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    {Future Warrior Name: Wrenstorm}


    ~Meaning of Name~

    Wren: The dark fur around her face resembles the coloring of a small bird called a wren.

    Storm: Due to her stubborn personality





    June 14, 2018

    {10 moons}



    ~Voice of Reference~

    Tauriel from the Hobbit








    {Whitesand rped by Mahon}




    Honey and sweet grass




    Stubbornness and fighting for what she believes is right



    ⇑ Wrenpaw is very free spirited and stubborn as she believes that every feline deserves a chance whether or not it’s truly up to her doesn’t matter to Wren. Likes to believe that she is independent that she does not need to rely on another feline for help, it wounds her pride when she has to admit for help and will be sour for days because of it. Though even though she, herself hates receiving help does not mean she is below returning help, quite the contrary — she loves helping those who ask for it! Wren is a great listener as she always tries to do her best to help those who want it. When the young feline sets her mind to something, you bet your hind end that she will get it done or will continue obsessing over it until she does.

    She can be very bold with her words when she becomes agitated with someone and tends to use her words and not her claws to cause damage. Though she is not beneath using them if absolutely necessary. Has a hard time concealing her emotions as she is easy to read by looking at her face, it irritates her so, the only thing she is good at concealing is the truth. As she can easily tell little white lies here and there when need be to get out of trouble. ⇓



    ⇑ Wren is a petite Siamese she-cat with short fur covering her small frame. Her pelt is mainly a cream with a rustic brown along the muzzle, ears, paws, and tail. Her eyes are a beautiful Caribbean blue with a hint of saffron around the pupils. ⇓




    ⇑Adopted Mother: Blazestar {rped by Vox}

    Birth Mother: RoseTail (disappeared shortly after birthing)

    Father: unknown⇓



    ⇑Cherrypaw {rped by Feared}⇓



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    Hey Roach! The character looks good, but since the clan cats wouldn’t know about kiwi fruit would you please pick another name for her?


    Oh sorry! Didn’t think Kiwi would be a problem. I shall change it when I come up with a replacement ^^


    Perfect! Thanks Roach!

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