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    MO O N

    ✧ 35 moons ⇢ June 26
    ✧ female ⇢ she/her/hers
    ✧ gray-asexual/pansexual ⇢ gray-aromantic/panromantic

    keep your eyes on the stars
    and your feet on the ground

    ⬧ rogue
    ⬧ rank n/a
    ⬧ mentor n/a
    ⬧ apprentice n/a

    ☾ smells of morning mist, mint, grass, and… Smoke?
    ☾ quick footed, agile, clever, and a skilled tracker ⇢ weak fighter, 0 dominance, too hesitant

    (sorry if the picture is too big)
    [art is by Lilacladybug]

    Moon is often cold and unfeeling towards strangers or cats she simply doesn’t feel inclined to like. But there is always kindness in her actions, the way she moves, and the way she speaks and acts around young cats. It may take some time, but after you break the ice between you and Moon, you’ll find a warm, compassionate molly who’s a tad too hesitant and much too giving. Moon isn’t nearly as dominant as some and truly doesn’t seem to care what happens to herself as long as her kit and those close to her are safe and well. However, though one may know in their hearts that Moon would lay down her life for them, the Oriental molly doesn’t exactly indicate this. She’s always been a bit shut off even after warming up to cats and tends to keep everything personal to her in her own head and heart. (more may be added to her personality as I RP with her or come up with new ideas)

    ♡ Ceres (bio mother/deceased) and Raven (bio father/who knows where he is)
    ♡ no siblings, lots of half siblings unknown to Moon
    ♡ no current mate ⇢ Fleetwhisker (deceased? disappeared? idk)
    ♡ crow ⇢ little tom with a temper

    the moon is a friend
    for the lonesome to talk to

    ⇢ hates talking about Fleetwhisker
    ⇢ doesn’t mind talking about her dead kits
    ⇢ treasures Crow, but can be a little distant
    ⇢ more tba


    Please remember to include her scent and mark the personality section clearly!


    Her scent is included, and the personality is below the picture.

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