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    The rain got harsher and harsher throughout WindClan’s journey from their own territory to ThunderClan’s. Wolfstar lead every last one of his Clanmates through the covered forest, and no matter how thick the trees were above them, they were still getting drenched. His long, gray and white coat clung to his body, showing off his muscular build that was quite hard to see under his thick fur. However, it also made it easier to see his shivering. 

    Padding next to his deputy, Owlbelly, they headed towards the direction of the ThunderClan camp, his stomach twisting in knots. He highly doubted Hollystar would deny his request to stay at their camp until the storm was over, but he knew that several of her Clanmate’s, and several of his, didn’t like the idea that the two leaders were more friends than enemies. At least there won’t be a war between our Clans anytime soon, he thought, thinking some of their Clanmates forgot the good that came with Clan’s being on great terms. 

    Wolfstar’s head swiveled around to look over his Clanmates. Most of the warrior’s looked fine except for the few who were too skinny to handle to the cold very well. Some warriors held kits in their mouths with the queens by their sides, checking on their young every other second to make sure they were still mewling. The elders seemed to have a tougher time, but neither one of them complained. At least we’re all together, he thought, knowing if they had stayed in their camp much longer than the choice of leaving with everyone wouldn’t have been an option. 

    The WindClan leader kept pressing forward. “We’re here,” he called to everyone, lifting his tail up as a signal to slow down. Wolfstar turned to Owlbelly. “Come with me to greet Hollystar and speak with her. I also want Nettlenose to come.” Wolfstar looked around until he spotted their medicine cat, catching her eye and waving her over with his tail. Once she was near, he explained to her the plan. “I want it to be just us three. I don’t want ThunderClan thinking we’re attacked. Startledpaw stays here along with Goldenrose, who I want to watch over everyone while we talk.” Since his mate was somewhere close to him, he knew she overheard and wouldn’t disagree. Everyone in camp highly respected Goldenrose. 

    Once everyone approved, Wolfstar lead Nettlenose and Owlbelly through the ThunderClan camp entrance. He dipped his head in greeting to the ThunderClan cat’s that spotted him, and his eyes wandered over everyone’s heads until he spotted Hollystar. “Hollystar,” he meowed, his voice steady. “I really need to speak with you if that’s alright.


    The water had been her favorite element as far back as she could remember. Since her apprenticeship, she had always loved swimming through the river’s current, as natural as the water’s creatures, and wading her way through her worst worries until there was nothing else on her mind. She never thought that the day would come when she would loathe the sensation of her pelt being wet. Wisteriastar found herself feeling incredibly agitated and overall just plain sick of it. Rain continued to fall and at this point she wondered if the clouds would ever clear. The weight of the world itself laid on the young leader’s shoulders, she felt. Her mate, her medicine cat, and her leader mentor all passed in the blink of an eye and now she was left to shoulder the responsibility of an entire clan that depended on her for their very survival. 

    Thankfully, the actual walk through ThunderClan territory was not a long or difficult one. She was surprised to meet no resistance at the border, no warriors greeted them there or challenged their arrival. Perhaps they were all hauled up in their own camp, dealing with their own worries and maybe even destruction of their own. This made her worry; what if there wasn’t enough space for her clan to shelter here? RiverClan’s paws were all wet, their bellies were empty, they were all tired and in dire need of rest for the night. But they couldn’t stop now, for the trees of ThunderClan’s camp were visible along the horizon and the RiverClan leader immediately picked up her pace to reach it, eager to get her clanmates somewhere to rest for the night. 

