didn’t mind, and she’d followed with “you’re too big for the nursery,” leading to Pinekit’s broken heart. Am I too big to stay in there with her now? he thought, feeling a rush of panic flood him. The thought of sleeping without the warmth of Tinyflame made him scared, but he refused to show that to Daykit, or any of his other little denmates. He was the oldest now, so it was his duty to be brave.

    He blinked and glanced around at the room of kits, watching them all process Daykit’s crazy plan. When no one spoke up, Pinekit leapt up immediately and trotted to the center of the circle, tail high. “Look, if they can’t find Cactuskit it’s because they don’t know where she would go. We do, so we have to go! Besides, we have Desertkit. She’s tiny enough to reach into small places, and Tumblekit already knows how to get out of camp. If we go soon, we can find Cactuskit and be back before dark,” he explained, sitting down triumphantly. “Cactuskit just probably lost her way home. I’m sure we can find her.”


    Kit of Windclan

             Desertkit stiffened at that. “F-find Cactuskit??” the small kit repeated, already beginning to tremble. None of them had ever left camp, and the thought of leaving in pursuit of their sister made her chest tighten with fear. It was strange to think of a world beyond the safety of their mother’s side. Who knew what kind of danger awaited them out there. “Don’t you think t-that’s.. d-dangerous?” she spoke her fears out loud in the hopes of dissuading them. Normally, she would have already ran away to hide someplace safe, but she didn’t want them to go either. If anything happened to any of her siblings or friends, she would never forgive herself.

             At the mention of foxes, she felt her lungs grow tight, and her heart began pounding wildly. “FOXES!?” the kit shrieked, panic welling up inside of her. There was no way any of them could take on a fox. Though, when she heard Pinekit claim that no fox would dare mess with him, she admittedly felt a little safer. Pinekit was large for his age. Confident, too. Perhaps he could protect them.

             Groaning in reluctance, she shook her head vigorously before finally giving in. “Agh! I suppose I’ll go with you guys,” she breathed a frustrated sigh, deciding it was best to stick with the group if they were adamant on going. “After all, I can’t let you go alone— and I’m worried about Cactuskit, too,” she admitted sheepishly before going to stand next to Daykit and Pinekit, who made her look even smaller than she actually was.

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