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Lavender Breeze (Tiny and Hail)

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    Tensions had been high within all of the clan, with StarClan ignoring the desperate cries of both their leader and medicine cat, along with the mysterious black liquid that was showing up along the ridge of the lake and along the riverbanks. Cats were already beginning to fall ill from digesting the horrible liquid in some way or form. Whether from grooming their fur or from prey that had digesting the foul substance. But despite all of this, Hailgaze was trying to keep a positive mind. Although he was exhausted, he had made up his mind to enjoy his evening. Scorching amber eyes flickered around camp, his eyes landing upon Hazelwing and Timberhawk before he wordlessly glanced towards the nursery. Tinyflame must have been keeping the boys within the den for most of the day because of the heat.

    Without a second thought, he was keeping his conversation with a friend at the front of his mind. Dipping his head briefly towards Eveningstorm as he held something within his mouth, not bothering to pause. Finally he found himself ducking his head in order to comfortably squeeze his tall and broad through the nursery entrance. Pupils widened slightly as the massive tomcat was adjusting to the change of light. Instantly his eyes sought out Tinyflame’s nest, chin tilting as that flaming ginger pelt caught his eye. Tinyflame appeared stressed out this afternoon, Daykit and Pinekit were running around the nest, tagging each other. Any fool could see that perhaps she was a bit stressed and overwhelmed. Clearing his throat, he gave his sons a stern expression to still their paws.

    Turning to Tinyflame, he shifted closer towards his mate as he finally place the small budding lavender flower that had been in his mouth behind her small ear. “Everything okay?” Hailgaze whispered softly against her ear before licking her forehead softly. His eyes roamed back towards their sons as the restless kits were already on the move. Humming softly under his breath for a moment before he finally turned back to his mate. “What do you think about getting away for a few hours? Just you and me.” Hailgaze suggested, taking a seat beside the nest.


     – T I N Y F L A M E – 

    If anyone had never accused her of being a hover mother before, they definitely would now. With cats falling ill left and right, the petite queen had been keeping her kits confined to the nursery, no matter how much they complained about it. It arguably wasn’t the best for their development to keep them shackled inside all day, but she didn’t want to risk them catching whatever it was that was critically harming cats– if not killing them. No, she wouldn’t have it. She had been monitoring them closely and triple checking every last bit of prey that Hailgaze had brought his family to eat ever since this madness had started. She knew that her mate was exasperated by her stresses, but her top priority was the safety of her children and she didn’t care how mad it made her look. She wasn’t going to let anything get to them while she had a say of it.

    Before she knew it, in came Hailgaze, his broad shoulders squeezing inwards in his best efforts to enter the slim entrance of the nursery. The sight of it lifted her heart, the poor man would never have it easy trying to get in and out of here. She would have suggested widening the entrance just to make it easier for him, but the hard-to-reach den made it safe against intruders, so they would just have to live with it. With the arrival of her mate came the sweetest gift of a tuft of lavender that he graced upon her. A purr left her throat. “Hey there,” she murmured, nudging his chin with her head. “Everything is fine here,” she assured him, her blue eyes dropping to the two, rapidly growing bundles of fur at her side. They were incredibly restless, understandably so, as they hadn’t much of a way to release their excess energy lately. “I know that they, or you really, are too pleased with my decision to keep them locked up in here, but I’m just trying to keep them safe. I hope you know that.” 

    The new mother was just doing her best to prevent the sudden loss of Owlbelly and his fate of dying from illness from happening to her sons. Even if it didn’t make logical sense. 

    Next thing she knew, Hailgaze was suggesting that the two of them step away for a bit, asking her for some time with just the two of them. Of course, the thought was appealing. She surely wanted time alone with her mate just as much as he wanted time alone with her, but they had to prioritize their kids now. Who would watch Pinekit and Daykit while they left? As if answering her worries, a nearby queen piped up, “go on, dear. I’ll watch the kits while you two are out.” Tinyflame hesitated for just a moment before she gave into temptation. “Alright, alright,” she agreed, getting to her paws. She paused briefly to tell her kits, “Daykit, Pinekit, be sure to listen to what she tells you. Your dad and I will be back soon.” And then she motioned for Hailgaze to take the lead. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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