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    ~ Name ~


    | Athena, Jasmine- |

    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Jasmine – the light brown coloring of her pelt mixing with the darker brown points is delicate like that of a Jasmine flower. Time will tell if she lives up to her name.

    ~ Gender ~


    ~ Birthday ~

    August 26, 2020

    | 7 moons |

    ~ Sexuality ~


    ~ Voice Reference ~

    Young – Jona Xiao 

    Adult – Gemma Chan


    ~ Allegiance ~

    Former – Rogue

    Current – ShadowClan

    ~ Rank ~


    ~ Mentor ~

    | Speckledstorm (RPed by Missa) |

    ~ Apprentice ~



    ~ Scent ~

    Jasmine and lemon

    ~ Skills ~

    Hiding in the bog

    Catching lizards

    To be told

    ~ Personality ~

    | Jasminepaw is a young she-cat that was led to believe that the Clan life was safer by her own mother. Life as a rogue is tough and only the strong survive such an aggressive world run by feral cats. She is quite the sassy molly, she doesn’t often keep her thoughts to herself, she’s not afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. She’s lived a tough life with just her and her mother, fighting to survive and hiding from savages.

    She has a lot to learn, working as a team in a clan and learning to look out for others instead of just herself.

    Jasmine has a great sense of humor, although she does get a little lost with the clan talk but she will learn to understand their primitive talk. As she grows and ages, she will become more friendly and learn the ways of working with others. Living in a clan means looking out for one another and not just your own back, she has a long way to understand this. |

    ~ Appearance ~

    | Jasmine may have the appearance of a seal point Siamese, but she is surely a mixed feline. The base coloring of her pelt is a light brown that appears almost like a dark cream. Her face and paws are a deeper brown color, although too light to make her a chocolate point. She has a scar on the back of her head from a bird attack. Her eyes are a clouded green. |


    ~ Parents ~

    | Father – Twilightfoot |

    | Mother – Claire (NPC) |

    ~ Half Siblings ~

    | Half Brother – Jetstream ( RPed by Tori) (Loner/Rogue) |

    | Half Sister – Auroraskies (RPed by Missa) (SkC) |

    | Half Sister – Speckledstorm (RPed by Missa) (SC) |

    | Half Brother – Edgepaw (RPed by Missa) (RC) |

    | Half Brother – Orion (RPed by Missa) (Loner) |

    ~ Mate ~


    ~ Kits ~


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Forums Character Creation Create a Cat Jasminepaw ~ ShadowClan