    Wisteriastar was confounded to find that WindClan cats were already here, plastered along the line of ThunderClan’s camp, as if they too were waiting for permission to stay. Her fiery amber eyes narrowed and she turned to her deputy, Heronflight, who had remained loyally by her side during the trek here. “Stay here with the Clan, I’m going to go in and talk with Hollystar… And I’m assuming Wolfstar, too.” She did not see Owlbelly or Nettlenose outside with the rest of their clan, that told her that they too were inside with the rest of their ranks. Because of this, she wanted to leave her deputy as at least one form of authority outside with the rest of the huddled cats. She had confidence that he would be able to solve any issues remaining out here. She did not ask for the permission of the WindClan cats to do so, she merely brushed past them and entered ThunderClan’s camp, making an effort to keep her fur flat out of the initial agitation she felt from the utter amount of crowing going on here. RiverClan’s new leader joined the small formed group in the center of the camp, both ThunderClan and WindClan leaders, as well as Wolfstar’s deputy, Owlbelly, and medicine cat, Nettlenose. “Hello, Hollystar, Wolfstar. I do hope three is not too much of a crowd.” Wisteriastar had to make an effort to keep the sarcasm out of her voice, she knew well that there were too many cats here already, and it bothered her that WindClan had beaten them here. “I also need to speak to the both of you.”



    The chubby, grey-furred apprentice let out a relieved sigh, followed by a tired laugh as he finally spotted Thunderclan territory. Of course, the rain had left the woods, which should’ve been shining and beautiful, dark and soaked through until every step you took left mud clinging and sucking at your paws.

    “What are they doing here?” Crocuspaw asked steadily, though his voice quavered more towards the end, dread and exhaustion clawing at him. “How’d they get here first?” He mumbled a few seconds later, settling onto his haunches. Looking over to Wisteriastar, he watched with some concern as his clan’s leader left alone, leaving Heronflight to take charge in her place.

    “Can they force us to leave, Puddlepaw?” The grey-furred tom mumbled, anxiety written in the deep crease forming on his forehead. Blinking furiously, Crocus added, “If they do, do we return home?”


    Heronflight – RiverClan

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    The budding relief of finally arriving at ThunderClan’s camp was short-lived, in the end. It seemed as though WindClan, now clustering together outside of the ThunderClan camp much like they were, had gotten here merely moments before and were likely also looking for shelter. The grey tom could smell Wisteriastar’s agitation as she excused herself, ordering him to remain with the clan outside while she vied for their position.

    This won’t work. He knew it already. The territories supported one clan each. There would be no possible way that ThunderClan could host them both for leaf-fall. With an inaudible sigh, Heronflight sat back on his haunches, wrapping his tail primly over his paws and deliberately focusing on keeping his posture perfectly straight as his gaze surveyed both his own clan and the refugees from WindClan. It seemed, like them, the entirety of the group was present. Their queens carried wet, mewling kits and the scrawny elders huddles at the back with apprentices.

    Disdain for these half-strangers soured his mood, certainly pushed along by the knowledge that his own clan was a perfect reflection of them at the moment. His wonderful, strong clan brought down by water, of all things, and having to seek shelter like the moorland cats. And he certainly knew whose favour things would play out in, given the apparent friendship between Wolfstar and Hollystar.

    Foxspice – RiverClan

    Foxspice glared grumpily at the WindClanners, dropping the herbs she’d carried from camp at her feet as she turned to Coppercloud and Forestmask. It had occurred to her on the way here that Sagefrost hadn’t been with them when they moved, and in all the commotion she was wondering if he’d actually been present for the announcement and she’d somehow missed him. Her trip through the territories had been divided between minding her own footing after fall into a foul-smelling puddle and keeping an eye on her several siblings.

    “I hate it.” She said loudly, not quite referring to anything but needing to complain. “We should have gone to SkyClan and lived in a tree or something, this is so stupid.” She was covered in mud up to her haunches and felt as though she looked like a dirty carrot top sticking out of the earth– a complete opposite of the usual well-groomed coat she rigorously maintained. “I look hideous, my mouth is numb, and everyone is wet. I swear on Starclan if I don’t walk out of here with a mate after all this and living with three clans at once I’m going to kidnap a kittypet. I can’t go on like this.”

