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March Gathering [3/21/2021]

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    The black-golden molly arched an eyebrow in amusement as she shook her head, clicking her tongue as she pretended to pout “Hm, what a shame.. I was hoping to see how he was doing. Probably give an embarrassing story or two in front of him and watch him squirm, guess I have to wait next time for that.” Auroraskies said as her violet-blue eyes shined in amusement before she listened to Sleekfeather talking about her sister possibly being scared of him and she almost laughed and shook her head as she looked at the much taller warrior

    “She’s fearless, I’m sure she’ll be slightly amused with you giving her death glares.” Auroraskies teased. Auroraskies wasn’t even scared of the tom in front of her, there were worst cats she faced and she had to be fearless then.. The only cat she was afraid of was her own father, who to this day still gave her nightmares that made her wake up in the middle of the night in the nursery, The queen wouldn’t even move in fear of waking her kit up, having to calm herself down before laying there awake for hours.

    Auroraskies stopped when she heard Firestar’s voice, and she turned to look at him when he began the Gathering. The black-golden molly watched him closely and she caught his lingering glance when he spotted her, and she smiled softly at him and shot him a quick wink before he turned to look at the other leaders. She looked away and spotted her sister and Littledove speaking to each other and a half-smirk appeared on her face. Auroraskies wondered how long it would take for them to notice that she was around.

    Hearing Sleekfeather’s question, she turned to look at him once more and she rolled her shoulders slightly as she listened to the other leaders giving their news before she spoke very quietly to not bother the warriors around her “Congrats on the new apprentice, My daughter is close to being an apprentice. The kid has more energy than a rabbit. I know she’s going to be zoom straight to the apprentice den once she starts, so I’m spending all the time I could get with her while also adjusting to what’s life is like as a warrior.” She said softly and she frowned when the medicine cats started speaking about what happened at their last meeting at the Mooncave and she turned over to Sleekfeather

    “Well, This I didn’t see coming. I thought we would be finished, Sea is probably still awake probably waiting for me to get home already.” She mumbled, only Sleekfeather could probably hear her.

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    The golden-black and white molly watched the gray tabby for a second. Her dark green eyes were narrowed as she watched the molly in front of her for a moment before her ears flicked and her mouth opened slightly as she heard the name ‘Auroraskies’ and judging by the scent of Skyclan that Littledove had, the gray tabby was talking about her sister.

    “I do actually, Aurora is my littermate.” Speckledstorm said slowly as she looked around at the amount of cats and her eyes narrowed once she listened to Littledove talking about how Aurora had more than one kit..  Speckled was there when her two nephews died, and it still hurt her to this day “Kit. She has one kit, Sea. How is my little kiddo doing?” She questioned as she thought about the little dark cinder and white kit that would cuddle up towards her when they were fleeing from their old home, and how much she loved and missed her niece. The large molly was pretty sure that the little kit didn’t even remember her because it had been a while. Speckledstorm never wanted children, she never really wanted a mate.. Well, she still doesn’t want any form of lover right now. But Sea made her want to have children, the problem was that she didn’t have a way to get children.. Maybe some sort of adoption would help.

    “Can you tell me if they’re happ-“ She stopped once she saw the gray tabby wasn’t even looking at her, assuming that Littledove didn’t even listen to the fact that she knew Aurora. She glanced over to the direction of where Littledove was looking and saw a tabby walking past them. Letting out a sigh of annoyance as Littledove was looking back at her, confused.. Speckledstorm pretended to frown as she shook her head at Littledove

    “No, I never heard about her ever in my life… Auroraskies must be so worried being out here on her own, I can help you find her.” Speckledstorm said as she got up and flicked her tail “Come on, let’s go find your friend. My name is Speckledstorm.” She said as the two began to walk, slowly making their way as the Gathering began and she listened carefully to each leader and their news while also not disturbing the warriors around her and Littledove and she spoke quietly to Littledove “So, I didn’t catch your name. How is prey running in Skyclan?”


