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    Wolfstar couldn’t remember the last time he was dry. The continuous rain had been pouring for a moon straight, and it was getting on the WindClan leader’s last nerve. His Clan had been staying with ThunderClan for almost four sunrises now, and he began to feel a little claustrophobic. Everywhere he looked was a foreigner Clan cat, a stranger. Being surrounded by so many in one small place was getting old, and it was getting harder and harder to keep his cool around them. Thank StarClan I’m out of the camp right now.

    Wolfstar lead four of his Clanmates into the soaked forest, their paws sinking into the wet mud and their coats immediately drenched from the incessant water droplets falling from the oak trees. It was rare to see a ray of sunlight shining through the leaves, and once it appeared it was gone in a split second. Wolfstar kept his head low to the ground, trying to sniff out any prey scent. Hunting in ThunderClan was proving to be difficult for all of WindClan. They weren’t used to tree-cover or undergrowth. Everywhere he looked was a bush or a branch jabbing at him. Unnatural. I miss the wind and how it feels through my fur.

    Stopping in his tracks, Wolfstar turned to Palebriar, Fallendream, Thistlepaw, and Snowpaw. Since Goldenrose was still healing from her injuries, Wolfstar decided to have Snowpaw tag along with him and Thistlepaw for patrols and work. “I asked Hollystar what the best way to hunt in the forest is, and she told me to stick in groups. If we trod around everywhere then we’re going to frighten the prey. Also, it doesn’t take more than one cat to hunt down prey so don’t be in teams like we do when we hunt rabbits. Thistlepaw, Snowpaw,” he looked at the two apprentices and tilted his head. “Tell me what you can smell.”

    Letting the apprentices take their time, he turned to Palebriar and Fallendream. “Palebriar, you can catch the first prey. Fallendream, I know we’re on a hunting patrol, but I want you to be our guard for most of the time. ThunderClan has been gracious to us, but there are still several cats who don’t agree with us being there. I need you to keep a look-out. If you come across some prey, you can hunt, but don’t search for it.” Wolfstar looked back at the apprentices and nodded to them, indicating he wanted to hear their answers. 


    Fallendream ~ WindClan Warrior

    Long silver and white fur was sticking to the young molly as she walked, her paws sinking into the muddy forest floor as leaves crunched underfoot. Such a strange feeling. She thought silently to herself, chin tilting slightly for a moment as her pale green flickered around the forest in which they walked, the stench of ThunderClan flowing through her nostrils in such a strong wave. Huffing slightly, her pale pink nostrils flared for a moment as she blew rain water from her nostrils, giving a small shake of her head, long fur becoming ruffled in the rain. “If it rains anymore I’ll become a fish.” She grunted softly, looking down at Snowpaw as the smaller molly walked nearby. Everyone was miserable, that much was clear to see. 

    Paper-thin ears twitched slightly for a moment when Wolfstar turned in order to address the hunting party, although she felt an eyebrow rising above her eye as she was addressed personally by her leader in order to keep an eye out on this foreign land. “Alright.” FallenDream agreed, looking at her clanmates for a moment, silently noting their pelts patterns and their names before she slowed her pace drastically to where her clanmates could walk ahead of her, leaving her to pick up the rear. 

    Most of the patrol would be hunting and their concentration would only be for that of small critters running through the forest floor. Sighing softly, she shivered slightly from the feeling of rain slipping down her spine and her sides to drip off of her long white and silver tabby fur. Pupils narrowing as she began to be alert to her surroundings, ears swerving upon her skull as she also become alert to her surroundings, listening for anything that seemed out of ordinary roar of the rain. 


    Snowpaw’s senses were being assaulted, and she couldn’t think straight. As she followed along, she knew that she’d have to hone her senses to focus, it would be difficult yet she hadn’t any choice.

    Once they came to a halt, Snowpaw’s ears perked up so that she could listen to Wolfstar’s instructions. When Wolfstar questioned them on what they could smell, Snowpaw began to scent at the air.

    She drew the air in deeply through her scent glands, and she could smell water particles, the slight earthy aroma of mud and dirt, and the faintest hint of terrified prey all around them.

    “I smell water, earth and prey. The prey scent is very faint, but I think we can find it if we focus on their scent above all the others.” 


    mahon [owl]


    palebriar by voluntcruor

    It was difficult to speak. Everyone was suffering and it was difficult to bring any sort of hope or joy into the situation. Her light blue eyes scanned her company, noticing that they too had trouble with hiding their feelings. The soaking wet feline walked with her clanmates, holding back what would have been a loud sigh. Palebriar needed to keep her emotions in check, she needed to be strong. But, she had begun to lose her faith. Ever since the disappearances of those felines and the discovery of the poisonous herbs, the warrior had felt as if their ancestors were warning them of something – or even worse, turning their backs on the clans. This thought had shaken Palebriar to her core. 

