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    Pronouns – Birthday – Sexuality
    She/her – Greenleaf 2008 – Too old for that box of cookies
    Allegiance – Rank – Mentor – Apprentice
    SkyClan – Senior Warrior – unknown – Has never mentored
    Parents – Siblings – Mate – Kits
    Undetermined (SkC) – GreeneyeRunningbird, & Rosedust – Swoopingstar (deceased) – Undetermined

    Extended Family; Greeneye:

    Rosewater [Deceased sister-in-law]

    Goldenmoon (f), Darkbird (m) [1st litter of nieces & nephews]

    Creeksand (m), Oakwhisker (m), Bushthorn (m) [2nd litter; all nehpews]

    Birchberry (f), Paintedflower (f), Waterpetal (f) [3rd litter; all nieces]

    Lilynose (f), Frozenbird (m) [Grand nieces & nephews through Goldenmoon’s 1st litter]

    Swanfeather (f), Redtiger (m) [Grand nieces & nephews through Goldenmoon’s 2nd litter]

    Woodsquirrel (m) [Grand nephew through Darkbird’s 1st litter]

    Mousesong (f), Thistlecloud (f) [Grand nieces through Oakwhisker’s 1st litter]

    Snowyowl (f) [Grand niece through Birchberry’s 1st litter]

    Elmcloud (m), Pinestorm (m) [Grand nephews through Paintedflower’s 1st litter]

    Honeyroot (f) [Grand niece through Thornbush’s 1st litter]

    Birdpaw (m), Burntpaw (m) [Grand nephews through Waterpetla’s 1st litter]

    Icepaw (f), [Grand niece through Waterpetal’s 2nd litter]

    [Note to self: make into a response once character is canonized]

    Scent – Skills – Personality – Appearance
    Floral mix & grass – Supportive & good at conflict resolution (Lawful moral) – Motherly, sweet, and a bit of a worry-wart – A light brown and white tabby with green eyes. Short furred & cheery.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>
    Pansybloom’s life has been very close to perfect. She grew up during the golden days of SkyClan, just after they were re-founded, and was possibly one of the cats least-troubled by the move from the forest. To her, any location was fine as long as they could get by and were living honourably.
    During her younger days, she trained to become a warrior with her two brothers Geeneye and Runningbird. However, she’s spent most of her life in the nursery raising the next generation; in her long life Pansybloom has had seven litters of kittens with her mate x.
    As possibly the most experienced queen of SkyClan, she has done her best to be present for any kitting her clanmates have; especially first time mothers. As many of the kits being born are actually her extended family or direct lineage, she takes additional pride in many of the births.
    With the knowledge that this summer she will be turning eleven years old, she and her littermates had a discussion after Runningbird injured his hind legs falling from a tree about potentially retiring at some point during the year. Receiving Sunnystar’s blessing to do so, they set the date for the end of Greenleaf.
    With her retirement ceremony quickly approaching, the trio aim to make the most of their last summer with the responsibilities of warriors.
    I’d just like to say that Bento & Silverscreech helped with the character names! Thank you again guys!

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