    Lakewind – WindClan

    The large tom shivered slightly as he stood, waiting with the others as Wolfstar disappeared into the entrance of the ThunderClan camp. He’d been surprised, and admittedly somewhat alarmed, when mere moments later what seemed to be all of RiverClan pushed their way through the undergrowth and stood waiting wearily across from them. Wisteriastar spoke quietly to a grey tom he didn’t recognize before breezing past them and after Wolfstar, Owlbelly and Nettlenose.

    Everyone’s suffering because of this storm, he thought sadly, noting how even these cats so used to water seemed to shrink in on themselves as they waited. So far, he himself was still doing well. He’d discovered to his pleasant surprise that his long fur was glossy enough to withstand the worst of the rain as long as the wind didn’t buffer it around too much, and his undercoat was still toasty and warm. Those with short fur must be truly miserable now– cold, wet, hungry, and homeless.

    Yes, that last bit did bring back the ache he had been ignoring. He had no qualms with wherever the clan set up, really, but they belonged in their own area, somewhere they were comfortable and familiar. If StarClan had any mercy, they would send these rains away before any real damage was done to the camp or else this ‘move’ might become more than just something temporary.

    mahon [owl]


    Owl By Akaiitori Dd8yrhx-150 by voluntcruor

    The two-toned tom struggled to keep his strength on their journey to Thunderclan. His paws were aching and his fur was drenched. On the way there he wasn’t able to speak, not because of the herbs he was carrying between his jaws, but the shame he felt. Owlbelly was the only ill feline in the entire clan and was relying on the help of Nettlenose and Tinyflame to even get to the Thunderclan camp. The two she-cats walked on either side of him, offering their shoulders for him to lean on when he got too weak. The tom felt utterly useless in this situation and was deep in his thoughts. He could feel his lungs wheezing and a cough building in his throat, but Owlbelly gathered all his willpower to prevent it from happening so that he could continue to hold on to the herbs. He wasn’t sure which ones he had grabbed but they had begun to make his mouth water. With a heavy sigh, he glanced down at Tinyflame. His amber eyes were filled with a strange mix of warmth and gratefulness for the she-cat and exhaustion and melancholy for the situation they were in. He could only hope they got the chance to rest soon. 

    Owlbelly blinked a greeting to Wolfstar as the leader joined the small group, noticing the concern that seemed to cloud his mind. The deputy turned his head to the side in order to catch a glimpse of how the clan was doing and frowned at the result. Everyone seemed as if they were about to collapse from exhaustion. But they couldn’t stop now, not with Thunderclan so close. Pushing himself forward, Owlbelly prayed to Starclan that their suffering would end soon.

    Stopping when their leader announced that they had arrived, Owlbelly resisted the urge to immediately sit down. Nodding slowly at the directions given, the large tom dipped his head to place the herbs at Tinyflame’s paws, looking up at her with uncertain eyes before following Wolfstar, sticking close to Nettlenose for support. As the three went through the entrance of the clan, Owlbelly looked around curiously. It was difficult to see in the night but the tom assumed it looked very different from their own camp – or at least what was left of it. Sniffling, Owlbelly watched as Wolfstar approached Hollystar and followed suit. The tired-looking tomcat bowed his head to the Thunderclan leader, “Hello.” He murmured, leaving the conversation between the two leaders until he deemed it appropriate to chime in.

    At the sound of movement, Owlbelly turned his gaze to see Wisteriaflower and gave her a weak smile. The brown tom was grateful that the riverclan deputy was alright, he had a deep respect for her and hoped the two would find friendship. “Hello, Wisteriaflower -” the deputy paused as a violent and painful coughing fit tore through his body, “I’m sorry we have to meet like this.” Owlbelly dipped his head respectfully, voice hoarse. He wanted to ask the riverclan deputy if his kits were alright, but it wasn’t the right time or place. “Is Rainstar with the rest of your clan?”

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    Alongside the elders, Ravenpaw perked their ears and glanced over at the ones who had struggled through the journey. “We’re here.” They said. “Hopefully we can rest now.” The apprentice shivered a bit. One of the elders groaned. “My paws are aching.” Patience.” The tabby elder yawned. “We need to make sure we’re allowed to stay.”