    At the sound of the leaders’ voice, Palebriar looked up and nodded along to his words. She felt a bit awkward around Wolfstar, she had witnessed him lose two lives and he also was her sisters mate. Palebriar and Goldenrose had always been very close, but recently it seemed as if they were growing apart and, some deeply hidden part of her couldn’t help but blame Wolfstar. “I’ll try my best.” The pretty molly murmured softly, opening her jaw slightly in order to get a better sense of smell. The windclanner was naturally thinner than most, which granted her more mobility and agility – but she wasn’t sure how useful that would be while hunting in Thunderclan territory. Palebriar couldn’t help but feel uneasy with the soft ground underneath her paws and the crowded sky. Like the others, she was used to an open field but here everything felt so trapped.

    Closing her eyes for a moment, Palebriar tried to listen to the sounds of the forest but let out a frustrated groan when she couldn’t hear anything over the incessant rain. Flicking her ear angrily, she took a few, gentle steps forward and kept her eyes open. There! A sudden movement grabbed her attention as she saw a little figure dart across the forest floor, headed towards its’ den underneath some roots. Quickly! Palebriar pushed her limbs forward, hoping her speed would grant her luck as she pounced towards the vole. Stretching out her paws, the warrior managed to hook her claws in the rodents back and pull it towards her. Quickly saving it from a painful death, the feline snapped its tiny neck with her jaws before returning to the patrol. “It’s a shame it’s so skinny, but at least it will feed someone.” She reasoned with herself, dropping the lifeless body in front of her companions.


    Wolfstar could sense the tension from Palebriar, but he chose to ignore it. There was too much tension between the Clans living together that it seemed a waste of energy to direct it towards his own Clanmates. Although, he knew Goldenrose and Palebriar definitely needed some one on one time to figure out their issues. He nodded his head when she went off to catch the first prey, and he continued to look at Snowpaw. Unfortunately, Thistlepaw had stayed in camp with Owlbelly to help ThunderClan rebuild their broken dens. 

    “Good job,” he meowed to Snowpaw. “I think we’ll be able to find it. Cats have a great sense of smell and direction. Watch Palebriar and then I want you to try and make the next catch.” Wolfstar silently watched Palebriar’s form, impressed at how natural she looked underneath the forest canopy. 

    When she caught the little cold, Wolfstar purred, his tail tip flicking happily. “Good catch,” he meowed, dipping his head with gratefulness. He turned towards Snowpaw. “Your turn. Try and mimic Palebriar’s form. It’s different than how you would hunt at home, so be mindful of the twigs and leaves underpaw.” 

    Closing his eyes, Wolfstar strained his ears to listen for any sounds of prey. I hear the leaves, the stream nearby…. Wolfstar eyes snapped open and he looked around with surprise. “The rain,” he whispered. “It stopped.” Silence. It was the most beautiful noise. Wolfstar looked at his patrol. “We can go home soon.”


    Fallendream ~ WindClan Warrior

    She grunted softly for a brief moment as she watched snowpaw and Palebriar move just a bit away from the patrol as they began to hunt the small critters that were hiding under the bushes, cowering away from the rush of the rain. Wolfstar was speaking softly to the apprentice of the group as her mentor was currently on bed rest because of her pregnancy and injuries. Lifting her chin for her nose to point you in the air, she could smell a shift in the wind… bringing less rain. 

    Blinking her green eyes in surprise, her eyes watched the dark clouds curiously as her ears twitched from the sound of the rain getting lighter and lighter to the point where the rain was gently hitting the cats below. Ears moving to listen to Wolfstar as he too noticed that the rain was finally coming to a stop after so many days of relentless rain. Slowly she lowered her head and looked towards her leader, glad to see some Hope was returning to his face as she looked between each of them and muttered that they would be going home soon. “Thank StarClan.” FallenDream whispered, giving herself a rough shake, silver and white fur sticking up in odd angles but she was no longer dripping wet, just more so damp as she continued to shake herself. 

    Once she was satisfied with the fact that she wasn’t heavy with rain water, she turned her back on her clanmates, eyes slowly moving over the undergrowth as she made sure there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary for this territory at least. Small nose twitching slightly as she pulled her whiskers in towards her cheeks and gently rubbed the feathery whiskers against her fur in order to clean them of the rain droplets without having to lift her paws. “Keep an eye out for soft ground, with all this rain the ground could be weakened and the tree roots could pull out as well.” Fallendream warned her clanmates as she looked around, keeping guard. 

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