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    You could almost feel the building tension flowing throughout the clans camp, whispers circulating the winds as sides were being taken. It obviously put a lot of stress on all the cats. Nectarpool tried her hardest to ignore the uneasy feeling puddling in her stomach, but what’s more was she could see it was affecting Breezehowl. With so many family members woven throughout the clan, expectations were thrust upon him, both spoken and unspoken, she just wanted to take some of the stress off of his shoulders but could never figure out how. 


    The sounds of the moors waking up to start it’s morning dragging Nectarpool awake along with it. Feeling the warmth of her friend pressed against her, a soft purr rumbling through her, but it was quickly replaced by a furrowing brow. Poor Breezehowl, he must have had a hard night. It was obvious to everybody since they were apprentices that when either of the two cats had a rough night they often woke up in a nest together, finding comfort when they were closest. Nectarpool just wanted to make him happy and distract him from his heavy burden, but she wasn’t sure how, until the memories of their apprenticeship competitions flooded her mind. With a quick smirk, she pressed her muzzle deep into his neck, taking a moment to appreciate the love she felt for her friend, wanting their time together to never change. Removing her muzzle from his fur, “Breezehowl, let’s have a rematch.” Her words whispered directly into his ears to avoid waking anybody else up.



    Warrior of WindClan

    Lately since both his mother and sister had been admitted into the medicine den with Black throat plague, his nights were littered with sleepless moments and nightmares. His sister was in a coma, no longer able to consume food or water herself. Who knew how long she had and his mother was getting close to reaching the same fate. Right now, the only thing keeping him at peace, was cuddling with Nectarpool. She was warm and her scent helped calm the ache in his stomach. She was always there for him, more than he ever realized. His chin was laying upon his forepaws, eyelids lightly fluttering as he willed himself to go back to sleep. But the nightmare was imprinted within his brain, wanting to repeat over and over again to where he wouldn’t be able to forget. Letting out a sigh, he shifted his head to where his cheek was now rested against his paws.

    Breezehowl’s pelt twitched slightly as he could feel her muzzle press into his flank, but he didn’t dare move. Nectarpool wasn’t always the most affectionate she-cat but she had her moments, and when she did he had to savor them. The tip of his tail twitched slightly as he slowly opened his moor grass green eyes, staring at a nearby empty nest. Why couldn’t StarClan stop taking from him? Slowly he exhaled as he felt Nectarpool’s muzzle shift from his pelt towards his ear, pupils narrowing at her words. “And endure the humiliation all over again?” He whispered back, his voice tired and lacking its enthusiasm. Slowly he leaned back to where his head was resting on her paws, his muzzle lightly resting against her chest as he closed his eyes. “What do you have in mind?” Breezehowl finally muttered, unable to keep his curiosity at bay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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