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    male   ♠   otter   ♠   he/him/his

    — moons • loner • kit




    [mentor] • [apprentice]



    wisteriastar × hornetstar

    spring • weaver • magnolia

    fennelpaw • rowanpaw • wasppaw

    wisteriastar × brightfoot

    pantherstorm • koipetal • sorrelember

    wisteriastar × tunnelstar

    sagefrost • forestmask • foxspice • coppercloud


    sorrelember × sootstain

    eclipsepaw • leapingpaw • dawnpaw • cherrypaw

    forestmask × swanpath

    beechkit • harpykit • sleetkit




    [current mate/past mate] ♥ [kits]

    [pansexual] • [panromantic] • [monogamous]


    [current love interest] ∧ [past love interest(s)]





    smells like ginger and warm tea

    slim and well-built tom with sleek brown fur 

    dark ticked tabby markings

    bright ocean blue eyes




    otter is a friendly and charming lad, armed with quick-wit and sensibility. despite his typically logical approach to life, otter is a closet romanticist with the naivety of youth, but his valorous and steadfast heart are great enough to compensate for these defects. in social situations, otter is proud to be right in the center of it all. he thrives in the limelight, but he can be ridiculously oblivious to obvious things. while not arrogant, he can be stubborn and proud, refusing outside opinion and help even when it is clear he needs it.

    i have decided to stick with love. hate is too great a burden to bear. 

    • beliefs  
      • starclan – 10/10
      • love – 10/10
      • killing – never okay
      • fighting – necessary
      • lying/stealingavoid if possible 
    • misc 
      • grows flustered when given displays of affection
      • despite his name, he is actually a very poor swimmer (he loves water, though)
        • he blames his inability to swim on his lack of practice
      • he likes to show off but will vehemently deny doing so
      • love’s the idea of love- it’s all horist’s fault



    [history starts now]


    – song from by ; OC designed by pyro/tori ; book antiqua 8pt 228252

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