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    Fawncrest grimaced as her coat was pelted by drops of rain, not bothering to shake her coat off. In most circumstances, the silvery she-cat was fond of water, but with the rising waters and consistent downpour she was beginning to reconsider. Her tail, normally thick and fluffed out, drooped behind her and trailed along the ground as she walked, paws stinging from the journey. Her pride stung at having to travel to another clan for safety, but she’d known they hadn’t been left with any other choice— and apparently, given the amount of WindClan cats seated outside the ThunderClan camp— neither had WindClan.

    Spotting Forestmask sitting with Coppercloud and Foxspice, Fawncrest padded over before hesitantly seating herself down by them, flicking her ears uncomfortably towards the WindClan cats. “Ah, wonderful,” the she-cat grumbled, “We’ve been beaten to ThunderClan, I see. Don’t tell me we’ll have to find elsewhere to go! My paws are killing me,” Fawncrest lifted a foreleg dramatically high and gave her paw pad a swift lick. The air was heavy with the scents of ThunderClan and WindClan, and both caused great discomfort to Fawncrest. At the least, if they were chased out she wouldn’t have to be constantly feeling as if her clan was indebted, but she doubted those among the weaker of her clanmates would be able to handle another journey to find shelter.

    “At the least, I hope we won’t be out here in the weather much longer.” Without thinking, Fawncrest flicked her tail across her front paws, only to regret it as soon as her miserably soaked tail touched her paws. Giving an irritable hiss, she quickly flicked it away again. Her temper had been rising along with water level, it seemed, and the misfortunes befalling RiverClan as a consequence only made her feel worse.



    Gently wading his way through the crowd, tail held high, the Riverclan warrior slowly approached Fawncrest. Settling down next to her, the tabby offered a gentle, if not tired, smile.

    “Hello, Fawncrest. Quite the journey we traveled, huh?” Tigertail blinked, tired, and struggled to resist the urge to simply collapse. He’d been overworking himself these past few days, repairing dens, helping patrols, and now helping his clan throughout their journey. It was safe to say the muscular tom was ready to take after a bear and hibernate through the rest of this dreadful mess.

    “Do you think Minknose is alright?” The tom murmured softly, nodding in the direction of the molly. Tigertail practically knew everything that could be happening in Riverclan, as he made it one of his priorities. Even if he didn’t know all of his clanmates personally, one shouldn’t be too surprised if he knew their name before they knew his.


    The easily perceived sigh of Wisteriastar rang through Wolfstar’s ears, and a bubble of embarrassment mixed with anger rumbled in his chest. He hated groveling, begging to be taken in. But his Clan was not in good shape, and pride needed to be pushed to the side in order to make sure they were all safe. However, that didn’t make it any less embarrassing. The WindClan leader kept his eyes on Hollystar, knowing if he looked at the RiverClan leader then he would snap something he wouldn’t be able to take back. 

    voice interrupted his thoughts, and he nodded his head to relieve her. Having his daughter help the ill and injured was far more important than keeping her by his side. Wolfstar turned back to the ThunderClan leader to listen to her decision.
    Thank you, Hollystar” he said, voice thick with gratitude. He knew she would have eventually agreed to let them stay since their friendship was quite apparent to everyone. WindClan and ThunderClan were always the friendliest of the Clans, and he believed it was because they were the most welcoming and understanding. It wasn’t often ShadowClan liked taking in rogues/loners, and RiverClan usually kept as independent as they could, not liking to ask for help. WindClan and ThunderClan, however, had a more mutual understanding of each other. “I promise our stronger warriors will help around. If there’s damage that comes to your camp from the storm, then we will help build it back up if you will allow it.” Wolfstar had a feeling his camp was going to be damaged as well, but he chose not to think of it at the moment. That’s a conversation to be had once his Clan was settled.

