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    It was morning in ThunderClan camp, a pleasant late-summer day with just the faintest suggestion of fall clinging to the airy breeze that shifted through the dens and their inhabitants. Hawkbite lay slumbering in the Warriors den. It had been just over a moon since their return, so the shiny of being home had not quite worn off for him yet, little time to think about it as he had had. No, he’d been quite busy with his own-


    “Papa! Paaaaaaapaaa!” A shrill, squeaky little ice shattered his internal monologue as a miniscule dark bundle of fur came rushing at him. Oceankit crashed into his shins, rolling over her white belly flashing at him. When his daughter sat up, her black spotted pelt was sticking out in every direction and one of her ears had popped inside out. He corrected it with a gentle caress, followed by a laugh.


    “Where’s the fire kiddo?”


    “Lilykit’s tellin lies about me to mama.” She pouted.


    “What?” Hawkbite found him struggling to understand what she was saying to him. He was still waking up, he supposed.


    “C’moooon.” She clamped her little jaws down on one of his ears and yanked sharply. The pain that flashed on his head woke him up like a bolt of lightning, his claws sliding out to pierce the soil as he stumbled to his paws.


    “StarClan’s nethers Oceankit! You could’ve just…..ow.” He rubbed at the spot she’d bitten, but her teal eyes showed no hesitation.


    “What are nethers?” She cocked her head, seeming momentarily distracted.


    “They’re…uh..” The pain was fading, allowing him to think more clearly. “…We’ll tell you when you’re older. Take me to your mother.” He coughed. Seeming to remember what it was she was after, Oceankit readily abandoned the topic of nethers and raced back outside of the Warriors den, Hawkbite in sleepy yet beleaguered pursuit.


    The sunlight was blinding, causing his pupil to constrict painfully. But once his vision adjusted he found his mate and the other of their daughters, Lilykit, seated beside the highrock. He murmured a few sporadic greetings to his other Clanmates as he followed Oceankit. Already he could hear raised voices, Lilykit’s high and shrill mew. He caught words like ‘pushed’ and ‘mud’. Not that he really needed to hear anything to understand what had happened. Lilykit’s beautiful silver dappled pelt was caked with drying mud which Chanterellefrost seemed to be doing her best to clean away, over loud and dramatic histrionics from the kit.


    “So much for a nap, eh?” He yawned, sitting beside his mate. Lilykit was looking at Oceankit with undisguised rage.


    I have a bad feeling about this.


    A soft frown adorns Chanterellefrost’s lips as she looks upon Lilykit’ now muddled brown covered pelt. Sighing through her nose as she shakes her head in silent amusement, bending her neck downwards, rasping her rough salmon pink tongue over her daughter’s dirty pelt. “Now now. Calm down and explain to me slowly. What happened?” She questions, making sure to keep her tone light and soft to sooth the obviously distressed young kit. Though she certainly had to bite the inner part of her cheek to contain just how amused she was at the sight before her. Lily’s usually silky smooth, well groomed starlight dappled pelt now stuck up in odd angles from drying mud, certainly a new look for the well tamed kit.


    Lilykit huffs, cheeks puffing out as a cute little pout forms on her lips. Ears flicking backwards as she avoids looking at anyone directly in the eye, her embarrassment too strong for her to handle. Scrunching up her nose at the earthly scent that’s now masking her flowery aroma. Stomping her paws childishly against the cool ground, tail lashing to convey her anger as she glares at her ruined pelt. “Mommm! I already told you! Ocean tricked me! She-she said there was a butterfly stuck in the mud and for me to come look!” Her voice rising a few octaves with each word, humiliation seeping into her form. She felt foolish for trusting her evil little sister.

    “When I went to look to see if there was a butterfly trapped, she pushed me! And laughed about it!” Sniffling as the snowy bengal kitten was having a hard time controlling her emotions. “I’m ugly now” she dramatically cries as she kicks up grass and dirt in the process. Chant blinks at her daughter’s loud outbursts, Chuckling lightly down at her young daughter. Ignoring the small glare thrown her way as she licks Lily’s cheek, getting rid of the stubborn mud. Wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste, “Lily honey, you are not ugly. Only dirty” Chanterellefrost muses before turning her brilliant turquoise cyan blue eyes in Ocean and Hawk’s direction. “Speaking of troublemakers” she mutters under her breath.