     Smokestar – Shadowclan Leader 

    Smokestar’s nose scrunched at Firestar’s words, annoyed with the Skyclan leader’s soured mood. Biting her tongue she followed along behind Desertstar, not wanting to add to the already tense atmosphere. They’d delve into the depths of the Mooncave and get to the bottom of this. Glancing behind she checked to make sure Hareflight and Wasppaw were in tow. They, along with the other medicine cats, would be better at assessing the situation.

    The path downwards was dark, accompanied by a choking smell. “Something isn’t right,” she hissed. As Desertstar reeled she slipped by, eyes adjusting to the darkness. Before them was something unnatural, like nothing she’d ever seen. She peered into the inky water, feeling ill as the fumes overwhelmed her senses.”Wasppaw,” she whispered, voice unintentionally loud against the echoing stone. “Is this familiar?

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art

    – W A S P – 

    The meeting in which the leaders spoke in turn blurred by for him, the words in which they spoke seemed to be nothing more than murmurs, he didn’t hear them clearly. Wasppaw was sure that either Cherrypaw or Hareflight had something to say here and there in his direction, but he wasn’t fully present for a conversation with his peers either. He wished that he could be in better shape for his first gathering as a medical apprentice of ShadowClan, but there was nothing that sulking would do for him. The young tom closed his eyes and held himself together as he waited for the gathering to be over… but something unexpected suddenly happened. Peachblossom had spoken up and was demanding some sort of action be taken for them to investigate the mooncave, as she had suspicions that something was not right. Sitting upright, Wasppaw was now alert to the current conversation. Had none of the leaders brought up the concerns of their medicine cats during their announcements? His bi-colored eyes flashed to Smokestar from where she stood above them. For someone who had listened to them so earnestly before, how could she ignore them now? 

    And sure enough, the ShadowClan leader was on her paws in heartbeats, following the lead of the WindClan leader and motioning for the Clan healers to join them in their investigation. Despite feeling so ill when he first arrived at the ghostly flats, Wasppaw suddenly felt a surge of vitality that got him to his paws and had him rushing over to join his mentor. Before their group had even reached the depths of the cave, the calico tom felt uneasy. It was much darker in the cave than it was when he first stepped foot here. By now, there should have been the faint glow from the stars touching the stone of their ancestors, but as there were no stars in Silverpelt tonight, there was nothing to provide them with light or warmth. In fact, as they neared the bowls of the mooncave, an even darker scene awaited them. 

    Accompanying the sour, pungent smell in the air was a dark substance that clung to the water that carved out the mooncave. It was light a weighted blanket, laying atop the crystal-clear, pure water that homed the stone in which they communicated with StarClan. It not only embraced the water like a spread, but it settled along the crevices of the cave stone as well and buried itself into the cracks. Who knew where it had disappeared to within those depths? Wasppaw’s jaw clenched as he gnawed nervously on his mouth; this was visually similar to the dream he had last time he was here. Was this what StarClan had been trying to tell them– that their connection to the Clans was damaged? 

    Smokestar’s voice rang in the hollows and the healer to-be snapped to attention at her voice. Within the darkness, Wasppaw tried to focus on the direction in which her voice had come from. “This is like that dream I had,” he told her with certainty, his bi-colored eyes flickering with anxiety as they returned to the moonstone. The stone that normally shone bright with the mythical light of StarClan was now dim, tarnished by the inky substance that held it tight. 


    Warrior of Riverclan

             Sleekfeather began to laugh. “No, no,” he protested, urging her to go on. “Do tell me all the embarrassing stories you want. I’ll be sure to torture Edgepaw with them later.” Having that kind of dirt on him would be useful. With Edgepaw being one of his mother’s adopted children, there wasn’t much else he could do besides taunting him. Swanpath would surely have his pelt if he did anything more. Not that he wanted to, though. As much as he hated everything and everyone, he loved his adoptive mother more than anything. He’d never risk disappointing her by hurting those that were in her care.