    Without even glancing at Wisteriastar, he nodded to Owlbelly. “Go find a medicine cat and get checked. You deserve some rest, Owlbelly.” He had a feeling his deputy would try and argue, so he placed his tail on the tom’s shoulder. “And that’s an order. Get checked, eat, then sleep.” He turned away from him and padded outside of the camp entrance, brushing past Wisteriastar and Heronflight.

    “WindClan!” He called out, making his way to his Clanmates who were huddled against each other trying to keep warm and dry. He could tell they weren’t succeeding by all their drenched pelts and shivering. “Hollystar has agreed to host us at least for a couple of sunrises. The injured and sick need to be looked over by any medicine cat here. I want a small patrol of warriors who are strong enough to see if they can catch any prey. Everyone else, come inside and take a break to recover.”

    Afterwards, Wolfstar immediately rushed to his mate, Goldenrose, who was rasping her tongue over a shivering apprentice, one of their newest. He pressed his side to hers. “I’ll take Goosepaw” he said, softly. “You need to rest. You look exhausted.” The gray and white tom leaned down and grabbed Goosepaw by the scruff, hurrying inside the ThunderClan camp to warm the little one up.


    Willowfur’s legs wouldn’t stop trembling the whole way from WindClan to ThunderClan, feeling immediate relief as soon as they stopped outside of the foreign Clan’s camp. Wolfstar taught most of his kits how to swim since he believed it was a necessary trait for cats, especially at times like this, so, the swimming wasn’t the worst part of the journey. The worst was the ache in her muscles and the itching in her lungs that didn’t want to go away. Since she felt fine back in WindClan, she was confused why she felt like she had ran and stayed awake for a moon straight. The ginger she-cat’s green eyes stayed focused on Goldenrose the whole time. The one job Startledpaw gave her was to watch out for the queens, and the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint him. But the way she was feeling made it hard to even keep her eyes open. Wanting to shake it off, Willowfur stood back up and padded forward to meet with her mother-in-law, but stopped when a bout of coughs overcame her. A couple of warriors glanced her way nervously, their paws shifting away from her. “It’s just a cough,” she muttered, grumpily. “From the rain.” She padded to the outskirts of the group, and sat down, trying to contain the coughs that so badly wanted to be relieved from her lungs.

    At the sound of Wolfstar’s voice, she couldn’t help but smile at his news. Finally, she thought. Took long enough. Willowfur stood and padded forward, but not without another coughing fit.


    As soon as the request for half of her clan to stay, her deputy included, came out of her lips, she caught sight of Heronflight looking at her as though she had grown the ears of a hare but she ignored his clear discomfort. She knew that she had already rubbed the WindClan ranks the wrong way, with the look of disdain that Owlbelly shot her, however the RiverClan leader did not care much for this either. Her only interest laid in Hollystar’s response, which was favorable for her. Wisteriastar dipped her head to the ThunderClan leader. “Thank you, Hollystar.” She replied, “You have our full cooperation, RiverClan will gladly pull their own weight. Ask anything you need of Heronflight.” 

    When Wolfstar brushed by her, she narrowed her fiery amber eyes at him but did not speak to him, she merely waited until he had finished collecting his clan before she turned once more to her deputy. “You will remain here in ThunderClan to keep an eye out on the cats I leave with you,” she told him, leaving no room for debate in her tone of voice, no matter how much she knew he didn’t want to be left with some certain cats, “You are RiverClan’s voice while I am gone. I trust your judgement, Heronflight.” She flicked his flank with the tip of her tail in a gesture to show the tom that she did in fact appreciate his assistance, even if she did not say it aloud.

    Wisteriastar then left the cluster of cats in the center of ThunderClan’s camp and rejoined her clanmates waiting patiently outside for her. “RiverClan!” She called to them to get their attention, “We will now have to part ways. ThunderClan’s camp cannot hold two full Clans in their grounds. I am leaving some of you here with Heronflight and the rest of you will accompany me to ShadowClan territory.” The calico warrior gave a pause to allow them a moment to digest her words, to allow the chattering of cats to clear, Creekfrost, Crocuspaw, Puddlepaw, Foxspice, Forestmask, Minknose, Tigertail, and Sootstain will remain here in ThunderClan with Heronflight.”