    Letting her blue gaze flicker over her mates tired and disheveled form caused her to turn her cranium downwards, a scolding look upon her feline features. “Oceankit did you wake up your father again?! How many times do I have to tell you to let him sleep! He was on patrol last night, he needs his rest” she scolds the dark dappled troublemaker. “Also what do you have to say to your sister? Hm?” Arching a perfectly shaped brow at Ocean, her cherry brown pelt glowing in the yellow sunlight as she patiently waits. It would seem that just hearing her little sister’s name caused Lily to tense.

    Turning her icy blue eyes upon Oceankit, narrowing her eyes as she bares her lips back in a snarl. “Dad can’t get you out of trouble all the time” she mutters, turning up her nose in a haughty manner.


    “I demand a fair trial!” Yowled Oceankit, matching her sister’s histrionics  and raising her one better, a triumphant gleam in her eyes that seemed to say: just watch.


    “Oh Oceankit.” Hawkbite could scarcely conceal his laughter. The dark-furred kit just knew how to make him smile. This combined with the sight of Lilykit, who prized her looks above all else, looking like a half-crowned badger and it was all simply too good not to spare a chuckle. But he could see his mate was not laughing, and coughed straightening himself up a bit.


    “Well, it looks like there’s no real harm done eh? A bit of mud, Warriors have to walk in mud all the time to patrol borders. Lilykit had best get used to getting her paws dirty. Unless she plans to leave us all and become a kittypet.” He winked playfully at his other daughter.


    “Where is Amberkit, by the way? I haven’t seen him all morning.” His son did keep to himself. Perhaps he was with Cedarsmoke. Since becoming a grandfather, the gray-spotted Warrior had to practically be pried off of his new descendants in order to go about his duties. It made Hawkbite happy to bursting. On good speaking terms with his father, and now kits of his own…when had his life become so perfect?

    Or so it seemed, anyway.  Behind his back Oceankit was smirking at her sister, whispering. “Told ya he’d take my side. ‘Sides i think the mud’s an improvement, now you don’t look like you were adopted.”


    Lilykit’s brows furrow in slight confusion at how Ocean could appear so cocky when it was clear that she was in the wrong. ‘It’s okay this time she will get what she deserves!’ She couldn’t help but inwardly reassure herself, her lips twitching in a faint smirk. She didn’t know why Oceankit always picked on her, why she always loves to get her in trouble, but this time would be different! Letting her icy baby blue eyes peer up at her father, only to realize that he wasn’t looking at her. His goofy grin was pointed in Oceankit’s direction, it was clear that he did not believe what had happened was important.

    Letting her paper thin ears droop against her skull as she looks away from her dad. Eyes watering at his easy going words, ‘He just doesn’t understand! Ocean always does this! Makes fun of me because….I don’t look like mama or daddy’ closing her eyes as she tries her best to muffle her sniffles at just how much her thoughts rung true. Clenching her jaw as she knew only crying would get her into more trouble, glaring harshly over at the mud puddle where everything had transpired, she couldn’t help but wish it would swallow her up now.

    Flashing Hawkbite a warning glare, using her tail to smack him upside the head. Shaking her head at him, and rolling her eyes before turning back to Lilykit and Ocean. Her observant gaze noticing the withdrawn expression of Lily and the ever growing smirk of Ocean. ‘Why can’t they be just like Amber? Cause no trouble? Leave me stress free?’ Sadly she knew life could not be that simple, plus her life would not be complete without these two in it. “While it might be true that she needs to get use to dirt, that does not mean Ocean can just push her in it” she explains to her thick-headed mate.

    Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth as her sole attention hones in onto the main source of trouble. “Now Oceankit, since you have so much energy to push Lilykit into the mud, you can help her clean up! I expect her to look good as new when I come back” she warns. Though her eyes soften at them both, leaning downwards to give them both a soft lick on their foreheads. Rising to her paws as she moves away from Hawkbite, not sparing him a glance as she responds. “Cedarsmoke wanted some grandpa-grandson bonding time. Mentioned something along the lines that Amber is better company than you” she teases with a smug smirk upon her lips.

