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    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Warrior

    Everything seemed to be going peacefully until Wisteriastar spoke her peace, movement catching her eye as her vibrant green gaze landed upon Peachblossom, the usually sweet and reserved she-cat had a rather upset expression and her blue eyes were wild with rage. Eyebrows furrowed slightly with unease as Peachblossom and Bluefire whispered to one another, while Hollystar stepped forward to give her report of the monthly events that had been occurring within ThunderClan. Ears stood up quickly when Peachblossom screeched out at both Wisteriastar and Hollystar, the fur along her spine rising slightly with the tension of the situation. Peachblossom was only getting more and more riled up, even with all the medicine cats trying to calm her down. Side glancing towards Pantherstorm, she frowned slightly as she found that she didn’t like where this was going, a Warrior butting his nose into Medicine Cat affairs. Goldenrose turned her chin to look at the WindClanners that were attending the gathering, expressions ranged from concerned to plain out annoyed but not one WindClan cat was speaking out and butting into the ThunderClan and RiverClan affair.

    She nodded slowly at a few WindClan cats that looked to her and Desertrose for support, giving them a tender smile as she stood up and walked towards Breezepaw and Heatherpaw. Even with the tensions hanging in the air, she walked slowly and with purpose, not wanting to gain too much attention as she sat down near her two kits that were attending their first gathering. Both young felines appeared startled and perhaps a little frightened at where this was going to lead, in order to calm their little hearts her presence would have to be enough. She sat behind the two young apprentices, lowering her head as she gently whispered in their ears. “Keep calm and keep your mouths shut. The anger between the clans will pass.” She promised quietly, her long tail sweeping behind her for a moment as her green eyes flickered back up towards the great rock and Hornetstar growled out, followed by that of Wolfstar. Goldenrose blinked in complete surprise when Wolfstar’s strong and powerful voice over took all the arguing between the medicine cats and a handful of warriors.

    She arched a single eyebrow towards her mate, she was simply impressed by the way he handled the situation and took control along side of Hornetstar, without allowing himself to be pushed around. Although, it would have been more appropriate for Hollystar to reprimand her own clanmates but she remained perched and silent, looking conflicted as her eyes flickered amongst her clan. Oh, Hollystar. She thought sadly, before looking back towards her mate as he tried to calm him, blue eyes finding her green eyes as she gave him a tender smile. You got this. Goldenrose whispered silently, giving a faint nod of her head to encourage her mate, which seemed to work as he provided his suggestion to tweak the Medicine Cat having mates rule. She wasn’t surprised by the murmurs that broke out around her, refraining from looking at Startledcrow to see how he was reacting to this. Since he was the subject of this rule change.

    Hornetstar instantly was unhappy by this rule, jumping to the conclusion that he found it to be ridiculous. Wouldn’t expect that prickle bush to understand feelings other than anger. She thought dryly, pupils narrowing slightly as she watched Hornetstar jump down from the great rock, keeping her chin up high. She would support her mate no matter what, looking towards the medicine cats as she searched both Nettlenose and Startledcrow’s expression. Startledcrow appeared conflicted but he was holding himself well. “Find your mentors Breezepaw, Heatherpaw.” Goldenrose ordered her kits before standing up.


    Eveningstorm ~ WindClan Warrior

    He hadn’t really been paying attention to the gathering honestly, his mind was else where before he heard the sharp yell from Peachblossom, instantly catching his attention as his focus did a full three-sixty. Dark molten amber colored eyes zoned in on the small peach colored molly as she glared daggers up at Hollystar, silently noting that Bluefire also appeared disappointed. What did I miss? He wondered silently, looking back and forth between Peachblossom and Bluefire, but it became quite clear of what the topic was about. The deaths that had occurred. Eveningstorm didn’t have an opinion in this matter, ThunderClan was no longer his concern, but his brow remain wrinkled with concern. Cats were killed all the time within battle, it was the way of this life. Survival of the fittest, it wasn’t the most luxurious life but it was certainly rewarding.