    Sagefrost, Russetmask, Fawncrest, Stagthroat, Sorrelpaw, Pantherpaw, Coppercloud, and Koipaw will accompany me to ShadowClan.” Wisteriastar waited for the aforementioned cats a moment to place themselves in their respective groups before she nodded approvingly and led her cats onward to ShadowClan territory.


    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Startledpaw wasn’t really paying attention to Peachpaw, she was to the side of his vision but his gaze was morally locked upon Goldenrose and Goosepaw,  approaching the she-cat as she kept trying to warm the small apprentice but truth be told, the molly was getting weaker by the minute with lack of rest. Even in the oncoming rain his dark grey fur ruffled along his spine, he was very uneasy about the she-cats condition. Bright aqua blue eyes flickered to the drenched grey and white pelt of Goosepaw as he let out a soft series of coughs, causing Startledpaw to frown heavily before he lowered his head and dropped the feverfew at his paws. “Hey, Goosepaw… I have some herbs I need you to munch on.” He meowed gently, using his nose to wake the apprentice fully, looking into the dull yellow eyes of a fevered cat, little complaints coming from the apprentice when it was mentioned he would have to chew on a plant. “I know, buddy. But it’ll make you feel better.” He bribed in a gentle voice, picking up the feverfew with his teeth, he held out the leaves for Goosepaw to devour. After a few moments of hesitation the apprentice took the leaves and started to chew with a look of disgust overtaking his young features. Chin tilting as he looked towards Nettlenose as she came to his side, a soft smile flashing across his face as he acknowledged his mentor. “Goosepaw has a fever in the making, I’ve given him some feverfew to hopefully cut through the fever before he gets more symptoms.” He meowed, although he went quiet when he heard Wolfstar’s booming voice over the chatter and rain. 

    He sighed with relief when Wolfstar announced that ThunderClan had agreed to house the clan for a couple sunrises, his blue eyes flickering towards the white and ginger queen that lay beside of him, her tongue feebly licking at Goosepaws fur the wrong way to keep him warm. Opening his mouth, he was about to speak when Wolfstar suddenly appeared at Goldenrose’s side, appearing concerned for his mate. Turning slightly to the side, he looked at Nettlenose and moved closer in order to whisper, although it was possible that Wolfstar could have heard him before running off with Goosepaw. “Thank StarClan, ThunderClan agreed to help us. Goldenrose is getting worse, we need to get her into the camp and get her dry before she gets pneumonia.” Startledpaw looked at his mentor with a worried look in his eyes, Goldenrose was injured and pregnant. The worst combination there was. 

    Turning slightly, he noted that Willowfur wasn’t standing too far away, tending to the queens when his keen sense of hearing caught the sound of a cough. Worries one of the queens were catching a cold, he gently swiped his tail over Nettlenose’s shoulder before he walked toward Willowfur, although his heart stopped for a moment when he saw that it was Willowfur that was coughing. Speeding up, he moved towards Willowfur, not caring who all saw as he gently rubbed his side against the ginger tabby. “Hey.. you okay?” Startledpaw asked his best friend, leaning forward to gently lick her ears in a sign of comfort. Truth be told the she-cat was his best friend, but his heart felt a completely different emotion when it came to Willowfur

    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen

    Lick. Lick. Lick. Was all her mind was telling her to do as she licked the apprentices fur the wrong way, her nose was stuffy and her lungs made a rattled noise when she breathed. However, in her mind the apprentice was far worse that she was, his small body trembling against her chest as she nuzzled her nose into his soft, wet grey and white pelt. “Shhh. Everything will be alright.” She whispered softly, shifting slightly with a wince before she continued her licking. Both Startledpaw and Nettlenose examined the apprentice, even going as far as giving the wee lad some herbs in order to help cut through his fever. 