    The departure from Windclan territory to Thunderclan territory was difficult, especially for two apprentices helping some of the elders. Assigned by Startledpaw, Ravenpaw was determined to help out despite the current situation, and grouped up with Aspenpaw to lead the elders to alternative routes. Needless to say, it was a long procedure with the elders.

    Ravenpaw glanced over to see Riverclan cats arriving as well. I guess we’re not the only ones who had to leave our own camp, they thought, flattening their ears. They turned to Aspenpaw“Are you doing okay?” They asked.

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    Snowpaw had not once left Goldenrose’s side, she had been told to keep an eye on her, and even if she hadn’t been told to she would have done so anyways. Besides, she had long since began to look up to Goldenrose as a motherly figure, and thus Snowpaw had promoted herself the defacto older sister to Goldenrose’s unborn litter.

    The poor lovely molly had been through so much during her pregnancy, and Snowpaw was worried that there may be something wrong with her kits. Or what if when she kitted, something went wrong with her? What if they lost her and the kits? Snowpaw wouldn’t be able to handle it, if it were so, and she knew Wolfstar wouldn’t be able to either.

    No, that wouldn’t happen.

    Snowpaw wouldn’t let her mentor and motherly figure or her kits succumb to anything tragic. Not so long as Snowpaw lived and breathed, she’d fight Starclan itself to save their lives if she had to. Snowpaw lightly leaned up against Goldenrose, her head not even reaching her shoulder. She gazed up at her, wondering what she’d think of her current thoughts and emotions.

    Would she be thrilled to know her apprentice viewed her as her mother? Or would she find it too odd, and grow awkward around her? She didn’t know, but she knew one thing, she’d always be there for Goldenrose.  She wouldn’t fail her, not like she’d failed her blood mother.

    “Are you alright,” Snowpaw whispered, hoping that she wasn’t feeling ill or that she wasn’t in any distress, “how are the kits? Do you think they’re doing okay? Do you need anything? I could ask Hollystar for you when they’re done talking.”



    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice 

    Soft huffs and grunts were leaving the dark black lips, pupils narrowing ever so slightly as the tall tomcat looked towards the many Windclanners that were trekking through the muddy and wet territory of ThunderClan. Bright blue eyes flickering towards the trees that surrounded the cats of the moors, smirking slightly as he found that he felt rather boxed in with the trees hiding the sky from his sight, although he silently reminded himself that it was no different than living within the old twoleg nest. Beside of him, a slim and exhausted white and ginger queen leaned against his side, grimacing all the way through the journey. Goldenrose was one of his top priorities. Her injuries and the fact she was pregnant was such a stressful weight on her shoulders, he was having to travel much slower to keep her from being in too much pain. The three cats were close to being at the back of the group of cats as they traveled through the forest. 

    Ears perking upright through as he noticed that the cats in front of them were slowly down, causing him to tilt his chin upright as he looked over the many heads to spot Owlbelly slouching against Nettlenose, while other cats were beginning to sit down after their long trek. Traveling across the ThunderClan territory hadn’t been hard, what had been hard was helping cats across the shallow end of the flood. His hind legs, stomach and forelimbs were coated in clumps of mud from the swim, almost appearing to be more of a muddied Riverclanner than that of a Windclanner. “I think we are here, Goldenrose. Let’s get closer.” He mumbled softly to she-cat he was helping walk, listening to her gasps and groans all the way. She was in pain, but she was strong for she had not complained. Not once. Taking their time to get more so towards the front, his one good eye caught sight of Willowfur as she comforted a cluster of queens and their kits. Her ginger fur was easily to recognize, causing his head to turn as he watched the she-cat, silently taking note that she didn’t have any injuries but she appeared exhausted. Apparently he was pleased that she was alright, because he silently walked past her with the queen leaning against him, of course Goldenrose was eager to be with her mate once again, but Wolfstar seemed to be talking eagerly to Tinystorm, Nettlenose and Owlbelly

