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now i’m breathing carbon {OPEN}

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    ooc: swanpath went out for a walk- only Edgepaw knew where- and she’s returned with crimson stains and trembling paws!!

    while out, swan encountered her former mate Flinthawk. she will not reveal what it is he said or did- only that she never wanted him dead

    i suffered from sleepiness while writing this- please let me know if any words are confusing/make 0 sense

    Truthfully, Swanpath had been living on a fault line all her life. She never knew what might shake those carefully balanced plates and send waves into earthquakes. Her entire life had felt like a balancing act. Rather, it still did. A deceased mother, no siblings, and an absent father didn’t come together and create a pleasant childhood. Swanpath grew anyway, stubborn as a weed. She grew and learned the importance of equilibrium: finding the perfect balance to weather the chaos of living.
    Then came Flinthawk.
    Then her kits.
    Then her Swanlings and still the little Fox.
    Her life hurtled forward without leaving enough space in between for breath. At the time, Swanpath appreciated the reprieve from grief and all her difficult-to-name emotions. She didn’t see the cracks spreading, and she didn’t feel the earth-shaking until it was swept from under her.

    It wasn’t Guilt chewing at her heart, and she did feel guilt for that, at least. It wasn’t Disgust turning her belly or Fear pulsing in her veins.
    It was Relief.
    If the queen’s lungs burned it was from ocean salt, new-leaf air, and newfound freedom. If her eyes cried tears, they were lighter and sweeter than any she’d released in the past. Swanpath was, in short, euphoric. However, her posture was hunched, hiding a chest sporting crimson stains, and she refused to look up. Her pale, snow-white pelt was matted with dark stains, and a fresh mark tore its way from her shoulder to ribcage. Aside from that, multiple small cuts and injuries had been accumulated over what was less than two hours. 

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    The black-gray tom sat outside of the nursery as he watched his four little siblings play. He watched as Harpykit and Sleetkit were batting at each other’s side while Beechkit and Flurrykit were talking to Cherrypaw inside of the nursery, the small calico smiling softly as she was speaking to the little kits and answering any questions they asked as she was checking on Flurrykit. Swanpath looked like she wanted to stretch her legs so he offered to watch the kits while she went on her walk.

    Now although Edgepaw wasn’t much of a fan of kits, he found his little siblings were quite adorable. Edgepaw was ready to get up as he saw Harpykit going near the fresh kill pile and gently remind his little sibling to go back a couple of steps but he frowned for a moment when he saw Swanpath entering the camp, all bloody and injured with a blank expression on her face. He had to do some quick thinking as he called towards Harpykit and Sleekkit “Look! Cherrypaw is trying to steal your mossball!” Edgepaw suddenly said as the two kits’ heads shot up, completely ignoring the fact that their mother was a bloody mess and they started squealing as they ran into the nursery and fight with Cherrypaw over their prize.

    The tom quickly made his way towards his mother and he looked at her “Mother, what happened?” He whispered as he went to check on her face and saw the injuries. Cherrypaw was probably busy entertaining the kits now and he couldn’t just shout Darkstar’s name loudly cause then his baby siblings would be alerted and he pressed himself against her side and he helped guide her away from the view of the nursery

    “Mother, did the fox come back? What happened out on that walk?” He asked her carefully, he wish that Sleekfeather was around because it looked like his mother wasn’t going to speak, and his older adopted brother would have known what to do.


    Warrior of Riverclan

             The tall, dark tom stood there, wide eyed as he stared down at the damp, cold stone beneath his muddy paws. He’d appeared in the mist shortly after Swanpath had arrived, and though he had composed himself for the most part by the time they had made it back to camp, he could barely breathe. That much was expected after digging a hole deep enough to dispose of such a worthless carcass— and who knew dragging a body would be so physically demanding?

             Sleekfeather squeezed his eyes shut, as if that simple action would actually block out the horrific scene he’d witnessed earlier. Taking a deep breath, he did his best to calm down, and after many minutes of controlled breathing, he walked over to where Swanpath and Edgepaw were. Tired, turquoise eyes met with Edgepaw’s gaze. “I think it’s best we save the questions for later,” he quietly suggested, now standing on the other side of his mother. With her new injuries, it was likely that she felt weak from blood loss, and he wanted to be at her side in case her legs happened to give out.

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