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    Hailgaze ~ WindClan Warrior

    Cold and mournful silence was hanging thickly in the atmosphere within camp, swollen eyes and running noses filled the camp as everyone mourned over the death of Owlbelly. The former deputy had been fighting a loosing battle with Green-cough for moons, and honestly it was a blessing in disguise that his suffering had finally come to an end. He knew that his father would not feel that way, Owlbelly had been a very close friend of his fathers and he knew it was a terrible loss for the clan to loose such a capable warrior but it couldn’t have been stopped, no matter how hard Startledcrow and Nettlenose battled against this horrible virus. Scorching yellow eyes watched as multiple cats kept approaching Tinyflame and giving small words of encouragement and professing their apologizes for the death of her mate. He usually wasn’t one to approach anyone over the death of a loved one, he cared for every member within the clan, but he didn’t always feel the need to approach. However, with his father keeping a watchful eye over everyone to make sure they paid their respects. Dark grey nostrils flared as he released an irritable sigh, broad paws moving against the ground even if it was against his will.

    Eveningstorm has just finished having a lengthy discussion with Tinyflame, which was understandable, the two used to be Mentor and Apprentice. She was a small but very capable warrior with a temper to match, but other than that he had never really gone out of his way to approach her. Dark grey ears twitched softly as he could hear the soft words of apologizes being spoken, but he only felt awkward as he began to approach Tinyflame. Her eyes were swollen and her deep ginger pelt lacked the luster of a clean pelt, but who could blame her, her mate had passed away. Even through her tears, he could see that she was a very beautiful young molly. Finally the very tall and muscular tomcat was making his way towards the small she-cat, his face a mask of hidden emotions but his eyes were tender. “Evening, Tinyflame.” He spoke, his deep voice rumbling within his chest, his focus on the little lady. “I’m sorry to bother you at this troublesome time. But… I do admire your courage during this hard time.” He nodded slowly, not wanting to push her emotions over the edge. “I know there’s nothing much that I can say or do, but if there’s anything, just let me know.” He faintly smiled, the action feeling foreign upon his lips as he gazed down at Tinyflame.

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