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    Starclan Warrior


    The area was pitch black, faint and disoriented whispers surrounded the whole place. However, if one looked close enough there were figures that moved quietly in the shadows within. The figures were covered in the black liquid, and their whispers were pleading for help from anyone that could hear them. Even Starclan themselves were trying to somehow reach to the land of the living and send a sign that they were in trouble and in need of assistance.. But the spiritual connection wasn’t strong enough, even the medicine cats and leaders had figured that something was wrong but all of them just couldn’t find a way to fix it. One spirit had faith in one cat, she always had since the two of them first met when she laid her eyes on Frostburn.

    A sudden cry of kits surrounded the dark area where Frostburn was walking, little did the Skyclan Queen know there were spirits tainted in oil surrounding her in the darkness but she couldn’t see. One spirit that was close enough was Crystaldove of Skyclan, who passed away tragically giving birth to her son Granitepaw after just mere moments of giving birth. The silver tabby and Frostburn were extremely close and had loved each other but things came to a end on what could have been between them when Crystaldove died so suddenly. But it never meant that she would never stop watching the molly she loved so dearly and her son, being a guardian angel to them both. The Starclan warrior cheered on for Frostburn throughout everything and was pleased with her relationship with Eveningstorm.. Frostburn was living her life to the fullest, and Crystaldove couldn’t be more happier for her.

    The silver tabby’s chest was rising and falling heavily, the mysterious black liquid had done a toll on her like the rest of the spirits. Crystaldove would feel herself fading in and out, like she couldn’t control herself. It was constant pain that the Starclan cat felt, and she wished for it to stop. She had originally meant to send some kind of message to Firestar and Speckledmoss as a last ditch effort. Mallowleaf of Riverclan had tried earlier with Darkstar or Rainysky but since he was one of the oldest spirits, he couldn’t send his message properly and it ended up going to Snowfeather instead. So Starclan had a theory, the most recent spirits who had passed on should try and send a message to the leaders and medicine cats since they had passed on from the land of the living so recently. However Sparkpaw ended up sending his message to a loner that wasn’t clanborn but Ravenfrost was successful with getting her message but barely towards Wasppaw.. Now if only Crystaldove could get her message to Frostburn, she knew it was going to be a challenge within the state she was in.

    Frostburn had looked around and suddenly she was face to face with Crystaldove. The silver tabby’s well was covered in oil, her fur was sticking up everywhere from the black goo that was on her. Her blue eyes were faded, black tear stains coming down her face and the spirit was shaking slightly with how sick she felt. Another sharp cry of a Starclan kit echoed through the area and Crystaldove wanted to flinch but was unable to with how weak she had become. The molly opened her mouth to speak towards the living black and white molly in front of her but she suddenly felt choked up as black liquid came pouring out of her mouth and Crystaldove shrieked out of pain as she suddenly collapsed on her side, her body curling up in pain and she just wanted it to go away.

    Crystaldove had scented that Frostburn was in front of her now, looking at the molly she loved and before looking forward and saw two Starclan kits covered in oil, their tears were streaming down their face but it wasn’t clear like usual tears but of oil instead. Their whispers weren’t clear and they were fading in and out as they were looking at Frostburn. Whining in pain, she looked up at black and white molly and muttered the word “-Plant” towards the Skyclan Queen. Crystaldove didn’t have enough strength left to tell the rest of the message, and she suddenly felt the black liquid surrounding them and saw the two kits were pulled under, her face and body was being fully covered in oil now and her paw reached out to touch the molly in front of her but her eyes widened slightly when Crystaldove saw the liquid grab Frostburn’s paws and yanked her under.

    The Starclan warrior felt herself drowning in the liquid as it was covering her. But she knew that Frostburn was gonna be the one that saved her, Starclan and the other cats of the living. Her faded blue eyes closed as she used the last of her strength to give the location of where Frostburn had to meet the other four cats to start their journey to find the herb before the molly woke up in the nursery, how she wanted to use it to tell Frostburn that she was happy for her.. But Crystaldove had a duty to do.

    ‘Ghosty Flats’


    A sharp cry jolted Frostburn awake. Panic seared through the queen’s chest as she realized that her kits were not curled up at her belly. Where were they? Were they in danger? The she-cat quickly scrambled to her paws, wildly looking around. That’s when she realized that she was no longer nestled within SkyClan’s nursery. Her clanmates were gone, replaced by ghostly whispers and blackness. It was sufficatingly dark, and the ground beneath her felt slippery and slimy. The air smelled so foul that it made her feel sick. She had to be dreaming. Dread began to settle within Frostburn’s stomach as she took a hesitant step forward. ‘I have a bad feeling about this…’ She thought to herself, whiskers twitching nervously. “Hello? Is anyone out there?” She called, anxiously walking further into the darkness. She walked for a while, fearing that she’d be roaming the darkness alone for the rest of time. That’s when she saw her. She’d recognize that silver tabby pelt anywhere.


