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    name ♥ juniperpaw ▸ juniperkit ▸ julian
    ⬩ juniper, juni, jules, jules
    gender ♥ male female
    birthday ♥ 10.07.2018
    sexuality ♥ gray-ace
    ⬩ panromantic

    affiliation ✧ skyclan ▸ family
    rank ✧ apprentice ▸ kit
    mentor ✧ firebird
    apprentice ✧ n/a

    (may put better art later on… Whenever I’m done being a lazy person so. Probs never.)

    scent ⬧ a very subtle mix of grass and herbs
    skills ⬧ observant, quick learner, hunting, tracking, identifying smells, climbing (wip), good memory
    appearance ⬧ long legged and lean with medium long black fur that has small areas of dark grey. Juniper has brilliant blue eyes that are quite fitting to the name his father gave him, with the shade of blue in his eyes matching the shade of blue on juniper berries.
    personality ⬧ juniperpaw is an extremely curious, extremely extroverted tom. He loves speaking to all manner of cats, regardless of their clan, history, etc. Juniperpaw is also fast to react, sometimes bordering on impulsive. He’s obedient and incredibly reckless as many apprentices are at his age. Juni is a cat led by faith and heart, and it didn’t take long for him to adopt the Clan’s belief in StarClan. While Juniper is, most of the time, seen as too immature, he does know when to become serious if the time calls for it. Juni is also fiercely loyal, though he’s more of a pacifist and would rather talk things out. Juniper is empathetic and a great friend to talk about because you can trust that he’ll listen with unprejudiced ears. Juniper is very easily taken advantage of, though, because of his giving nature. Also, because of his passive nature, he would never outright state his true feelings if you were to hurt him in any way. Juniper is a very anxious, jumpy cat, but he’s also a talented actor and finds no trouble in covering up his nervousness with confidence. Juni also has an aching need to be wanted and needed by others, it leaves him empty and hurt when others don’t seem to require his assistance or if they just don’t want him around.

    parents ☀ Eres (bio mother), Gemini (bio father)
    siblings ☀ Everett (older brother/deceased), Aries (older brother), Venus (older sister), Keith (litter brother), Libra(little sister), Cecily (little sister), Caesar (little brother)
    mate ☀ n/a
    kits ☀ n/a

    ▾ OTHER ▾
    ▹ loves leaf-bare and the start of new leaf
    ▹ has a firm belief that you should never look into a rippling pool of water
    ▹ thinks crows are the souls of the evil come back to haunt and spy on you
    ▹ eats in the morning and at night, never during the day
    ▹ believes that if a shadow falls over a newborn kit and it isn’t the mother or father’s then it promises a terrible life for the kit
    ▹ names the brightest stars after his family
    ▹ has a goal to count all the stars she can
    ▹ loves to draw out patterns in soil
    ▹ collects juniper branches and uses them to make crowns that he gives to cats who look like they need a pick-me-up



    (I’m just putting little important bits of his history right now, I’ll right the entire thing… Eventually)

    • Juni was once a kittypet and, though he doesn’t have the bell on his collar anymore, still wears the rubber collar his ex-owners gave him
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