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    ~ Name ~


    | Monarchpaw, Monarchskies |

    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Monarch – Because the browns and golds of her pelt resemble that of the wing of a monarch butterfly.

    Skies – Given to her for her free personality.

    ~ Gender ~

    Cis female

    ~ Birthday ~


    ~ Sexuality ~


    ~ Voice Reference ~

    Alexandra Daddario


    ~ Allegiance ~


    ~ Rank ~


    ~ Mentor ~


    ~ Apprentice ~



    ~ Scent ~

    Wild blackberries, soft violet, and a mist of vanilla

    ~ Skill ~

    Reading others

    Keeping calm in stressful situations

    ~ Personality ~

    | Monarch is true to her name, keeping an open mind and free spirit towards the rest of the world. Her parents often worry that she doesn’t concern herself enough with the imaginary borders. A cat is a cat. This being said, it is safe to say that Monarch is not much of a fighter and tends to stay way from the border patrols. Violence is not her happy place. Instead she prefers to hunt, exploring the forest and everything it has to offer to the felines in order to help them survive in the wilderness. She is a firm believer in StarClan, feeling their energy all around her and guiding her through life.

    She is soft spoken and rarely steps out of line with authority unless she sees fit to do so. Although she does question many of their strange tactics when handling outsiders, she is usually the first one to meet those across the border with a friendly smile and a warning of caution. |

    ~ Appearance ~

    | Monarch is a short and slender feline, ranging more so in petite. Her fur is of medium length, her pelt a mixtures of creams, browns and golds. Resembling the colors of a monarch butterfly’s wing. Her eyes are a deep teal coloring. |


    ~ Parents ~

    | Father – Minkbelly (RPed by Roach) |

    | Mother – Morningspirit (RPed by Pheebs) |

    ~ Siblings ~

    | Littermate ~ Brother: Hickorykit (RPed by Pyro) |

    | Littermate ~ Brother: Hawkkit (RPed by catboyphobic) |

    | Littermate ~ Brother: Tansykit (RPed by …..) |

    ~ Mate ~


    ~ Kits ~


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