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    tales of an endless heart, cursed is the fool who’s willing;
    can’t change the way we are, one kiss away from killing

    name { Pikebite
    pike – spotted pelt
    bite – snappy demeanor

    gender { she-cat
    orientation { lesbian & polyamorous
    status { pining and open!

    age { 4+ years
    birthdate { november 4th

    allegiance { riverclan
    rank { warrior
    previous mentor { npc/open
    current apprentice { open
    previous apprentice { open

    scent { white amber & ginger

    appearance { tall, muscular fawn spotted tabby with white muzzle and underside.
    her long fangs are often visible. narrow amber eyes.

    personality { she is quick to turn on the charm for the pretty face of a riverclan dame,
    and just as quick to show her fangs or lay a smart remark whenever she feels like it.
    she wouldn’t bother showing up if she isn’t going to give it her all.

    character traits { scorpio ; entj ; chaotic good/neutral
    strong-willed + strategic + loyal + assertive
    intolerant – arrogant – ruthless – impatient

    likes { warm weather, cool rocks, long naps
    dislikes { snow, snakes, small spaces

    skills { great speed and strength, delivering blows like nothing else
    but longer the fight drags on, the sloppier she gets, ready for it to be over with

    parents { Dustfeather (mother, deceased) and Elmbelly (father, deceased)
    siblings { npc/open

    mate(s) { none
    interests { Swanpath ♡
    kits { who am i, ya mother?

    } history {

         Elmbelly was distant as a father – not to say he didn’t interact with his young, just it wasn’t often. He cheered along with other clan-mates at her apprentice ceremony, then again when she was made a warrior. The following Leaf-bare, Pikebite and the morning patrol found him frozen to death near the border. No one had been close enough to him to know for sure why he was out there. She mourned for him and the relationship they never had.
         Her mother, Dustfeather, was harsh and firm but had good intentions. She wanted strong kits and so would scold any signs of weakness, saying that no cat and no thing would play nice once they’re warriors. She mothered a number of litters and reached retirement age but refused to move to the elder’s den. During a stroll in the territory, Dustfeather had encountered a predator and didn’t get away fast enough. Pikebite didn’t reach her until it was too late to take her back for treatment, holding her as she lay dying from her wounds.
         Pikebite has buried both of her parents and a few siblings as well. She understand death as part of life. When Starclan calls for her, she hopes they find her on the battlefield.

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