    Snowpaw, his younger cousin, had been helping the whole way with helping her mentor to walk and stay upright. She really was a great help, no matter her small size. Noticing that Wolfstar was glancing in their direction, Startledpaw looked towards Snowpaw and gave her a tight smile. “Snowpaw, keep an eye on Goldenrose for me.. would ya?” He questioned the small grey and white she-cat giving her ear a tender flick from the tip of his tail before he gently helped the queen to lay down. “I will be right back.” He spoke to both Goldenrose and Snowpaw before he quickened his pace to reach his leader and mentor before they departed to speak with Hollystar. Walking up to Wolfstar, he couldn’t help the worried expression that quickly over took his facial features as his bright aqua blue eyes flickered towards Owlbelly. His father figure did not appear to be strong enough to speak with another clan, but he knew Owlbelly was stronger than he appeared. Biting his tongue, he stood beside of Nettlenose, giving her shoulder blade a gentle nudge as he silently announced his arrival to their meeting of sorts. He was surprised that Wolfstar wanted him to stay behind and look after Goldenrose while she watched over the cats of the clan, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he turned his chin and spoke softly to Nettlenose. “Goldenrose will need a lot of rest soon.. she’s in a good amount of pain.” He muttered to his mentor, before looking to Wolfstar and gave him a nod. “We will do what we can.” He reassured the tomcat, glancing towards the patrol that would head into Thunderclans camp. “Good luck.” He meowed, giving a sway of his tail as he turned and began to move through the crowd of WindClan cats, checking them for injuries and reassuring them. Medicine cats, even the apprentices, were signs of comfort and hope as he tried to uplift the hopes and energies of his clanmates. It’s what Nettlenose would do. 

    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen 

    Grunting and groaning in pain, the she-cat could no longer feel her paws in the mud as they were growing numb and swollen, despite the cold. Startledpaw pretty much had to drag her through the mud, unable to lift her legs very high because of her bruised ribs and her growing stomach. Her white fur was stained with dark brown and red mud, hiding most of the rose gold colored patches that decorated her pelt. Coughing softly from the dryness in her throat, she quickly winced as she had to slow her pace. Startledpaw and Snowpaw had been her personal support team as they carried most of her weight and cooed softly to her. She knew she was holding them back, but they never complained about her pace, only acted as worried hens. I am fine.. She thought silently to herself, looking ahead of her with tired and almost dull green eyes as her rumbling stomach reminded her how hungry she was after walking such a distance in this weather. 

    Glancing towards Startledpaw, she noted that he was looking ahead of them with some interest before he spoke about finally arriving to the Thunderclans camp, a soft sigh leaving her lips from relieve before she groaned when he spoke about moving closer. However, Goldenrose was a bit anxious to see her mate, if just for a moment she wanted to make sure he had made it across the flood water with no injuries. Walking slowly and leaning against the two apprentices, her tail tiredly dragging in the mud behind of her, panting faintly. Finally, she used Startledpaw’s form to slowly sink down to the ground, her face contorting in pain before she was able to shift into a more comfortable laying position with Snowpaw’s ever careful gaze. “I’m fine, Snowpaw.” She meowed with a weak smile, lifting a paw as she gently moved the smaller she-cat towards her face, beginning to lick the mud off of Snowpaw’s face. “Don’t you worry about me. The kits are fine.” She smiled softly, chin tilting for a moment. 

    Upon hearing her name, she leaned upright just a bit to see Wolfstar looking at her as he mentioned he wanted her to look after the clan, but really with the way she was feeling she could careless. She just wanted to sleep. However, she gave her mate a faint nod and looked away with a nod. The clan respected her since she was his mate, but with her injury she wasn’t sure if she could really look over the clan, however she had Startledpaw’s help. 

    Looking over to the left she noticed another large group of cats approach, pupils narrowing for a moment as she recognized a few of the warriors to know it was RiverClan. Although they didn’t appear aggressive, they even looked just as drenched and miserable as they did. “RiverClan.” She meowed softly, her lips parting as she panted. 

