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    R O B I N
    robinpaw › robinkit
    for their pelt
    6 moons – thunderclan
    they/he – fluid (typically male)
    palefawn – no apprentice
    robin is on the larger side and surprisingly well built for his age. a thick coat of fur covers his entire body, all a grey-brown shade marked with dark brown tabby markings. they have areas of rusty orange  and creamy off-white. robin’s eyes are a brilliant gold that turn to a shining yellow in light and dark liquid gold in the shade.
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    robinpaw is enthusiastic and passionate, bursting with confidence and self-assurance. at times this comes across as arrogance but beyond that robin is a genial tom who is, at times, too reckless and too blunt. rob does his best in everything he does and perhaps over time he will mature to a point where he is actually able to finish a task without getting bored, sidetracked, or frustrated. robin is adventurous, inquisitive, and rebellious but bends easily under peer pressure and constantly feels the need to reassert his superiority. robin is fairly lazy unless he’s given a goal to work towards, he is also fiercely protective, possessive in some cases, of those he cares about and will defend to his end. sometimes, though, his loyalty is misplaced and can do more harm to himself than good. also: due to his upbringing, robin is often trying to show off and gain praise from others, his parents in particular.
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    dovesong (ma) × russetfrost (pa) 
    ∅   robin was born robinkit to dovesong and russetfrost, named for their pelt. robinkit’s other siblings had died at birth, their mother having already lost a litter in the past it came as no surprise that she lost all but one this litter, as well. robinkit was raised with very few rules, the few limits he had were to be the best, don’t shame the family, and hang out with that “lilykit” from the next nest over. robinkit fought for approval and jumped at the chance to earn his parents’ praise, going to great lengths that occasionally (read: often) lead to disaster. when robinkit was told to play with lilykit he would bend over backwards to get the other, much quieter kit to interact with him. it took a few moons but over time lilykit and robinkit formed a solid friendship, growing up together and later earning their apprentice names together. now robinpaw and lilypaw, the pair are rarely seen apart, robinpaw often acting like a shorter, buffer shadow behind lily’s tall and lean figure. while they haven’t realized it, much of the clan already knows the warring families have plans to encourage the pair to become mates, hopefully binding the two respectable families into a sort of “super” family. 
    n/a ⌋ • ⌈ past love interest(s) ⌋
    ♥   ♥   ♥
    S K I L L S       out of 10
    {combat • 5}   ||   {strategy • 0.5}
    {hunting • 5}   ||   {tracking • 7}
    {intelligence • 6}   ||   {strength • 8}
    {speed/agility • 3}   ||   {endurance • 9}
    {teamwork • 3}   ||    {leadership • 8}
    ⌈ times new roman • 10 pt • bf5804 and 6b533f ⌋
    ¬ headshot drawn by PB-draws (me), full body colored by PB-draws & lineart is OAT’s —
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    A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O

    › voice reference :: alberto rosende

    › robinpaw often wonders what it would be like to have siblings

    › robin never had someone to call family as a kit and if asked, he will say he’s an orphan as a “joke” (unless one or both of his parents are nearby)

    › additional skills – diplomacy, climbing, caring for kits & elders, moss ball champion (undefeated UwU), tackling, singing

    › wants to learn to swim

    › feels a lot of admiration for nature and enjoys walks in the territory 

    › wouldn’t mind exploring other territories beyond theirs

    › robin’s parents were in an arranged relationship but romantically they care very little for the other

    › robinpaw gets his arrogance from his mother and energy from his father

    › loves watching beetles and other bugs

    › collects weird objects he finds on walks, will occasionally give one of his “treasures” to lilypaw or palefawn



    from parents // none

    from mentor // none

    from lily // tbd

    parents // ma & pa, mother & father

    mentor // none

    lily // lil’ lily (ironic), pinetree (height), bones (slim figure)


    theme song(s) 

    his song // pretender by AJR   –   suggestions open  

    lily & robin // count on me by Bruno Mars   –   night changes by One Direction (platonic)   –   turning out by AJR

    parents & robin // be somebody by BANNERS 



    failure // being forgotten // isolation // being hated // snakes (creepy af)


    lazy (without a goal) // commitment (can start tasks, hard time finishing them) // possessiveness // loyalty (loyalty is often misplaced)


    role model(s)

    kickass women

    dreams & ambitions

    making his parents proud // having a (functional) family // becoming the best fighter in all the Clans // catching a fish // catching a bird


    G O A L S

    › have robin realize he’s gay (9-12 moons?)

    › have robin become less reliant on praise from his parents (maybe find a pseudo parent or sibling :: 12-20ish moons)

    › get robin into some type of fight where he gets scars

    › have him get mistaken for being in a straight relationship with lily (or anyone) and then completely rolling with it for kicks and giggles

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