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    RiverClan make their home tucked neatly against the ocean on the highest cliff of their stretch of coast. Most of the land is surrounded by massive willows, whose branches provide shelter from strong winds and wild downpour.

    The cats have made a home in a very serene location, sheltered on all sides by willow trees, here a rise in the land gives way to a waterfall. The camp is actually inside of the hill that gives the water its flow, and the entrance can only be accessed by crossing an over-flooded stream, and ducking past a patch of wild reeds.

    ▸Once inside of the cave, the dull sounds of the waterfall drumming against the rocks creates a peaceful backdrop of the dim and damp hidey-hole. A path, lit up by glowing faint purple mushrooms, leads straight to the meeting-place. An Outcrop overlooks the camp and is where the leader sleeps and makes their announcements. Small divots in the walls of the hill create dens for the cats living there. A kill pile sits off to the side, near a leak in the ceiling, which creates a pool of drinkable water. A small stream from this pool leads to the Medicine den, which is located at the back of the cave, beneath the outcrop. There, dug out by the water many eons ago, is a shallow pool filled with various patches of earth that grow many of the Medicine Cats supplies. Small shafts of light fall through the room from a hole in the above hilltop.

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