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Promising Paws [Clan Meeting]

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     Smokestar – Shadowclan Leader 

    Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Driftwood Peak for a clan meeting!

    Smokestar sat upon a smooth driftwood branch, looking pleased as the clan gathered below. Today was exciting– Her first apprentice ceremonies. She watched as Ravenwatcher and Roseshadow neared the front of the clowder. Although she tried to avoid showing bias to her mate, she couldn’t help but exchange a warm smile with the dark tom.

    Today, we celebrate as Rowankit, Fennelkit, and Waspkit begin their training.” Smokestar nodded towards the kits, giving them a reassuring look. She could remember the feelings of excitement and intimidation from her own apprentice ceremony. Although, that seemed to be so far in the past.

    Rowankit,” she mewed, indicating it was time to approach the front of the crowd. “You have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Rowanpaw. Your mentor will be Roseshadow. May she pass all of her knowledge on to you.

    Roseshadow,” she called, now addressing Fennelpaw’s mentor. “You have shown yourself to be a wise and gentle warrior. You will be mentor to Rowanpaw, and I expect you to pass on all that you’ve learned throughout your seasons of warriorhood. May Starclan watch over both of you in the following moons.

    Smokestar waited for the new mentor and apprentice to touch noses, smiling as the clan began excitedly chanting for them. She drew back slightly, waiting for the crowd to quiet before continuing.

    Fennelkit,” she called out. “You have also reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Fennelpaw. Your mentor will be Ravenwatcher. May he pass all of his knowledge on to you.

    Ravenwatcher,” she mewed, looking expectantly for her mate. “You have shown yourself to be a compassionate and quick-witted warrior. You will be mentor to Fennelpaw, and I expect you to pass on all that you’ve learned throughout your seasons of warriorhood. May Starclan watch over both of you in the following moons.

    She paused again, waiting for mentor and apprentice to touch noses. The clan erupted in excited chanting, which took several moments to quiet.

    We have one last apprentice to name,” Smokestar mewed as she expectantly turned to the Shadowclan medicine cat, Hareflight.

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art

    Rowankit – Shadowclan – Female

    Rowankit looked, for lack of better terms… bored. She knew their ceremony was today, but aside from assuring her pelt wasn’t muddy or had any moss sticking out, there seemed little else to do but wait. She was settled on her haunches, eyeballing the freshkill pile as she considered whether or not she could get away with sneaking an extra mouse, when the call finally went out. Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Driftwood Peak for a clan meeting!

    Finally. She’d been waiting for months to reach the age at which she’d finally be given a bit more freedom and begin her training. She’d actually be able to leave camp, rather than having to sneak around with her brothers if they ever wanted a change of scenery. Thank starclan for that- she wasn’t sure how much longer she could take it, being cooped up at home. Stretching her front legs ahead to loosen her spine, she gave her fur a shake and set off for the base of the Driftwood Peak, plopping down below their new leader. She didn’t know entirely what to make of the she-cat, but fortunately her role today required little social effort. She straightened her back, flashed a warm smile as her brothers joined her, then fixed her gaze expectantly on the cat above them.

    Another fortunate thing about ceremonies: they were relatively short and simple. After greeting the clan and announcing the occasion, she was beckoned forward with both voice and paw. A lazy smile flickering on her muzzle, she rose and approached the pile of driftwood, gaze shifting towards the crowd. Any one of the gathered warriors could be her mentor- she only hoped they were capable, and hopefully not a stick-in-the-mud.

    Your mentor will be Roseshadow.” Curiosity sharpened her gaze as a molly stepped forward in response, one she only vaguely recognized from around camp. Though the name was somewhat familiar, having spent little time with warriors due to her status (and frankly, avoiding them half the time lest she get in trouble for one thing or another) gave her little familiarity with the older members of the clan. She shrugged slightly, as if to say, could be worse, and stepped forward to touch noses with her new mentor. The contact was brief, muzzles meeting for a split second before she moved on, grinning towards the crowd as they chanted her new name. She could definitely get used to that.

    With that over with, she started towards her previous spot, giving Fennelkit a conspiratorial wink and proud grin as he was called up next. Hopefully Smokestar found someone who could handle her crazy brother. She huffed slightly in amusement at the thought of some new, first-time mentor struggling to keep up with his energy. He was quickly named and assigned a mentor- the leader’s mate, though once again, she barely knew him. Her voice was easily one of the loudest as she cheered his new name, and she nudged Waspkit with a shoulder as the final ceremony begun. She’d never understand choosing to be a healer over a fighter, but then, she’d always been paws-on and eager to roughhouse. Still, whatever he chose, she’d always be in support of him- even if he was a furball sometimes.

    Only then did she finally flick an ear towards Roseshadow, as if her acknowledgment were an afterthought. Her bright, amber gaze drifted towards the older female, and she studied her for a long moment before finally speaking up.

    “So, when do we start?”

