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    Name :: Owlpaw ▸ Owlkit
    ▹ (Owl) named after her deceased mother (paw) for his current rank

    female ▸ she/her/hers

    8 moons ▸ february 16

    homosexual ▸ homoromantic

    it takes nothing to join the crowd
    it takes everything to stand alone


    apprentice ▸ kit



    choose between being
    who you are
    or who you’re supposed to be

    smells like winter, cold and piercing, but has underlying warmth

    strength (6/10), speed (7/10), balance (9/10), agility (9/10), tracking (8/10) ▸ offense (4/10), defense (5/10), stamina (3/10),more tba

    ▸ shorthair
    ▸ lilac tortoiseshell and white (or lilac calico in the US)
    ▸ classic tabby stripes in areas of orange fur
    ▸ 50-100% white spotting
    ▸ broad face with a strong, defined jaw
    ▸ average length legs w/ medium sized paws
    ▸ well muscled body (not as thin as most Windclanners)
    ▸ hazel blue/grey/green eyes (like a storming ocean)

    ▹ Owlpaw is a light-hearted, fun-loving molly who proudly lives out life to the fullest. She’s a bit of a flirt and enjoys making others awkward, though she despises bullying and would never cross any lines set out by others. She’s not rebellious, per se, but she certainly doesn’t mind bending the rules a bit. For her, love, family, and friends are valued above everything, even her clan. If Owlpaw had to choose between becoming her clan’s hero (which she aspires to be) or being there for her family and friends, she’d always put her own wishes aside for that of those she cares for. Being named after her mother for her appearance, Owlpaw has always felt pressured by the name. The weight of trying to live up to the cat her mother was is a constant source of anxiety for the molly and, sadly, the way she deals with stress is by becoming rowdier, more nervous, and by sleeping less as she fears the thought of dreaming of her mother. Owlpaw dreads the look of disappointment she fears getting from her father if she earns her warrior name but doesn’t earn it in the way expected of her. Often because of this stress, Owlpaw will try to fit into a mold that isn’t her own, which quickly dampens her spirits and makes her rather dull and despondent. Owlpaw will also work harder and harder until she’s fallen over from exhaustion, all so that she can be worthy of the honor she’d been granted by a mother who still haunts her thoughts like a revenant.

    ▸ [6-12] With the memory of her mother’s blank face still haunting her mind, Owlpaw has been unable to rest as well as she should. Many times Owlpaw has paced in a circle in her nest, unable to get comfortable and unable to sleep. Her mother, Owlfeather, was a fierce, courageous warrior who was strong, healthy, and a constant victor in battle. Rarely did Owlfeather ever lose a battle and that had earned the molly quite a reputation, so with that hanging over her head Owlpaw has been pushing herself maybe a bit farther than healthy.

    ▸ [0-6] Owlkit’s father was overjoyed at Owl’s birth and her mother was proud in the quiet way that had always suited the molly. Owlkit was the only surviving kit of a litter of five, with four older siblings and a sweet-tempered uncle who always loved to play with Owlkit. When Owlkit was only six moons her mother had gone out for a quick run with her uncle, but it was only after her patrol when a patrol went out and returned with the bodies of both Owlkit’s mother and uncle. From what the medicine cat could tell, the two warriors had been fighting and had both died at one another’s claws. The reason for this mysterious battle was unknown to everyone but, perhaps, Owlkit’s father.

    I’m choking on tears that I can’t stop
    drowning in a sea that I can’t get out of
    and grasping for a name I can’t live up to be

    name TBD (bio father) x Owlfeather (bio mother/deceased)

    siblings (tbd)

    a plot for her love interest has already been worked out



    Hey, june! I pretty much get the picture of the information you have here, but please be sure to list the information with the proper format so that no mistakes are made ^^


    Wait, what do you mean? Did I not do the proper format?? I can fix it, I’m just not 100% sure what I’m trying to fix, exactly.


    the format looks to be appropriate, it’s just sometimes if it’s not listed specifically as formatted -> name: [redacted] etc, I want to make sure I don’t miss anything is all


    Ah, okay.


    Did I fix it??

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