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    Rainflower was a barn cat back when he was a kit, and the two-legs who fed him and his family assumed he was a girl, so before joining the clans he’d been known as ‘Flower’. When he began his apprentice training, he’d asked for a new prefix he could go by for the time being, and became ‘Rainpaw’ because of his freckled pelt.

    Pronouns – Birthday – Sexuality
    He/him – Newleaf – Pansexual

    Allegiance – Rank – Mentor – Apprentice
    ShadowClan – Warrior – Scarletflood – Currently; none

    Parents – Siblings – Mate – Kits – Enemies
    Brookie & Mich – Taco & Pompom – No mate – No kits – None currently

    Scent – Skills – Personality – Appearance
    Meadowsweet & ginger – Stealth, fighting – Fickle, idealistic, resourceful (Social impure)– A warm-grey tom with charchoal coloured legs, muzzle, ears, yellow-brown eyes and densely freckled pelt. Medium length fur and whiskers, and somewhat short claws. Medium build.

    Rainflower is a newly-made warrior in ShadowClan, though he originally came from a twoleg barn where he lived with his family quite comfortably. He’d heard stories from his parents, who were familiar with the clans through gossip, about cats living wild in the forest in huge communities.

    Fascinated by the idea his parents considered a likely exaggeration, he ran away from home to try and find these cats himself. Arriving half-starved on ShadowClan’s doorstep, the young tom refused to explain where he’d come from and insisted he was here to train as an apprentice. Unsure who to return him to, and unable to turn out a kit in need without breaking the warrior code, he was allowed to start training under Scarletflood once he’d recovered some.
    Rainflower was an incredibly attentive apprentice, and still strongly idolizes Scarletflood. He made quick friends with Singedfur (Singedpaw at the time), and overall adapted very quickly to clan life. There’s a concern that he doesn’t have any true respect for the honour system or the warrior code and is simply acting the part of a warrior because he finds it gratifying, but there’s no real way to prove this beyond speculation. Like Singedfur, Rainflower is enamoured with the idea of one day becoming leader or deputy.
    Recently made a warrior, the flooding that upset the five clans is Rainflower’s first taste of the more extreme hardships experienced by the clan cats. He still has yet to explain where he came from originally, and when questioned claims that he can no longer remember.

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