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    Roseshadow approached the gathering of cats, confusion shadowing her face. The molly did not get shaken over simple things, and she did not get confused over some dam ceremony. Yet, her sleepy mind could barely function at that moment. Yesterday, and every day following Hornetstar’s indefinite absence, Rose had thrown herself into every patrol offered. She slept the minimum required, and she worked harder than she had in moons. Others may mourn losing their leader through tears or anger- Roseshadow set herself to work, day and night hunting and checking every border. Her efforts to keep busy only doubled after learning about a mysterious danger that could pose a threat to Shadowclan. She worked so hard and slept so little that the stress of mentorship would be less than ideal. 

    Unfortunately, life was not ideal.

    The sleek black molly frowned, green eyes flicking towards the tiny russet-brown kit. Mechanically, Roseshadow stood and stepped forward, briefly touching noses with Rowankit. She sat back down, eager to complete the rest of the ceremony so she could curl up and sleep for a moon.

    “So, when do we start?” Roseshadow frowned at the kit before resigning herself to fate, saying farewell to sleeping that day. “We start when this ceremony ends, and your brother has his new name and mentor.” The slim molly sat back up, feigning attentiveness. “Sit still and hush- you are acting disrespectful,” Rose added, disapproval etched in her features. 

    Hareflight [Mel]

    『 H A R E F L I G H T 』

    Hareflight, who was seated just off to the side of the driftwood, was honestly trying her hardest to pay attention to the ceremonies at hand. It wasn’t that she didn’t care – in fact, it was quite the opposite. If anyone looked close enough at the healer, they would notice from the bouncing in one of her paws and the twitch of her whiskers that she was nervous. Bi-coloured gaze fixed on Smokestar, she couldn’t help but think about how different the two of them were. Smokestar seemed cool and confident speaking in front of her Clan, and Hareflight… well, she wasn’t. She could only hope no one had heard her trying to recite her words late at night, trying to keep the stammer out of her voice. She would do this right. For Waspkit. This was about him after all, not her. 

    Bringing her attention back to the events at hand, she caught the end of Rowankit- Rowanpaw‘s ceremony and softly cheered her name. She did the same with Fennelpaw and then tried to ignore the butterflies as Smokestar turned her attention to her. She gave the leader a quick nod and a smile, trying to keep the racing of her mind off her features.

    Hareflight rose steadily to all four paws, wide gaze looking out over the crowd. They slowly shifted over the Clan, and one last time she went over the words she’d prepared.

    C-Cats of ShadowClan,” she began, taking a steadying breath. “Time moves quickly these days. I-It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was apprenticed myself,” Hareflight’s gaze found Saplingskies in the crowd and she smiled, the tension in her body easing slightly.H-However, StarClan has blessed us with a cat whom I believe will prove to be an intelligent, compassionate, and capable healer.” Smiling softly, she let her gaze rest on the kit she had come to know a little over the past while. “For these reasons, I h-have chosen Waspkit as my apprentice.” The calico healer looked on at the cat, gently gesturing for him to step forward. “Waspkit, do you accept the position of medicine cat apprentice?” She watched him silently, waiting for his confirmation. She smiled widely once it was received, and spoke once more. “Th-then with the approval of StarClan, I give you the name Wasppaw.

    Waiting for the inevitable cheering of his new name, Hareflight leaned down to press her nose against Wasppaw’s, whispering just loud enough for him to hear. “Good j-job. I l-look forward to us working together, Wasppaw.” After a moment or two, she stepped back, settling once more on her haunches and glancing back to Smokestar with a smile and a nod.



    He knew his mate was up to something. She had been acting rather smug and suspicious for the past few days. Though she always managed to change the subject when he tried to get some answers out of her. Long paper-thin dark ears perking up at hearing her authoritative voice echo throughout the clearing, calling all those old enough for a clan meeting. Smiling as he knew Smokestar was more than likely nervous for one of her first clan meetings as Leader. Rising swiftly to his paws, giving loving licks to his kits’ foreheads before leaving them with a queen that was more than happy to care for them in his absence. 

    Wincing at the sudden brightness assaulting his sensitive eyes, having been used to the dullness of the nursery. The tall obsidian oriental easily maneuvers through the already growing crowd, he wanted to be able to get a good view of his mate in action. Once he was close enough to the front did he look up at Smokestar. His periwinkle lavender eyes glimmering in pride at how far she has come. Remembering how much she had seconded guessed herself after the battle. Flashing a wide grin only reserved for Smokestar as he catches the small smile thrown his way. Suddenly turning his attention towards Rowanpaw, watching her leisurely approach the front of the crowd. Raven could easily tell that this young apprentice would be a hard one to read, but knew Roseshadow would train her well. 

    His voice dying down from chanting as the ceremony continues. His observant gaze solely focusing on the next kit ready to become an apprentice. What Ravenwatcher hadn’t expected was to hear his name towards the end of her speech, indicating that he would be in charge of making sure Fennelpaw would learn the ways of Starclan. Biting his inner cheek as he looks briefly up at Smokestar before stepping forward. His piercing gaze flickering down on the smaller tom as Ravenwatcher approaches him. Rising a brow at the energetic apprentice. A small grin twitches on his lips before lowering his cranium. Letting his black nose press lightly against Fennel’s. “Welcome to apprentice-hood Fennelpaw” he mutters, his deep voice being drowned out at the excited yips of fellow clan mates congratulating the new apprentices. 

