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    nicknames ▾ name ▾ past names
    tbd  leopardstorm  devi
    named for her leopard-like appearance and stature + her unpredictable temper and fierce fighting skillsromance ▾ gender ▾ sexuality
    hetero  female  heterobirthday ▾ age ▾ zodiac
    january 5, 2018  37 moons  capricorn⬥◈◉◈⬥

    affiliation → skyclan
    warrior ← rank
    mentor → n/a
    OPEN ← apprentice

    scent is a subtle mix of cinnamon and mint

    offense (10/10), defense (7/10), climbing (9/10), strength (6/10), agility (8/10)
    hunting (5/10), speed (3/10), tracking (3/10), endurance (5/10)

    14% loner, 63% rogue, 23% skyclan

    (art credit goes to: BlkCat [me])

    Leopardstorm is graceful, but not graceful in the traditional sense. Leopardstorm is thicker than most mollies, but this is because she’s weighted down with muscle. Behind each step Leopard takes there are subtle power and a silent challenge. Her eyes are often described as being piercing, and the eye shape itself is narrow.
    ▸ descends from Bengal cats
    ▸ on the larger, more muscular side for a female
    ▸ thick, medium long tail

    Leopardstorm is practicalself-reliant, and stoical in every sense of the word. Though she serves her clan well, Leopard is often aloof and cold towards clanmates, no one in the clan knows her full story. Leopard is relentless and will not give up without a fight, with an ambitious streak and a vengeful side, it probably isn’t good to get on her side. This feline is cynical and hostiletowards those she isn’t familiar with, though it only takes a small bit of conversation for her to relax, however, if you want to be her friend you must know that she keeps many at a fox length’s distance from her. Observant and patient, Leopard may not be a fantastic hunter of birds, mice, and the like, but she does know how to hunt cats. Leopardstorm is ruthless and fierce though there is a softer side to her that few cats get to see. Leopardstorm is the type of cat to do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter the cost and no matter the pain she has to go through. She views death as something necessary to achieve what she sees as justice and is very hard to convince otherwise.


    Ali (bio father/deceased??/open for adoption), Aesha (bio mother/deceased/NPC) ← parents
    siblings → Anika (bio sister/open for adoption)
    Jason (ex-mate/NPC) ← mate
    kits → Aegeus (bio son/deceased), Tanvi (bio daughter/deceased), Basil (bio son/deceased)


    ▸ nothing new to report!
    Devi lived an average rogue life, traveling a lot with her parents and sister. However, Devi’s parents were attacked, and it resulted in their father disappearing (presumed dead) during the fight and their mother dying. Devi and Anika chose to leave, going back the way they had come. By chance, Anika stumbled upon a small park near the City where rogues and loners came and went as they pleased, it was there that Anika chose to stay and live while Devi continued her travels. Devi was surprised to find a feline who actually enjoyed her company and her temper. (RPer will decide name) and Devi decided to settle down in an alley between two old building; the two had become best friends over the moons that they traveled together. It came about that, as the years passed, Devi and (name tbd) had begun to lose that warm friendship that once bonded them. It finally got to a point that Devi up and left, without a warning and without a goodby. Traveling alone one day, Devi met a tom who completely swept her off her feet, a large Maine Coon tom named Jason. They had a litter of kits, four lovely kits, when disaster struck. (name tbd)paid a visit to the mother and there was a barely a fight before all four kits had their blood spilled, their mother screaming bloody murder at her best friend who was quick to leave before Jason returned. You can imagine Jason’s sheer shock and pain at seeing his kits who were a mere 4 moons old dead. Jason wanted time to mourn, Devi wanted revenge. In the end, the two realized how much their personalities clashed and they split. Devi was weary from her fight with (name tbd) and was found bleeding in SkyClan territory, and from then on she became Leopardstorm. Leopardstorm has avoided becoming too close to anybody, her views of the world narrowing and becoming much, much darker. She’s yet to decide when to go out to find (name tbd), but the urge to do so is still there.

    tbd (open to suggestions)

    ▸ nope
    ▸ OPEN

    ▸ (name tbd)

    other information
    ▸ loves kits
    ▸ actually very, very maternal. You can trust her to watch your kits and leave ’em better than you found them.
    ▸ still thinks of herself as just “Devi” and will take awhile responding to “Leopardstorm”

    ▸ MORE TBA
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