             A harsh laugh escaped him. “Fearlesss, you say?” he scoffed, nostrils flaring. With just those few simple words he became mildly irritated at himself for losing his edge. If she wasn’t afraid of him, that meant he was showing entirely too much vulnerability, and that was something he simply couldn’t allow. Under no circumstances did he want anyone to consider him a friend.

             Vibrant, turquoise eyes darkened considerably before he leaned forward to loom over Auroraskies. Lowering his head to her level, he stopped at her ear, sharp fangs brushing against the tip. “Y’know, sometimes it’s good to be afraid,” he warned her in a low whisper, “It keeps you from being arrogant and getting killed.” As he spoke, there was a dangerous purr to his voice that was darkly promising. While he could be affectionate and kind at times, it didn’t change his true nature. Beneath it all, he was sadistic and cruel, inflicting pain on anyone who was unfortunate enough to be the focus of his rage. If he had to remind her of that, then so be it.

             Pulling back, the ghost of a smile softened his features. All of the hostility in his gaze had completely gone, and now he smiled with luxuriant sensuality. “I’m sure your daughter will understand,” he assured her, speaking as though he hadn’t just threatened her a second ago. Sleekfeather cast a jaded look in the direction of the MoonCave and heaved a frustrated sigh. “I do hope they hurry, though. I’d like to sleep at some point.”



    The black-golden molly chuckled for a moment, as it seemed like Sleekfeather was very curious to know a story about her younger brother and she shrugged lightly “When he was a kit, we went walking in the woods and he got too curious at a hollow piece of the tree. I told him not to climb up there cause I wasn’t going to fetch him.. He climbed up and got his head stuck and we had to use honey to get his head out of there.” Aurora smirked as she remembered the memory, it was stressful when it happened but she looks back at the memory and laughed now.

    Arching an eyebrow, she almost scoffed at first when Sleekfeather leaned in and attempted to threaten her. It was quite a good effort and he really did try. But she wasn’t frightened or even impressed with his so called ‘threat’. The Skyclan queen let out a laugh, it probably looked like to others that he told her a funny story or joke, or even told her some lame pick-up line.. But the black-golden Maine Coon was laughing at the poor attempt that was a threat, she heard many threats before and some actually did make her have a different reaction than she did now. Most threats didn’t scare her these days, however if the Riverclan warrior involved her daughter then the warriors nearby her would have had to prevent her from attacking him.

    Auroraskies had to wipe a single tear from her eye with her paw as she managed to stop laughing after a while, and she watched Sleekfeather’s embarrassed expression as she shook her head “Aw, did I manage to bruise your little ego?” She almost cooed as the molly watched him for a moment before narrowing her eyes and her long tail flicked. Violet eyes looking into turquoise eyes and she spoke dangerously calm as she leaned close until they were almost face to face “A word of advice Sleekfeather, arrogance and stupidly gets you killed very easily. Don’t threaten someone you know nothing about, otherwise you’ll be at the wrong end of a very horrible situation.” She said softly, looking at him with a hard expression before she sat back in her spot.

    Turning to look as the leaders were leaving towards the direction on the Mooncave with the medicine cats, she turned to look back at the Riverclan warrior in front of her with a soft smile as if nothing happened just moments ago “I’m kinda hungry, I’m hoping to go hunting before I get back to camp tonight, you think a squirrel would do?” Auroraskies questioned him with a half-smirk on her face.

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    Warrior of Riverclan

             In an instant, he felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment. Was she.. laughing at him? With wide eyes, he stared at her in complete disbelief. Even more so when she stood up to get in his face. In response to her taunting, his usual angry expression returned with vigor. Sleekfeather glared at her, annoyed with how much entertainment she was getting out of the situation. “Tch—“ he grit his teeth, his face hard with outrage. The anger he felt was blinding, searing through every vein in his body. Everything inside of him wanted to lash out at her.

