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    Magnolia, for her sweet scent

    breeze, for her Clan


    name – Magnoliabreeze

    pronouns – she/her

    birthday – october 5th

    sexuality – Bisexual


    clan – Wind

    rank – Queen

    mentor – N/A

    apprentice – none


    parents – Unknown

    siblings – Uknown

    mate – none

    kits – (expecting)


    scent : too pure for this world

    skills: caretaking


    Magnoliabreeze is a very sweet and thoughtful young she-cat, she is highly observant of the needs of those around her. She often suffers in silence however, not standing up for herself in conflict situations. There’s a bravery hidden deep within, she may flinch but she will always face danger on behalf of those she loves.


    Round small white she-cat with golden patches and pale blue eyes. Short, but soft fur with dainty paws. Her build is very soft and non-threatening, a cute pink nose and long whiskers with rounded small ears.


    Magnoliabreeze was born a kittypet and lived a very simple, soft life never knowing want or hardship up until the untimely death of her housefolk whom she loved deeply. Suddenly on the streets with no means for survival, a local gang took pity on her as she caught the eye of their Leader and Chief, a tom Razor. Though he at first glance appeared kind and magnanimous Razor turned out to be a nightmare of a mate, physically and emotionally mistreating Magnoliabreeze When she discovered she was expecting his kits she fled not wanting them to grow up under his control and abuse. She joined WindClan initially for protection, but is slowly emerging as her own cat for the first time in her life.

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