    Eyes widening as her mother’s words finally register in her mind. Groaning as she turns her attention to Oceankit, rising a brow in a silent prompt to start helping her clean her stained pelt. ‘Ugh I so hate the taste of mud’ shivering in disgust of imagining the bitter earthly taste on her tongue. Mouth falling open in shock at her sister’s whispered words. Quickly snapping her head in her parents direction, hoping they had heard, but they didn’t. “Momma says it’s normal for my pelt to be silver. It runs in her family! Great-grandma’s pelt was just like mine” she snips coldly, trying her best to mask her true thoughts and feelings.

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    Hawkbite seemed to either not hear, or more likely, choose not to hear his darker daughter’s ruthless jab. He was more preoccupied with his mate’s icy glare, and the sinking feeling that he’d once again miss-stepped on this tricky road called fatherhood. He’d always given hs father so much grief for not being there for him, and it was true that was still not made right by his own new revelations about what it meant to be a parent. but he found himself still ever softer toward the old tom and the dilemma he must have faced back then. He had not even loved Hawkbite’s mother as he loved his Chanterellefrost. How any cat got through such obstacles without love to ferry them as a mystery to him.
    “It’s really sweet how much Cedarsmoke dotes on them.” He commented as they padded away from the two she-kits, Oceankit looking furious that he’d allowed her to be stuck with consequences for her actions. He shot her a look that he hoped said ‘sorry! I was overruled’.
    “Wish the girls got along. They’re so different in every way you’d think one of them was a changeling.” He glanced back, to be sure they weren’t back to arguing. From a distance, all looked peaceful.
    “Pah!” Oceankit spat out a mouthful of soggy dirt, but set back to the task of cleaning her sisters iridescent pelt. It was beautiful, and for that reason she was compelled to mock it. Sour grapes and all. Her father always said that of jealousy. But what were grapes, she had to wonder?
    “You’re such a tattle-tail, you know you can’t take me so you go runnin’ to ma.” She grumbled between the grit on her tongue. “You know she’s fibbin right? They prolly haven’t even seen great-gran, they just say that to make you feel better.”

    Sighing as she shakes her head at her two kits as she pads away from them, hopefully they will actually get along and do what their told. Pursing her lips as she eyes her mate in the corner of her eye. She knew that her silence was bothering him, but she couldn’t help but hate when he subconsciously favored Ocean over their other two kits. Now Chanterelle knew that Hawk loves each of them, but just had a hard expressing it when Lily and Amber were not like him. Making sure she was far enough from the two divas before giving the dark tom her full attention.

    “Why must you always make me look like the bad guy? I’m not the only parent here that can scold them”  Chant mutters, giving him a soft smile as she leans into him. Purring quietly at the warmth radiating from him, “I know you don’t like it when they are mad at you, but I hate to break it to you, that’s part of being a parent” she laughs. “My brother and I hated each other when we were younger, it’s a sibling thing. It will pass” she reassures, though she knew that her upbringing was far from normal, and far from what her children will experience. A fond smile twitching on to her lips at the image of Cedarsmoke gushing over his grandkits, “Amberkit really looks up to him, it’s adorable” 



    Smirking in pure satisfaction seeing the disgusted look upon her sister’s face as she laps up the sludge on her pelt. “Serves you right, shouldn’t have tricked and pushed me!” Her voice raising an octave in a condescending manner. Though she takes a deep breath before holding it in as she rasps her slightly rough tongue against her silt covered pelt, revealing lick by lick her starlight glistening fur.

    “Of course I had to tell Ma! Especially after you ran with your tail between your legs to Da! Always using your sneaky words to get him to believe ya. I at least can tell the truth, while you are nothing but a liar” wrinkling her nose at her younger sister. Huffing as she gives herself another lick, silently cursing the stubborn mud. Her silver and black dappled ears pining back in silent rage at Ocean’s belittling words.

    Lily could feel the skin underneath her cheek fur burning as she tries to rein in her temper. Rising to her small paws, leaning forward as she towers over her smaller sibling. Her vivid crystal blue eyes narrowing dangerously, her pretty feminine child-like features turning up in a scowl. “You have the cheek to talk. You are just jealous that I am prettier and more likable than you! Maybe if you didn’t act like such a rogue maybe you would have friends” Lily mocks, letting her face fall into a faux sympathetic look, her gaze scrutinizing the bandanna around Ocean’s neck.