             To his surprise, there wasn’t even a trace of fear on her expression, just a lot of confidence and a smug grin to match. Searching her eyes for anything else, it was then that he noticed what color they were. They were a lovely shade of violet that seemed to burn with a quiet fury. Had they always been that pretty? When he realized he was staring, he gave himself a hard mental shake.

             Sleekfeather snorted. “Bruised my ego?” he repeated, contempt edging his tone now. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, princess, but I don’t have any feelings for you to bruise,” he spat. Though she’d definitely got the better of him, he wasn’t about to admit to it because of one simple fact: he didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. The idea of her reveling in his discomfort, especially if she told Edgepaw who would, in the least, pick on him for being bested by his sister, made him sick.

             Sleekfeather rose to full height, swallowing his rage and forcing himself to smile. “Do whatever you want; hunt squirrels, starve, jump off a cliff— what do I care?” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. Why should he care? She’d just humiliated him, and he was absolutely livid about it. Though, for some inexplicable reason, he admittedly felt bad for speaking to her so harshly just then.



    “Do you have a staring problem or something?” Auroraskies couldn’t help but ask as the black-golden molly noticed that the Riverclan warrior was looking at her. She looked over at Darkstar who was leaving with his daughter following after him and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Riverclan Leader and his clan as they had to deal with two moody toms on a daily basis. The Skyclan queen didn’t know what Sleekfeather’s deal was but she was getting annoyed at this point with him. Her violet eyes narrowed as she watched the warrior for a moment, before smirking once more

    “Aw, you gave me a nickname.. I guess that means we’re friends now Sleeky? I would prefer a better name than Princess.. It’s quite a basic nickname if you ask me.” Auroraskies teased as she arched an eyebrow at him. Clearly she saw that she won this round of whatever game they were playing. Based on his words, he wasn’t trying to form any kind of attachments just as she was taught not to when she was growing up. But the former rouge had those attachments in life, and she wouldn’t change a thing about it. In that moment, Auroraskies wondered if her brother and Sleekfeather got along, because both of them were very moody and difficult at times to talk to.

    It was oddly satisficing to see Sleekfeather just getting riled up, he wanted to act like a jerk towards her and threaten her? Aurora was going to put him in his place “Damn.” Auroraskies shook her head as she looked down at her paws for a moment until she looked back up at him and simply shrugged at him “Do you have she-cats lining up at your nest every night? Cause it seems like you have quite a charming personality” Auroraskies said sarcastically, she was quite ready to leave the Gathering at this point. So Auroraskies got up and stretched a bit before looking at her sister and Littledove who were still speaking at each other. Damn, they must be having a pleasant conversation.



    An amused grin appears on his maw at Desertstar taunting him, it was easy to tell that she still held some resentment for him choosing to side with Riverclan and Shadowclan moons ago. “I do have my moments” he muses with a simple shrug to his shoulder. Side glancing over at the irritated and almost scornful look Smokestar sends his way causes him to sigh. He let his bitter mood get the best of him once more. If the ginger leader was smart enough he would apologize for his behavior, but stubbornness always wins. Deciding it was best not to comment any further in regards to his words prior, he slowly follows behind Desertstar and Smokestar. Glancing back only once to make sure the other leaders and medicine cats followed along to venture into the darkness of the Moon Cave.

    As soon as he passed the underground threshold he could sense a sickness in the air. A corrupt darkness that made his stomach turn at every step as he entered further into the cavern. Blinking his ember eyes several times, waiting on his sense of sight to grow accustomed to the lack of light. There were no bright wisps of starlight flickering off the stone walls. All he smelt was a sour pungent odor wafting around them. Grimacing at the magnitude of the scent burning the inside of his nostrils and throat everytime he drew a breath. Once the cave opened up more freely, was he able to bypass Smokestar and Desertstar to get a better look at what they were dealing with. The once clear crystal water now tainted with a black substance, it seemed that the substance and the water repelled one another.