    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice 

    Bloodied paws were pressing down into the mushy mud as she walked, her head hung down low as she walked through the rain and wind of the angry storm. Stomach growling causing her to cough as she ignore the hunger that gnawed at the back of throat. Slowing her pace, she lowered her head for her tongue to lap against the bottom of her left front paw, licking at the blood and mud as her paws were stinging from the mud seeping into the cracks of her paw pads. “Gah..” She whispered softly out of irritation and pain, her blazing orange eyes flashing with her silent rage before she lowered her paw and flinched. Lifting her head slowly, she glanced towards the apprentices that walked around her and in front of her, catching sight of Koipaw as he walked with his mentor. 

    Her pelt gave a shake as a shiver rushed down her spine, causing her to give herself a quick shake. Rich red, black and white fur stood on end from her shake, quickening her pace slightly as she walked beside of Sootstain. Although she was careful this time to make sure her pelt didn’t touch his, he seemed to get awkward whenever their pelts brushed. Eyes lifting when she nearly bumped into the back of a RiverClan Warrior, her paws sinking into the mud as she quickly stopped herself. Smirking slightly as she took a quick step back and lowered herself into a sitting position while her mother and the new deputy left to go speak with Hollystar. Thank Starclan… She thought silently to herself, looking down towards the ground as she lifted a paw at a time to lick at the blood and mud. 

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    Wolfstar could tell his deputy, Owlbelly, wanted to lie down and rest. Making the journey from WindClan to ThunderClan after just getting over greencough must have been exhausting, and the leader felt slightly guilty for forcing him to come inside the ThunderClan camp instead of resting with their Clanmates outside. And why did I have Goldenrose watch over the camp? She’s injured too. Wolfstar blamed his decisions on a clouded and stressed mind, and knew he needed to be sharper. He shut his eyes tight and reopened them, hoping his head would clear eventually.

    Another strike of lightning lit up the sky, dancing in the clouds for two seconds before hiding away again, but only to come back a few moments later. Wolfstar was getting tired of having wet paws and a wet coat. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a storm last this long, and be this harsh. The long-furred leader unsheathed his claws and dug them into the mud beneath them, anticipating Hollystar’s answer. However, she was unable to get a word out due to Wisteriaflower’s voice ringing through the clearing from behind them. He quickly swiveled his head around with slightly widened eyes, despite his lack of surprise. I assume their camp is flooded as well. It made sense. RiverClan, WindClan, and ThunderClan all shared the same stream, which was growing quite rapidly in the storm. If WindClan’s camp was almost completely flooded out, then that meant RiverClan’s was too. ThunderClan was lucky their camp was on higher ground and a little farther away from the stream.

    Hello, Wisteriaflower,” he greeted, dipping his head as a courtesy. Wolfstar realized the only other cat with her was a RiverClan warrior, named Heronflight. “Where is Rainstar?” He glanced behind her, but still no sign of the she-cat. Unease prickled his paws. He had a feeling the rest of her Clanmates were resided next to his own outside of the ThunderClan camp, hoping for refuge as well. If ThunderClan can only host one other Clan, then it better be us. Wolfstar remained calm and cordial, waiting for the RiverClan deputy to explain why her leader wasn’t among them.

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    Her fiery amber eyes narrowed at the sight of Owlbelly, her old acquaintance that had been mates with an old friend of hers, who passed to deliver their kits that now resided in RiverClan. The sight of him was less than lively, he appeared as though he may keel over at any given moment. She gave the two-toned brown tom a nod and then her attention was reverted over towards Wolfstar as the WindClan leader addressed her directly, echoing his deputy’s question as to where her predecessor was. “Rainstar has lost their last life in the flood waters,” She announced, glancing in between the WindClan and ThunderClan ranks present, “I am RiverClan’s new leader. Outside is my deputy, Heronflight. I’ll introduce you all properly later.” 