    “Now stop talking and help fix the mess you caused” Lily commands as she resumes cleaning herself. “Cause you don’t want ma to get mad at cha do ya? Da won’t be able to save you this time” 

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    “Neither of us has to be the bad guy.” He shook his head in exasperation. Sometimes it felt like he was speaking cat and she was speaking dog. “I just know Oceankit’s a good egg, so it can’t be anything too bad that she’d ever do to her sister. Or vice versa, really.”


    The tall black tom tore his gaze from their two children to rest upon his mates’ pretty, but tired, face.


    “You look exhausted.” He murmured. “Why don’t you go rest and leave them with me for a while? You might feel better about things when you’re less tired.”




    Oceankit was doing well at parsing the thickly drying mud from her sisters coat until a fresh borage of insults demanded a response from her. The dark fur along her small back bristled like a hedgehog’s spines, spiky and unruly.


    “Don’t you say a word against our pa. He loves us and you’re just jealous that you suck at being a ThunderClan cat! You just spend all day washing your pretty fur but you nevr wanna play or do anything else.” She sniffed, giving her sister a small nip as she went to pull a particular large clod of dirt from her side. “Oops.” she said, with a nasty grin.

    “You’re just jealous, s’all it is. I might be a rogue, but you’re a kittypet.”



    Exhaling through her nose as she gives her mate a pointed look, she had little energy to continue her icy glare on him. Letting her blue eyes soften as she looks away. “I know both of our kits are good. But I also know that Ocean takes after you a whole lot. Your mother told me horrid stories of how you were as a kit” she reveals with a huff. Frowning as she couldn’t help but look back over her shoulder at her kits. Smiling sadly as she sees the scowl on Ocean’s face and a scrunched up look of disgust on Lily’s.

    “I just worry for them. I know Oceankit can handle her own, but Lilykit is a bit more…sensitive” Chanterellefrost admits before leaning against Hawkbite. Letting her cranium snug into the crook of his neck and shoulder, enjoying his presence. Scoffing at him as he mentions that she go rest while he watches the kits. Playfully biting his neck fur as she whispers in his ear, “Are you really trying to get rid of me that easily?” Half way through her words, she couldn’t help the small yawn that escapes her. Scowling to herself as she pulls away, giving Hawkbite an innocent smile. “I suppose a nap could not hurt. As long as you promise me to keep a close eye on them.”

    “Please don’t let them kill one another, and if you wake me up there better be a brilliant excuse. Love you sweetie” lightly licking his cheek as she fully moves away from him, turning her petite form in the direction of the warriors den, her tail flicking in glee at the thought of an uninterrupted nap.


    Tightly closing her eyes as she licks roughly at her pelt, trying to get rid of the drying mud that stubbornly clung to her. Her taste buds dulling to the strong taste of earth, all she wanted to do was finish cleaning herself so she could get away from Oceankit. At feeling her sister stop her past continuous movements causes her to stop mid-lick on her chest fur. Flickering her gaze upwards to see the bristling dark form of Ocean. 

    Giggling snidely at the amusing sight of seeing her younger sister now riled up. ‘Not so fun is it?’ She thought with a grin on her lips. Arching a brow as she regards her, her blue eyes turning an icy grey at the word kitty pet was thrown her way. Stiffening before quickly regaining her composure as she did not want to give her sister the satisfaction of showing how that word affected her. “Oh please, taking care of myself and appearance does not  make me a poor thunderclanner. I can’t help that I have class and you don’t. That I am more mature to know running about like a lunatic will get me no where” she reprimands, shrugging her slim shoulders.

    Yelping suddenly at feeling a sharp pinch to her side, glaring haughtily at the guilty party. “I’m not the one is jealous here. You are jealous cause whenever someone besides our parents look at you, all they see is a disaster waiting to happen” she whispers, her soft voice having a cold bite to it. With that said she returns to her seat, no other words coming from her as she resumes cleaning her now almost clean pelt.

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