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    will this rain ever end?
    or do we face a coming flood?

    name { puddlepaw
    puddle – pelt markings
    paw – in training

    gender { tomcat
    sexuality { bisexual
    status { available for future romance/slowburn! pm me

    age { 10 moons
    birthdate { january.8.2019

    allegiance { riverclan
    rank { apprentice
    mentor { frozenstream

    scent { rainwater + frogbit + sage

    appearance { a bit short for a lad his age and fairly sensitive about it. strong legs, wide paws.
    thick, medium-length coat, smooth and sleek with some embarrassing cowlicks, long fluffy tail.
    primarily white, splashes of dark – almost black – classic tabby markings covering his
    forelegs, back, tail-tip, and right side of his face; some defined speckles appear here and there.
    right eye is an icy blue, the left a warm gold.

    personality { at first glance, this tom doesn’t seem friendly. withdrawn and difficult to talk to, found alone when not on duty.
    a stick in the mud who can’t catch a joke or a break, and often sounds more harsh than intended.
    but, should someone manage to chip away at his hard shell, they’ll find someone very vulnerable.

    character traits { intp ; capricorn ; chaotic neutral
    honest + attentive + protective + dedicated + brave
    serious – private – impatient – sensitive – uptight

    likes { storm sounds, frogs, sparring,
    dislikes { anyone who even looks sick, crowded spaces,

    skills { natural swimmer, combat > hunting, not the speediest but has great stamina

    parents { loonfeather (mother, deceased) & littlestorm (father, deceased)
    siblings { smokekit (brother, deceased)

    mate { n/a
    kits { n/a

    } history {
    to be added

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