    “Unfortunately, Rainstar was not the only life we have lost. Our camp flooded quickly and unexpectedly and several cats have lost their lives due to this storm. We have also lost our medicine cat, Fishtail.” Wisteriastar’s tail flicked in agitation at their situation. She turned her attention specifically this time to Hollystar, “We seek shelter. Please allow RiverClan to stay temporarily until we can properly repair our camp.”


    Kass had been using her time wisely for the duration of the storm by reinforcing barriers and dens, keeping a watchful eye on the growing stream outside the Medicine Cat Den, and attempting to train with that little time she had. It was busy work mostly, something to keep her paws moving whilst the clan itself remained so dormant. After working all morning, the arrival of WindClan (and soon RiverClan) saw a mud-covered Kass attempting to eat breakfast with her mate, a shy smile which she only reserved for Hollystar sitting proudly on her lips. The blue-grey calico leaned in to press her nose to the molly’s cheek but stilled her actions when she sensed movement out of the corner of her eye, letting out a groan as she leaned back onto her haunches to inspect the intruders. 

    Both sets of ranks looked a little worse for wear, as if ThunderClan had been the only ones that StarClan missed in their fury. Kass’s cheshire grin morphed into one of malice and cockiness, her bi-colored eyes glancing each cat over and making her own silent commentary in her head. Her eyes spotted Owlbelly within the mix of cats and she couldn’t help but send the large tom a wink, knowing of his.. and almost the entire WindClan ranking members’ distaste for her (she was actually pretty proud of that fact). 

    “Well look what the tide washed up,” Kass commented dryly to her mate, although she spoke loud enough for all the ranks to hear. The she-cat found herself getting to her paws just in case something were to happen. She let the two leaders speak their piece, stepping up towards the unknown tom, Heronflight. She stepped close to the lad, finding amusement in his regal stature. “At ease soldier,” she extended a paw to unsteady and poke at the tom’s shoulder blade. With a light chuckle she glanced at Wisteriastar and gave the exasperated seeming she-cat her best charming wink and smile before retreating back to her own mate. 

    “We could probably fit all our kits and apprentices’ in the same den, but I don’t think there’s enough space to hold all their warriors in a traditional den. Some of them would have to get creative about space.” she reminded the leader kindly, rough voice changing to reflect who she was speaking to. “And they,” she nodded towards the band of ranks gathered, “will not be sleeping in our den.” she added with a bit of finality, whiskers twitching. 


    Image result for rose plant clipart black and whiteCrocuspaw

    Ears perking up, the tom leaned forward, studying the molly beside Hollystar. Tail twitching and eyes trained on Kass’ unique coat.

    “Oh, is that Hollystar’s mate?” Crocuspaw inquired softly, his question directed to his black and white companion. It was true that Crocus was easily distracted, and this was a testament to that. Even after all the stress of the weather and the journey, the apprentice still had it in him to be preoccupied with strangers.

    “She’s pretty, huh?” He murmured softly, a sweet grin spilling across his lips. “Hollystar and her look nice…” After a moment of consideration, the tom’s eyes widened almost comically. “Wait, wait! They’re a pair! A duo!”

    Turning to fully face his friend, Crocuspaw laughed cheerfully, “They’re like us, right?” He crowed cheerfully, nudging Puddlepaw gently with a mud-covered paw.

    Following that fleeting burst of energy, Crocus sat down with a weary sigh. “If they are like us… One of them has to be nice and the other has to be grouchy, right?” The grey furred tom’s gaze shifted to the ground. “But they’ll let us stay, right?” And, ah, yes. Back to worrying.


    Thunderclans Peachy Princess

    Nettlenose! The young medicine cat singling out the Windclan healer, recognizing her from previous gatherings. The stunted bird forcing her way into the huddle of ranks, listening closely to the words of the leaders, poor Fishtail, silently greiving over the loss of such a wonderful medicine cat. Hearing all the information she needed the peachy cream molly stepped in between the three leaders, her gaze turning to her own dark pelted Hollystar, “I care not for your decision I’m willing to house who ever I can in my den but for now it is my duty to help the young and sickly whether they belong to Thunderclan or not.” Standing her ground the she cat turned to face the newly named Wisteriastar first, “I’ll go check on your young and ill, I can’t promise much but I’ll do what I can.” Dipping her small round head before looking at Windclans ranks, “Nettlenose, you and Startledpaw are welcomed to my herb collect and to my den. We healers have to stick together.” Finishing up with the leaders Peachpaw left the huddle, giving Kass a small nod, knowing she could help Hollystar in any political matters. 