    Goldenrose was taken by surprise when she felt a warm pelt lightly press against her side, she hadn’t even noticed that Wolfstar had spoken to the clan nor that he had bee-lined for her the minute he had stopped talking. Blinking hazily at the tomcat, she frowned softly when he spoke, her tongue lazily running over his muzzle when he was close enough. “Don’t you worry about me, don’t push yourself too hard, Wolfstar.” She meowed softly, looking at her mate as he picked  Goosepaw up from the scruff. “Good.. take him somewhere dry.” She croaked, clearing her voice and watching her mate walk away. Slowly lowering her head to lay on her paws, her eyes half closed as she listened here and there to what was happening around her. 

    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    She had noticed that Sootstain was keeping his distance from her, as if her pelt stunk. Although, she knew he had her reasons, for whatever reason it caused a small spike in her stomach with that knowledge. Running her tongue repeatedly over the paw that had cracked skin, she barely noticed the tomcat getting closer before he spoke. “Oh… yeah I’m okay.” She smiled weakly, clearly not meaning a word she said. Emotionally, the young molly was a wreck and the fact that her paw was bothering her so much was just starting to push her emotional state over the edge. She didn’t say anything when he mentioned that ThunderClan was close, simply lowering her paw and wincing as she followed beside of him, making sure to keep her distance. Sorrelpaw May have strong feelings for the tomcat, but as far as she knew it did not return those feelings and making him uncomfortable was the last thing she wanted to do. 

    Once reaching ThunderClan, the young molly quickly sat down as she licked at her paw over and over again, keeping the bleeding cut free of the mud for now. Looking up at Sootstain, she gave him a soft smile although she didn’t say anything. His amber eyes gave away his worry as he padded closer to her. “I’m fine.” She reassured him, ears burning instantly when his muzzle touched her forehead, the feeling of his tongue running along her head causes butterflies to take flight within her stomach. Did Sootstain realize just how intimate that seemed? Clearing her throat, she very slowly blinked as she gazed up at Sootstain in bewilderment before her fiery eyes flickered towards Nettlenose, Peachpaw and Startledpaw. “Uh.. they look really busy. Besides, I’m fine.” She nodded slowly, looking back towards the grey tomcat before she gently nudged his chest with her paw. “Don’t look so worried.” She mused, although she still wouldn’t set the paw down.

    Upon hearing Wisteriastars voice over the chatter of the Riverclanners, she wasn’t surprise to hear that Thunderclaj didn’t have room for them. However, she was surprised to hear that the clan would be splitting up in order for cats to stay in ThunderClan and for cats to leave for ShadowClan. Oh well.. as long as Sootstain- Sorrelpaw’s train of thought was interrupted when her mother announced that Sootstain would be staying with ThunderClan and she would be moving on with the rest of the clan to ShadowClan. Her heart stopped, although Sootstain was probably relieved to get a break from her… Sorrelpaw just felt as though she didn’t want to be away from him. Not at a time like this. “Huh.” She muttered in a worried tone, slowly lowering her paw before her head turned in order for her pretty face to look at Sootstain. Obviously she was worried, she did not want to leave the tomcat whatsoever… but could she really disobey her mother. “I…. Sootstain please be careful.. don’t do anything stupid.” She teased, although her eyes were bright with concern from separating from his side. Her emotion state needed his calm. 



    Coppercloud felt a swooping sensation of trepidation rush through his stomach. When his mother, Wisteriastar claimed that Riverclan hadn’t any choice, but to be split up he immediately honed in on her words.

    His heart sank, when be realized that his family unit was to be split apart, as well. Not to mention he’d have to be away from his closest sibling, Forestmask.

    However, Coppercloud trusted his mother’s judgement and if she needed him with her, he knew he couldn’t object.

    Also, he’d never let his mother face something like this, not without himself by her side.

    He’d give his life for anyone of his family members, in a heart beat, but especially for his mother.