    Stepping back from the newly appointed apprentice, shifting his attention to Hareflight and Wasppaw. Though he didn’t show it, he was happy that Starclan had promised them another medicine cat. As for some reason,  Ravenwatcher felt like they would need every healer that they can get. Better to be prepared than not. 

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    Today was the day!

    Today was the day Fennelkit became an apprentice, Fennelpaw, and one step closer to being a warrior. A warrior, nearly every Clan kits’ dream!

    One of the queens had cleaned up his pelt, and his littermates were doing their best to keep it clean, but Fennelkit was nearly bursting with excitement. Sitting still was out of the question. And his littermates didn’t seem so willing to engage in his antics today as they usually were, so he’d taken to playing mossball with a rock. Crazy, he knew, but desperate times called for absolutely desperate measures.

    He was so busy playing with himself that he nearly missed Smokestar’s call to gather, floundering up from where he had been flopped over to shake his pelt off and dash over to where he saw his siblings gathering. A pang in his chest whispered that his father should be up on that piece of wood, conducting this ceremony, but he shoved it aside as he joined Rowankit and Waspkit. So what if all of his family couldn’t be present? He had the two best siblings a fella could ask for!

    A grin so big had broke out on his face that it nearly split it right in half, butt wiggling in the dirty as he waited for the ceremony to start. However, when it did, he was instantly pouting. Rowankit got to go first? No fair! Truly jealous or not though, he screeched his sister’s new name when it was time.

    At last, his name called, Fennelkit jumped to his paws. He swiped a paw and haphazardly drew it over his face, before barreling through the crowd to stand before Smokestar. Not even bothering to try and stand still, he jigged as he waited for Ravenwatcher to come forth. The tom wasn’t what he had been expecting, but Fennelkit was still excited anyways.


    He barely managed to keep his rump from wiggling away without the rest of him as he stood still to touches noses with his new mentor, whipping around to shout in joy at the crowd as soon as the deal was sealed. Once more, he was dashing back to his siblings, all but jumping onto them as he giggled with glee. It was official. Rowanpaw was an apprentice, he was an apprentice, now it was Waspkit’s turn!

    Remembering this, he sobered slightly, scrambling off his brother to dust him off and give him a firm pat to the back. “Get ’em, Waspy!”


    – W A S P – 

    Anticipation tingled in his paws as the young calico tom awaited the apprentice ceremony of himself and his littermates. Today was the day they had turned six moons, so of course the logical assumption would be that today they would be made apprentices and begin the true journey of their lives into adulthood. Nervous wasn’t quite the right word to state how he was feeling right now, as unlike most apprentices, he knew who his mentor would be. The call of Smokestar for Clan summons alerted the kit that it was time and he got to his paws and stepped out into the clearing from the nursery to join the gathering Clan beneath the peak in which their leader awaited. Here, he caught sight of her. The bob-tailed calico that lingered nearby beneath the ledge– Hareflight. The Clan medicine cat as well as the one who would mentor him. He smiled gently at her when he caught her eye and made way to join his siblings where they waited. As usual, Rowankit appeared calm, if not somewhat bored. And Fennelkit seemed as though his boundless energy could not be contained, yet again. 

    His siblings were called forth first, Rowankit, now Rowanpaw, had been apprenticed under Roseshadow. He called his sister’s name as loudly as he could, feeling proud of her as she held her head high and went to join her new mentor. Then came Fennelkit, who kicked up an unseemly amount of dust and dirt in his path. Well, his pelt was no longer properly kept, but he couldn’t find it in his heart to be annoyed by his brother. It wasn’t like he did it intentionally. But as he passed a glance to his sister, he could only assume that she would not be as pleased. And suddenly, the newly named Fennelpaw was bounding back towards his siblings with no clear stop in mind. Knowing what was coming, Waspkit braced himself for the impact of his brother’s unrelenting tackle. An oomph of air left his lungs and he struggled to sturdy himself, barely managing to keep himself in one piece before his brother was slamming his paw into his back in what he could assume was reassurance. “Agh, th-thanks,” He stammered, still trying to catch his breath.

    And then, it was his turn. 

    Great timing.

    Hareflight was stepping forward on unsure paws. She seemed anxious, more so than usual, and nervous to be presenting herself in front of the entire Clan. When their eyes met briefly, he did his best to assure her that he was sure of his decision. After the healer had calmed, she stepped forward and began her part of the ceremony. As she called his name, Waspkit stepped forward and approached the cat that would be his mentor in his journey. “I do,” He stated as Hareflight asked him if he accepted his newfound position. And then she was giving him his new name– Wasppaw, the new medicine cat apprentice of ShadowClan. The young calico tom outstretched his chest in pride and as the Clan called his name, he felt more sure than ever that this is where he belonged. Hareflight approached him to finish the proper gestures of the ceremony and as she did, she whispered to him and Wasppaw smiled gently back to his mentor. “Me too.” 

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