    Muscles tensed slightly when Startledcrow got himself involved, although his younger brother was simply trying to safely diffuse Peachblossom, alongside Saplingskies. However, this only seemed to fuel the young mollies anger but he knew that she was in the wrong, but her compassion was admirable. Most of WindClan was staying silent, he even noticed that a few of his clan mates had moved away from RiverClanners and ThunderClanners that were arguing. Pantherstorm certainly didn’t help matters as he got involved, stirring up the emotions of the RiverClanners. “What is he doing..” He thought silently, growing more and more anxious as things began to get out of hand. Distant thunder caught his attention just as Hornetstar and Wolfstar hollered out to silence the clan cats, eyes lifting to stare up at the leaders. Each Tom said their piece and soon Wolfstar was able to give out his report.

    Of course, he had wished that Wildpaw could have attended his first gathering but he was silently thankful that he wasn’t here. This gathering had turned to shit and was honestly ruined for both Breezepaw and Heatherpaw. Whiskers twitched slightly as he held his breath as Wolfstar proposed that a rule be changed, unable to help himself as he glanced towards Startledcrow. His brother appeared unswayed, his expression unreadable but he could see the unease within the single bright blue eye. Hornetstar was greatly opposed to this proposal and wasn’t afraid to voice it, causing him to smirk slightly in annoyance.


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    He stared at Peachblossom as she snapped at both him, Saplingskies and Hareflight. What in StarClan had gotten into his friend? “Peach..” He muttered slightly, looking towards Nettlenose as she tried to also diffuse the young molly. However, the only thing that seemed to shut her up what the yowls of Hornetstar and Wolfstar. A frown found its way onto his lips as he noticed that Saplingskies and Hareflight had purposively moved away from Peachblossom. While Nettlenose and himself were awkwardly sitting between the felines, his blue eyes flickering towards Peachblossom, she was annoyed with everything and seemed hurt with both him and Hareflight. Forced to stay silent as Wolfstar spoke, he swallowed his worries and fears and forced his expression to harden and erase his former frown. Ears twitching slightly as he listened to his leader give out the monthly report before the dreaded hesitation, his long dark grey striped tail moving to cover his large paws as he slowly looked out around the crowd when Wolfstar finally spoke.

    Murmurs instantly rose among the warriors as they seemed unsure and looked up at their leaders questionably. He wasn’t surprised to hear Hornetstar speak out against the rule change, but he didn’t expect to hear such passion behind his anger. Holding his chin up just a little bit higher, heart hammering within his chest as he looked up at Wolfstar in time to see Hollystar smile and nod towards the WindClan Leader to indicate that he had her support. RiverClan and ShadowClan seemed to be thick as thieves lately, so he surely expected Wisteriastar to have the same outlook on this. What surprised him was that Hornetstar was so worked up to the point that he was ready to leave the gathering, blue eye following after the golden brown tomcat before he turned his chin in order to see Hareflight trying to apologize to Peachblossom but her expression didn’t seem like she cared much for what Hareflight had to say. “See ya, Hareflight. Be safe.” He meowed after his friend as she rushed off after her fellow Shadowclanners, side glancing towards Peachblossom before he sighed heavily and stood up. Wisteriastar announced the departure of RiverClan, causing him to look at Rainysky. “Good bye, Rainysky. Safe travels.” He meowed. 

    Warrior of Riverclan

    He continued to watch, his eyes glued to his sister and ears pivoting forward with interest. After all, it was not the affairs of the clans that interested him, but her. He desperately wanted to see her fail, and patiently waited to see if she would crumble under the pressure, slip up— anything. However, that did not happen, and a bored sigh heaved from his chest. He returned to the conversation to at least pretend like he was interested in what was going on. “Regardless of whether they change it or not, the medicine cats have long been breaking the rules since they began,” he pointed out dryly, knowing that almost every medicine cat in the history of medicine cats had tripped up somewhere along the lines by falling in love. “I personally don’t see the fuss. I think the furballs in charge are just blindly set in their ways for no good reason,” he shrugged. Even if he cared about the warrior code and the nonsensical issues within their clans, he wouldn’t  see the sense in it— but thankfully, he didn’t care at all. It didn’t matter to him if they agreed or didn’t agree.

