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    morningpaw ♥ morningkit

     september 13 ♦ 06 moons

    female ♦ she/her/hers

    hetero-sex ♦ hetero-rom

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    thunderclan apprentice ▹ kit

    mentor OPEN



    lineart by my friend, colored by me and i’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

    ♦ a bit on the short side, though she should get a fraction taller eventually. she has thick, soft fur and a large, mostly fluff, tail | large, azure blue eyes golden fur with tan ear and tail tips as well as tan legs. chest fur, nose, and right paw are dipped in white and her tail is spotted with white sections 

    + shy, compassionate, placable, quick learner +

    – unsure, apprehensive, skittish

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    offense | ○○○○ ○○○○○ defense

    tracking | ●●●○ ●● hunting

    speed/agility | ○ ●●●●○ endurance

    leadership | ○○○○ ●●○○ sociability

    intelligence | ●●●●○  teamwork

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    parents suzy ▹ bio mom {deceased-npc}  unknown ▹ bio father | robinflight ▹ step father {deceased}

    siblings gorsewhisker ▹ littermate (open for adoption) 

    mate/crush minkpaw {rped by Roach}

    kits n/a

    other relatives n/a 

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡


    Suzy was a kittypet who had an encounter with a loner which left her pregnant with a litter of four. She never was able to kit easily, and only Tom survived. Tom was three moons old when Suzy met Robinflight, a Thunderclan warrior who offered her his heart and his home. While Suzy adjusted well to Clan life, she stubbornly refused to leave her collar behind, as well as her name. Tom was renamed Gorsekit and, while he was uncomfortable at first, eventually grew to love Thunderclan. A few moons later Suzy became pregnant, and on a cold evening, she gave birth to Morningkit.

    Gorsekit wasn’t that much interested in his little sister, his apprentice ceremony approaching quickly, and Morningkit was too shy to play with the other kits, so she spent most of her days with her mother. This resulted in a tight-knit relationship forming between the two mollies. Tragedy would soon roll around when Morning’s father was attacked by a fox on patrol, the resulting wounds becoming infected and eventually taking his life. A few sunrises later Morningkit earned her name, Morningpaw, but happiness was far from her when her mother fell sick to a mysterious disease that took her life. Morningpaw, shaken and deeply troubled, keeps and wears her mother’s kittypet collar despite the stares and insults.

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    other stuff here

    ▹ loves, loves, loves flowers

    ▹ collects bird feathers

    ▹ she and her brother have grown closer after their mother’s death, but he still teases her mercilessly 

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    Adderface is Morningpaw’s mentor

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