    He turned to his brother and spoke softly, “Take care Forestmask, I don’t feel right in splitting up our family, however we must adapt to whatever comes our way. I promise to keep a good eye on our mother and our other siblings.”

    He pressed his head against his brother’s shoulder as a goodbye, before he pulled away to bid his other siblings a farewell and give them words of encouragement.

    Once he finished with his farewells, he trotted away and followed after their mother, falling in step with Sorrelpaw.

    “Don’t worry Sorrelpaw, I’m certain Sootstain will be just fine. He’s a very resourceful and strong warrior, I doubt not even the might of the Dark Forest could get him to bow.”




    Snowpaw’s ears perked up when Wolfstar came lumbering back toward them, telling them all of the news that Thunderclan had been merciful enough to take them all in, and half of Riverclan as well.

    Then when Wolfstar called them all along, she reluctantly tore herself away from Ravenpaw’s warmth, and stood up to get moving.

    She lightly shook herself, to get rid of any excess moisture clinging to her fur. Though it didn’t do her any favors.

    Seeing how fluffy and thick her coat was, trying to rid it of the water was next to impossible.

    She lightly prodded Ravenpaw in the side with her nose, “Come on then, Ravenpaw, it’s time to go.” She helped them to their paws, “I know you’re exhausted, but you can’t be sleeping out here, it’s too exposed.”

    She gave them a light push forward to get them started, before she left their side to go help others along. Others far more drained than herself, which included her mentor.

    She found herself back at Goldenrose’s side, “Up you get Goldenrose, I know you’re tired, but you can’t sleep here. This is not the ideal place for a nap. Let’s get you warm and dry in the camp.”



    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>Ravenpaw yawned, as they perked their ears and heard Wolfstar’s announcement. Windclan was staying in Thunderclan camp. They glanced over as Snowpaw nudged their side. “Okay.” They stammered, as they were nudged again. “I got it, I got it.”</span></p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>They padded over back to the elders. “Alright everyone, let’s get inside and warm.” Ravenpaw purred, as the elders murmured to each other.</span></p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>As the elders started to enter the camp, Ravenpaw would pause and glance over at their surroundings. The storm was becoming bad. How are we supposed to hunt in these conditions? Ravenpaw wondered, as they turned their head away. The tabby elder would pause as well, and stop the apprentice in their tracks. “Thank you,” the elder spoke quietly, “for helping us.”</span></p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>”Wha?” Ravenpaw’s face became a bit flustered. “Y-You should be thanking Starclan that we’re all okay.”</span></p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>”Of course I am.” The tabby elder replied. “That’s why I’m grateful for the future.” Before Ravenpaw could reply, he vanished into the camp. Ravenpaw twitched their ears curiously, unsure what to think as they entered Thunderclan camp.</span></p>


    Fawncrest returned Tigertail‘s smile, dipping her head ever so slightly in agreement. “Hello, Tigertail,” she began, meeting his forest green eyes. “Unfortunately, it looks like our travels may not be over yet.” She flicked her torn ear towards the WindClan cats, refusing to turn her head in their direction. For all her complaints, she was still able to walk more if she had to, though she feared for the weaker members of her clan.

    At the tabby’s mention of Minknose, Fawncrest frowned and followed his gaze. “I hope so,” she murmured, watching as a young ThunderClan cat padded busily away from her clanmate. “That leg looks painful. I can’t imagine she’ll be capable of doing much more travelling in that state.”

    Wisteriastar’s voice rung out, causing Fawncrest to jolt to attention, her ears perked up. Parting ways? Fawncrest felt a pang of alarm shoot through her, but as she gazed around her exhausted clanmates she knew it was for the best. If not all could stay, at least those more in need would be able to rest. Her name was called to join those continuing on to ShadowClan, and she nodded and rose to her paws. Despite her complaints about her sore paws, there were cats worse off who needed the rest more. Her eyes fell upon Forestmask before switching to Tigertail once more. “Take care, you two. I’ll see you both again soon,” She touched her nose to their flanks gently in turn before turning and padding to join the group of cats who were leaving.