    Short legs carried the healer outside where Riverclan and Windclan awaited, making a b-line to Windclans medicine trainee, “Startledpaw, I’ll be over there checking over Riverclans cats. I suggest gathering your sick if you have any and separating them from the rest.” Leaving the tom be as she headed to the Riverclan cats, “Feel free to use any of my herbs if needed!” She added. 

    Approaching the Riverclan felines the She cat pulled herself up into a large rock, “Any cat in need of healing please gather over here!” Her large tail waving to the water loving cats


    The rain continued to pour. Hollystar raised her head to the sky, silently begging Starclan to make the storm stop. She didn’t know how much more of this her clan could take. Not only was there the generally bad feeling from being constantly wet, but prey wanted to stay hidden in this weather. She hoped the other clans were doing alright. She hadn’t seen Wolfstar since their incident, and was worried for him. She looked towards Kass as her mate approached her, and as if Starclan summoned it, she could sense the presence of foreign cats surrounding her camp. Scents of Windclan came first, followed by Riverclan.

    Her head snapped to face the entrance of camp, and her eyes fell upon the three Windclan cats who entered first. She recognized Wolfstar, Owlbelly, and Nettlenose. Following them came Wisteriaflower, the Riverclan deputy. The Thunderclan leader got to her paws, and dipped her head in greeting. “Hello. Yes, please speak.”

    Hollystar listened in horror as Wisteriaflower- now Wisteriastar spoke. She dipped her head. “I’m very sorry to hear about Rainstar and Fishtail,” she murmured. She and the previous Riverclan leader didn’t always get along the best, but they had never exactly been enemies either. Hollystar flicked her tail gently to her mate as she spoke. “I really would like to say I could take you all in; it’s just been extremely difficult finding enough prey to feed the cats already in the clan,” she paused for a moment. “Have either of you spoken with Shadowclan? I bet their camp is fairly unaffected like Thunderclan’s is,” the leader meowed. She glanced towards Peachpaw, and nodded approvingly towards her. Even if every cat couldn’t stay here permanently, it was best to get all the injured cats treated immediately.



    Wolfstar blinked with surprise at Wisteriaflower’s, now Wisteriastar’s, news. “I’m sorry for your loss,” he meowed, his voice low and sympathetic. “They were both great warriors.” He didn’t know Rainstar very well, but he knew the she-cat was determined and loyal. Wisteriastar had big paws to fill, but he had a feeling she would do an exceptional job leading RiverClan. 

    Wolftstar turned his head back to Hollystar as soon as she began to speak again, his stomach tightening when she stated they didn’t have much prey or room. “Hollystar, please,” he said, hating that he had to beg. “At least for a couple of sunrises. Owlbelly just got over green cough and is still recovering, my mate is expecting kits and is quite injured from an accident along with an apprentice. Our Clan is full of weak swimmers and they’re all exhausted. Our warriors will help with hunting, and Nettlenose and Startledpaw can help the sick and injured of both Clans.” Embarrassment flooded over him as he begged to a leader in front of another leader, but he had no choice. His Clan was tired, and he knew Owlbelly and Goldenrose didn’t have much more energy left. “Let us stay for at least two sunrises to get our energy back up and then we can get out of your fur.”

    Fear crept into Wolfstar’s mind with the thought of having to uproot his whole Clan again and find another place to stay to get away from the storm. Another fit of lightning and thunder reminded him of how bad the storm actually was, and his stomach started to twist into knots. Would they all survive if Hollystar denied their request to stay? 



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