    It wasn’t long before he heard the familiar call of their leader, summoning her warriors to follow her back to camp. ‘Yes. It’s finally over,’ he thought excitedly to himself, a sudden feeling of relief washing over him. Sleekfeather stood, his movements graceful and fluid like a snake as he rose to his full height, towering above most warriors with his long, spindly legs. A narrow maw gently nudged at Swanpath’s side, “We should get moving, say your goodbyes to your friend,” he urged her sweetly before stepping towards the lines of trees that led back to Riverclan, patiently waiting for her there as several other warriors passed him by as they followed an angry Wisteriastar.



    When Peachblossom turned her anger towards him, he said nothing. He simply stared at her, eyes cold and face hard. It was common look he gave to unruly patients and even Hornetstar. For once he would rather be interacting with his beast of a leader. ‘Life isn’t fair, Peachblossom. Get used to it,” He couldn’t help the harsh thought, but he kept the words inside his head, a skill many of these cats needed to learn, it seemed. He hadn’t intended for there to be sides to choose, but it seemed that Hareflight was choosing him. Pity tugged at his heart for her, he knew how badly this was likely effecting her inside. It was about that time that he noticed Rainysky practically laying on top of him. “…Hello Rainysky,” He mewed, looking at the silver tom out of the corner of his eye. “We, uh, we talked about this…” He mumbled, gently patting his friend on the back with his tail. He didn’t try to push the nervous tom away, even though he was starting to feel a bit suffocated. His whiskers twitched as Hornetstar and Wolfstar began spitting venom. He just wanted to go home.

    He cocked an eyebrow as Wolfstar brought up the idea of a code change. He glanced at Hareflight, wondering what she thought about it. It sounded like a good idea to him. Why should she have to wait until he died or retired if she wanted a family? He saw no harm in her settling down as long as he was there to help, especially since he was a tom and therefore didn’t do any of the hard work that came with having kits. And besides, once kits were weened, they didn’t need their mothers by their side every single minute of the day. A medicine cat apprentice could hypothetically go back to performing most of their duties at that point. Perhaps he would discuss this further with Hornetstar and Hareflight once they’ve all had time to cool down.

    And then, by the grace of StarClan, it was over.

    “Finally, something we can agree on.” Saplingskies growled just loud enough for Hornetstar to hear. The brown medicine cat stood quickly, being careful not to knock Rainysky off balance. He patiently gave the new medicine cat time to back off. “Goodbye. I will see you all at at the half moon. Take care, safe travels home.” He mewed flatly, flicking his tail before stalking off.  For the first time since the golden tom had become ShadowClan’s leader, Saplingskies walked with him at the front of the group. He didn’t even notice Hareflight staying behind to speak with Peachblossom, he just wanted to get home. He was completely done with his night and felt as if all the energy he once had had been completely sucked from his soul.


    I’m sorry my friends but I don’t have time for goodbyes right now! Peachblossom knew she owed Hareflight and Startledcrow a proper explanation, and she wished she had time to explain to them now. She would see them at a later time for the Medicine Cats meeting, right now there was someone she needed to speak to, she had to speak to. Seeing the calico leader jump down from the boulder, now was her chance if not she would be swarmed by others and would miss her chance. Peachblossom didn’t bother to stop by her leader, or even look at her for the matter, she was on a mission. 


    “Ummm Wisteriastar!” Peachblossom called out, approaching the molly. “I have something to say to you.” Her tone from earlier had changed, it was much less confrontational now and softer than earlier. Peachblossom wasn’t quite sure what she was going to say to the molly, but she knew that she couldn’t leave things the way they were, she didn’t want to be the one responsible for more tension between the two clans.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    The RiverClan leader was leading her Clan out of the ghastly flats and had the mind to guide them back to their own territory, all the way home to RiverClan camp, when she caught the scent of ThunderClan quickly approaching. Wisteriastar halted abruptly in her step, bracing herself for some sort of confrontation from one of their warriors, perhaps, she didn’t know for sure. However, when she turned to see the cat that was coming to speak with her, she noticed that it was the Clan healer, Peachblossom. She had to admit that she was somewhat surprised to see the soft, round feline come to her, to ask her a moment of her time, when she was so quick to scream at her and point the blame at her just a few moments ago. Nevertheless, the calico feline stopped and nodded her head, granting the young healer permission to speak with her. “What is it, Peachblossom?” She asked, her voice but an even tone. It wasn’t quite stoic, but it wasn’t necessarily gentle either. Wisteriastar wasn’t keen on holding grudges, but she also wasn’t the type to quickly forget previous aggressions either.