    Coughing as hard as she was began to give Willowfur a headache, and she shut her green eyes tight with pain. After a few more moments, the coughing decreased, and she was just left with her temples throbbing. The WindClan warrior stood up to follow her Clanmates inside the ThunderClan camp, but stopped when she felt the brush of Startledpaw’s fur against her own. She eased, sighing with relief that he was beside her again. She adored her best friend…maybe a little too much. “I’m fine,” she answered him softly, glancing around to see if any other cats were eyeing them, wondering why they seemed so connected. But no payed them any mind, focusing their attention on shelter to get away from the rain. 

    Willowfur stayed put, not wanting to move a pawstep. She looked at Startledpaw, her eyes a little hazy from an oncoming sickness. “I was perfectly fine back at camp. Maybe I’m just exhausted like everyone else from the journey.” However much she wanted to believe it, she knew it wasn’t true. Willowfur was a good swimmer, for a WindClanner, and the little bit of swimming they had to do wouldn’t have made her tired one bit. If anything, she felt she would have normally had more energy and gone on the hunting patrol Wolfstar wanted their Clan to sort out. 

    The rasping of his tongue on her ear calmed the ginger she-cat, but she knew if they stayed glued to each other like this for much longer then someone was bound to come back out and question them. Heart aching, she stepped away from him slightly, her green eyes glancing at him with sadness. She knew he felt the same way. She also knew she didn’t want to put his job on the line because of a crush. It’s more than a crush. Turning her head, she nodded to the ThunderClan camp’s entrance and opened her mouth to say something, but she was interrupted by another coughing fit and her back arched.  


    Wolfstar affectionately nuzzled Goldenrose’s cheek with his nose. “I promise I won’t push myself too hard as long as you promise to rest and heal,” he muffled over Goosepaw’s neck fur. The young cat wasn’t moving much and Wolfstar’s chest tightened as they pushed through the bramble entrance of the ThunderClan camp. 

    Out of the corner of his eyes, he watched RiverClan split in two, half of them padding towards ShadowClan territory. For a moment, the WindClan leader felt a tad sympathetic and guilty, but he pushed that aside as quickly as it came. RiverClan was strong; they could handle a little separation and extra swimming. Once they were comfortably inside the clearing, he guided Goldenrose to where the medicine cat’s den was. “Lay in here with Goosepaw, and I’ll fetch one of the medicine cat’s.” He carefully placed Goosepaw in front of Goldenrose’s paws, knowing she knew to keep lapping at his pelt to warm him up. “I’ll be back.

    Turning away, Wolfstar padded towards Nettlenose who wasn’t too far from where he was. “Goldenrose and Goosepaw are inside of the medicine den. I think Goldenrose is tired and hurting from her ribs, but Goosepaw doesn’t seem to be in too good of shape. Are some of our warriors fit enough to go on a small hunting patrol? There’s a lot of us to feed now, and I want to take some cats out.” Wolfstar knew he would have to do the duties of both leader and deputy with Owlbelly still recovering, but he was a little grateful for the distractions.


    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    He frowned softly as he noticed that he slightly startled Willowfur when he brushed against her side, noting the color of her eyes when she turned her face towards him, her expression of clarity and calm was also noted when she realized who was standing so close to her. This made his heart flutter as she didn’t immediately pull away from him, his warmth and scent a comfort to her in this moment. Although, Startledpaw couldn’t help but notice the haze in her gaze as she seemed to be coming down with a rather nasty cough. “Willowfur, with weather like this and what we had to go through to get here. It might be wise to not push yourself, get dry and rest.” He said softly, his bright blue eyes watching her, although one eye was blind, she took up his line of sight fully. “Once we get inside, I can take a better look at you to make sure.” He meowed softly, giving her forehead an gentle lick while tenderly breathing in her scent. 