    Hunching his form lower to investigate even further, humming under his breath as he was indeed correct. The black goo stayed above the water, coating it in a layer of thick sludge but never fully mixing with the once purest source of spiritual connectivity they had. Firestar almost believed the substance to be tar as the consistency and smell reminds him of tar from pine trees, but something within him told him differently. Glancing over at the sickly Shadowclan medicine apprentice, listening intently as the tom confirms with Smokestar that he indeed had seen this before in a dream…vision…whatever. “Did you happen to have a dream on how to get rid of it?” Firestar blandly asks, already knowing the answer.

    Course not. That would be too simple for them. “Whatever this is…we need to figure out how to deal with it. I can sense the connection to Starclan draining from these lands” he mutters, his smooth voice echoing lightly off the stone walls as he eyes the black sludge once more.



    The small calico watched silently as Peachblossom and Hareflight spoke, Cherrypaw’s bi-colored eyes turned to her father for a moment and frowned for a second. She was quite surprised he never mentioned it, but her father was smart and probably was trying to find a way to address it. Turning towards Wasppaw, she saw that he was also looking at his leader with a questioning look before looking at Rainysky and she saw her mentor was starting to get up and follow the medicine cats who were rushing to meet the leaders who were making their way towards the Mooncave.

    Following Rainysky, she watched her father carefully and she noticed his tail was flicking and she couldn’t read Darkstar’s expression when she saw him leaping off the rock. Cherrypaw remembered the night when her and Rainysky mentioned the unusual dream that she had at the Mooncave and how her father’s face fell. To make it even worse, he had to deal with the many problems that occurred within Riverclan such as Skyclan staying with them after the Horde took over their clan and the fox accident that happened thanks to Edgepaw’s stupidity. Even now on their way to the Mooncave, she felt her stomach literally turning at the thought of returning to the Mooncave. The small calico managed to stay far away from it. But a feeling in her felt like once she entered that cave once again, everything was going to go wrong again.

    Cherrypaw’s bi-colored eyes widened as she entered the Mooncave, and her mouth was open as she saw the scene in front of her. So this was why she didn’t feel her abilities lately, it started with her not seeing far past the clearing and then.. Cherrypaw couldn’t see anything outside of the camp or even in it, it was just her normal sight. Feeling her head spin slightly and her stomach turning once more at the odor and sight of the scene in front of her, she followed her mentor down towards the pool and watched the black liquid was separated but was flowing with the water. Watching carefully as Firestar was going in front of the pool.. Cherrypaw wanted to narrow her eyes if she wasn’t feeling so sick, was it really smart to stand in front of the pool with the weird substance in it? Probably not, but she wasn’t going to judge. At least her father had common sense and stood with her and Rainysky. Listening to the Skyclan leader, she turned her head towards Rainysky but she felt dizziness and she almost stumbled a bit and she saw the alerted look on her mentor’s face and she shook her head slightly, trying to shake the feeling.

    “I’m fine.. Everything is fine” Cherrypaw began softly, the odor going through her nose and suddenly felt the urge to rub at her eyes once more. She hadn’t felt that feeling in a while, the last time she felt like this was the day after Skyclan left their clan and she bid Sunpaw farewell. Cherrypaw felt her vision beginning to blur and she turned towards Rainysky and Darkstar and she couldn’t even see them straight, they were blurry and it felt like the whole place was spinning at this point

    “Rainysky… Dad? She said softly. It was rare to address Darkstar as ‘dad’ in public, wanting to keep things professional in public but she always called him dad when her family was gathered together for dinner or when they were alone. So to Darkstar, he must know that whatever is happening to her is very serious. Cherrypaw looked over at the faint glow of the stone before she felt her eyes roll at the back of her head and darkness overcame over as she collapsed, a large thud was heard as she was laying next to Rainysky and Darkstar. Completely knocked out from the smell of the odor surrounding the Mooncave.

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