    The relief Frostburn felt was almost enough to bring her to tears. Excited, she rushed forward, eager to reunite with the she-cat that had been taken from her way too soon. Their time together had been short, but Frostburn felt like she had known the other she-cat her entire life. “Oh Crystaldove! I’ve missed you so much, I’m so happy to see you! there’s so much I have to tell y- AH!” Frostburn couldn’t help but shriek and recoil away from the she-cat she loved so dearly. This wasn’t the Crystaldove she remembered. Crystaldove was absolutely covered in oil, the foul smelling fluid completely drowning out the she-cats sweet, comforting scent. Frostburn watched helplessly, flinching as Crystaldove shrieked from the pain she was in. “W-What’s going on? What’s happenin- gah!”  Frostburn’s frightened confusion was interrupted by two oil-coated kits appearing right in front of her, staring up at her with their faces contorted in pain. They didn’t look much older than her own kits. Frostburn felt her heart shatter at the sight. All this oil, all this suffering in StarClan… was this what was making so many of her clanmates so sick? Darkbird and Granitepaw had recently fallen ill, and she was beginning to worry about what the future held for them. “Please, tell me what I can do, Crystaldove!” Frostburn pleaded, tears welling up in her eyes. She was confused, scared of what was happening around her. She could hear distant wailing, cats young and old begging for help. When Crystaldove mumbled her response, Frostburn’s heart sank.

    “What plant?” She demanded, her voice urgent “Where is it? Just ‘plant’ doesn’t help m-“ Frostburn yelped when snake-like tendrils of oil suddenly shot up and dragged the kits beneath the surface. On instinct, Frostburn lunged after the little ones, but she was too late, they were gone. She turned back to Crystaldove, intending to press her for just a little more information, but she realized that the she-cat was sinking into the oily abyss. She started to rush over to try and pull Crystaldove to safety, but before she could move, the tendrils of oil returned, grabbing Frostburn by the paws and forcefully pulling down into the void. She tried to scream, but her voice was gone, replaced by the gurgle of oil as she sank deeper and deeper.

    With a violent shudder, Frostburn’s eyes shot open. She was back in the nursery, her clanmates and kits were right where she left them. However, her three children were awake, looking up at her with big, slightly frightened eyes. Frostburn inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled to calm her nerves, before leaning down to lovingly nuzzle her children. “I’m sorry for waking you, little ones. Mama had a bad dream, that’s all. Try to go back to sleep, I’m going to step out for a moment. I’ll be right back, I promise.” She cooed softly, kissing each one on the forehead before getting up from her nest and carefully exiting the nursery. She needed to speak with Firestar right away, it couldn’t wait until morning.

    After her talk with Firestar, it was decided. She needed to leave for the ghostly flats immediately. But, she had important business to attend to first. There was no way in hell she would leave for StarClan knows how long without telling her kits first. Thankfully when she stuck her head inside the nursery, the little ones were still awake. She would have hated to wake them up a second time. She beckoned them to join her outside, then led them to a corner of camp where they wouldn’t disturb any other sleeping cats.

    “There’s something very important I need to share with you three,” she began, carefully drawing her kittens closer to her with her tail. “That wasn’t just any normal bad dream… It was a message from StarClan themselves, and they’re in trouble. I think the trouble they’re having is what caused Granitepaw and Darkbird to get so sick. The cats of StarClan are all very, very sick right now, and they need help. My friend Crystaldove that I told you about, Granitepaw’s birth mother who passed away? She came to me in that dream and requested my help… So it seems that I’ll be taking a little trip. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I promise that I’ll be back. I know it’ll be scary for you three, since you’ve never had to go without me being nearby, but I need you to be the bravest you’ve ever been for me, okay?” She lovingly rasped her tongue over each kit’s cheek, soft, comforting purrs escaping her. “I know all this might be confusing, but there’s a lot of cats that are in pain right now. Kittens younger than you and cats older than that cranky old Lynxstep need help, and I think I can help them. I don’t want to leave, but there’s a duty that I need to uphold now. Do you understand?”

    Rabbitkit and Stormkit nodded. They seemed confused, but Frostburn believed that they understood. Sweetkit, however, still seemed a bit apprehensive…

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