    Willowfur was dangerous to Startledpaw, everything about her set his heart aflame when he was around her. Her smile, her laugh.. even just her scent was enough to make his world completely zone in on her. However, with his position as the next potential medicine cat… he wasn’t allowed a mate. Willowfur could only be his best friend, no matter how much he wanted to claim her as his. He couldn’t help the rejected feeling that stung within his chest when she pulled away and gave him a pointed look, her eyes were sad but he knew what she was doing. Willowfur clearly cared for him, but she was putting a boundary between them.. and rightly so. “Or Nettlenose can take a look for you..” He sighed heavily, his tail drooping slightly as he took a couple steps in the direction of the ThunderClan camp, paws halting when he heard the loud rasp of her terrible coughs. 

    Startledpaw looked towards Willowfur, his expression clearly worried as her coughing fits sounded a lot like Owlbelly’s. Her spine was also arched from the force of her coughs, causing him to quickly move to her side as he pressed his muzzle into her shoulder fur. Her skin was warm to the touch against his nose and her facial expression looked pained from her coughing. “Come. We are going to the medicine den.” Startledpaw told her, the tone he used left little room for argument as he allowed her to lean against him as he lead her towards the den to warm up. 

    Goldenrose ~WindClan Queen

    Goldenrose had been close to falling asleep outside in the blasted rain, her energy levels were at an all time low. Soft groans of protest were leaving her lips when Snowpaw gently prodded at her, requesting that she get up in order to move somewhere warmer. Slowly her green eyes came into view before she glanced up at the silver and white fur that marked Snowpaw, giving a weak smile before she allowed the apprentice to help her stand, legs wobbly and shaky from the exertion of the journey here. “Okay.” She sighed softly, leaning heavily against Snowpaw as she helped through the entrance of ThunderClan, her eyes hazy and unfocused as she continued to walk without really knowing when she was going. 

    Once the rain stopped beating down on her pelt, she seemed to become more aware of her surroundings as she noted that she was within a den and the sweet scents of the ThunderClan herbs tickled her scent glands. Soft sighs left her lips when she was helped into a dry nest, although she was soaked to the bone, it still felt amazing to lay down in a soft and dry nest. “Thank you, Snowpaw.” Goldenrose said softly, although in truth she couldn’t even really remember who had helped her into the den, as it was her mate Wolfstar

    She seemed surprised when a small apprentice was laid at her paws, but her green eyes focused as she looked down at Goosepaw and gave him a comforting smile. Nodding silently to Wolfstar’s words, she didn’t even bother with looking at him as her motherly instincts were beginning to blossom. Lowering her head, she started to roughly lick at his grey and white fur the rough way, making him appear like a soaked porcupine. “Hush… it’ll be alright. Once your dry, you can sleep.” She promised Goosepaw as he whined, he was clearly ill and his little nose was runny. Nuzzling the small dear, she licked his face clean and continued to lick him dry. 


    Hollystar dipped her head towards Wisteriastar. “I wish you luck on your journey to Shadowclan. If they are not able to keep you, we can figure something out here,” she meowed. “Let Hornetstar know I send him my best wishes.” Hollystar looked towards Kass; she needed a break from the chaos for a moment. “Can you help the Riverclan cats settle in?” the leader asked, “I’m going to go help Windclan.” The ebony molly quickly rasped her tongue across her mate’s cheek, then turned away to face Wolfstar.

    “Thank you, Wolfstar. There have been many repairs done already, and I’m sure there will be more to come,” she responded. “Later on, I would like to send out some patrols to restock the fresh kill pile, so if you could spare some of your strongest Warriors, it would helpful. Hopefully Riverclan will be able to send out their strongest Warriors too.” Hollystar watched as the Windclan and Riverclan warriors flood into her camp. She hoped she didn’t just make a huge a mistake and let down her clanmates. Only time would tell. “If you or your clanmates need help settling in, please come find me and let me know how I can help.”

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