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    nightpaw (shy)

    {{ N I G H T E M B E R }}

    night for her sleek, dark pelt and ember for her fire colored eyes; being fierce and passionate.


    age six moons
    season late fall
    sexuality demisexual
    gender female

    allegiance windclan
    position apprentice
    mentor none yet 

    looks a dark marble tabby with a long furred, sleek tail; white paws; amber eyes.

    personality ↠ independent, brave, caring, adventurous, cunning, cynical, ambitious, angry, anxious, attentive, considerate, critical, indecisive, dependable, depressive, dutiful, faithful, hardworking, harsh, helpful, honest, humble, jealous, opinionated, optimistic, patient, polite, realistic, rebellious, reliable, reserved, responsible, restless, rigid, sarcastic, secretive, serious, introverted, unstable, wary, wise.

    history night was raised by her kittypet father, bear, alongside her brother storm. Their loner mother, cali, a cold and manipulative she, had a abandoned them when they were very young. She would visit on occasion but, as time went on, she would see them less and less. She eventually stopped coming around altogether. It was obvious that her mother had never wanted kits or a family of her own. However, Night had always longed for a different life. When she heard about the clan cats from her father and neighboring house cats, she had it set in her mind that she would join them and keep her kittypet lineage a secret.

    mate none
    offspring none
    parents bear & cali
    siblings  stormy
    other relations unknown

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