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Medicine Cat’s Guide to Herbs

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    (difficulty to find rate: ★★★, not difficult to very)

    Herbs that Help Cure Sicknesses and Pains

    – Alder (★★, leaf-bare only)
    eases toothace
    (found in all territories)

    – Birch Sap (★)
    eases sore throats
    (found in all territories)

    – Blackberries (★)
    helps with bee stings
    (SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    – Borage (★)
    a herb with many usages, it helps queens with providing more milk to their kits, it aids with fevers, and it also helps with stomachache and chest pains
    (RiverClan territory, SkyClan territory)

    – Bright-eyes (★)
    helps with coughs
    (ShadowClan territory, SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    – Broom (★★, leaf-bare only)
    assists in the proper healing of broken bones
    (SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    -Burdock (★★★)
    another herb with other uses, it helps ease rat bites and prevents infection, it is also used to help with sore pads
    (SkyClan territory, WindClan territory)

    – Burnet (★)
    this herb helps give cats strength if they are feeling weak, is typically reserved for queens
    (SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    – Catchweed (★)
    an assist to stop poultices from being rubbed off
    (ThunderClan territory)

    – Catmint (★★★)
    best known cure for greencough
    (ShadowClan territory, WindClan territory)

    – Celandine (★★)
    used for hurt eyes
    (RiverClan, ThunderClan)

    – Chamomile (★)
    a traveling herb given for strength
    (ShadowClan territory)

    – Chervil (★★)
    used for infected wounds and bellyache
    (SkyClan territory)

    – Chickweed (★★)
    an alternative for Catmint, treats greencough
    (SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    – Cobweb (★)
    used to stop bleeding
    (Found in all territories)

    – Coltsfoot (★★, newleaf only)
    used to eased breathing, usually given to kittens for cough
    (RiverClan territory, ShadowClan territory, WindClan territory)

    – Comfrey roots (★)
    a herb with many usages, it’s used for broken bones and to soothe wounds, inflammation, used to relieve itches and burns and for wrenched claws, and to help wrenched joints
    (RiverClan Territory, ShadowClan territory)

    – Daisy (★)
    another traveling herb that helps with aching joints
    (ThunderClan territory)

    – Dandelion (★)
    used as a painkiller
    (Found in all territories)

    – Dock (★★)
    used to ease scratches
    (RiverClan territory, SkyClan territory, ThunderClan territory)

    – Elder (★)
    soothes sprains
    (ShadowClan Territory)

    – Fennel (★★)
    a herb mostly reserved for elders, it helps old bones, specifically hips
    (Mostly found in RiverClan territory, occasionally in ShadowClan)

    – Feverfew (★)
    as its name suggests, it’s used to help regulate body temperature and treat chills
    (RiverClan Territory)

    – Goldenrod (★★, Green-leaf only)
    helps wounds heal quicker
    (WindClan Territory)

    – Hawkweed (★)
    another alternative for Catmint, though not as strong
    (WindClan Territory)

    – Honey (★)
    soothes throats, used to help make mixtures taste sweeter and to make things easier to swallow
    (Found in all territories that hold trees)

    – Horsetail (★★, New-leaf only)
    treats infections and helps with bleeding
    (ShadowClan Territory)

    – Juniper (★★)
    soothes bellyache and helps with troubled breathing
    (SkyClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory, WindClan Territory)

    – Lavender (★★)
    cures fever and chills
    (ShadowClan Territory, WindClan Territory)

    – Mallow (★★★)
    soothes bellyache
    (RiverClan Territory, SkyClan Territory)

    – Marigold (★★, New-leaf only)
    stops bleeding and infections
    (RiverClan Territory, SkyClan Territory)

    – Moss (★)
    an alternative to Cobweb, helps stop bleeding
    (RiverClan Territory, ShadowClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory)

    Oak Leaves (★★★, only useful when dry, leaf-fall)
    stops infection from setting in
    (ThunderClan Territory)

    – Parsley (★★)
    stops milk flow, also helps with bellyache
    (WindClan Territory)

    – Poppy (★)
    aids with shock, pain, and causes drowsiness
    (SkyClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory)

    – Ragwort (★)
    another traveling herb, also treats aching joints
    (ShadowClan Territory)

    – Raspberry (★★★, Green-leaf only)
    eases pain and aids to stop bleeding
    (SkyClan Territory)

    – Sorrel (★)
    a traveling herb that helps build an appetite
    (SkyClan Territory, ShadowClan Territory, WindClan Territory)

    – Stinging Nettle (★★)
    a herb that has many uses, brings down swelling and helps to fight against infection, also helps with wounds and broken bones. Can be used to induce vomiting.
    (RiverClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory)

    – Tansy (★★★)
    cures coughs and sore throats
    (ShadowClan Territory, WindClan Territory)

    – Tormentil Root (★★★, Leaf-bare only)
    good for all wounds and extracting poison
    (WindClan Territory)

    – Thyme (★★★, Green-leaf only)
    good for shock
    (SkyClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory)

    – Watermint (★★)
    used for bellyache
    (RiverClan Territory)

    – Wild Garlic (★★★)
    prevents infection from rat bites
    (ShadowClan Territory, ThunderClan Territory)

    – Wintergreen (★★)
    treats wounds and some poisons
    (ShadowClan Territory)

    – Yarrow (★★)
    most commonly used to force vomiting, also used in ointments to soothe sore pads
    (SkyClan Territory)

    Assisting Tools

    – Beech Nuts
    used to attract prey

    – Bindweed
    used with sticks to mend broken bones

    – Cob Nuts
    made into ointments

    – Goatweed
    eases grief

    – Heather Nectar
    sweetens mixtures

    – Ivy Leaves
    used to store herbs

    – Laurel Leaves
    also used to transport herbs

    – Mint
    hides the scent of death

    – Mouse Bile
    kills ticks

    – Rosemary
    hides the scent of death

    – Rush
    helps hold a broken limb in place

    – Sticks
    distracts queens from pain during kitting, also used to help broken bones heal

    Poisons, deadly plants to be avoided

    – Deathberries
    death within minutes of consumption

    – Foxglove
    causes paralysis and heart failure

    – Holly
    not as dangerous as deathberries, but can be deadly to kits

    – Saffron

    – Nightshade
    poisonous, death within minutes

    – Water Hemlock
    incredibly painful, next deadly poisonous plant to deathberries

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