    Hurt flashed behind the spring-green eyes of the RiverClan Medicine Cat as whatever budding friendship might have been forming between he and Kass was trodden asunder by her ruthless statement about his deceased kin. Though he did not harbor personal superiority to her the way many Can-born cats did, he was wounded by her choice in words and would thus withdraw from her. The way one did from a fire that had just spat sparks at them.

    He silently agreed with and admired how Saplingskies handled the quarreling. The ShadowClan tom was always such a calm voice of reason, yet surely great stress was placed upon him as well. Insults and furies flung back and forth, as Rainysky decided it would be best not to speak- by and large the issues at hand seemed born by having too many cats trying to talk over each other, he didn’t need to add his voice to the fray. 

    A frown came over his muzzle as Wisteriatar struck down the proposed rule change regarding Medicine Cat Apprentices, though he had no trainee himself it reeked of unfairness that when he did, they would not be permitted to pursue romance or a family whereas he could. They could only hope at a less tense time, the rule change might stand a better chance of passing.

    He scooted away from Saplingskies, muttering an apology before his friend departed with the rest of his Clan. Already, his lack of calming presence left Rainysky with an uneasy ache. The Medicine Cat half-moon meeting couldn’t come quick enough. Though at the same time, it might be best that Peachblossom be given time to cool off…

    He gathered himself to his paws as the call to depart went up, making sure to bid his fellow healers farewell- Peachblossom included. He didn’t like how she’d yelled tonight, but he reserved judgement on cats he didn’t know very well. If he made up his mind on her in just one night, he was no better than the rivalry itself.




    Hawkbite sucked in a quick breath as things heated up- it was to be expected. An old respected cat had died, and Wisteriastar hadn’t even so much as offered condolences, let alone been forthcoming about what had caused the death. 


    “She should’ve apologized and admitted her Clan was in the wrong. That might’ve smoothed some pelts.” Muttered the night-black Warrior.

    He shook his head, looking over at Lostpaw with reckless amber eyes. 


    “Wow, firestar’s an asshole. Hollystar wouldn’t have done that to you. If you ever get sick of gorges, maybe come check out the forest.” He winked, and stood to his paws when his Leader called for them.

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    Firestar ~Skyclan Leader

    Shifting his large form as he briefly glances over at Hornetstar. Making sure to keep his expression neutral as he listens to him reveal the skirmish that happened between the two clans. Firestar was mildly surprised that it was mentioned, but knew better than to suspect that Hornetstar did not know what he was doing. The Shadowclan tom was too sly for his own good. He had a hard time fully paying attention to the less than interesting announcements, as it wasn’t anything he hadn’t heard already. As he had been one of the first to know of the battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan hours after the event happened. Frowning slightly as he thinks back to finding Foxnose distraught and trespassing into Skyclan territory. The strict tom had let that slide as he had learned valuable information that day. Riverclan and Thunderclan would be trouble. The fiery-furred ginger had wanted to stay out of the drama, to heed his brother’s words to stay out of it. Yet; Starclan seemed to have other plans. He had to make the best decision for his clan; who would benefit them in an alliance? The clear choice had been Riverclan and Shadowclan.

    Thunderclan; as of lately seemed to bring trouble whichever way they turned. That in itself was all enough reason for Firestar to want to steer clear from the clan. At this point; Bluefire was not a big issue for the tom, as he knew that the diluted calico’s words meant nothing. Fire had learned from the last gathering; words weren’t everything. He was trying his best to be the best leader for his clan; it was and will be a slow progress, but he was learning nonetheless. Blinking out of his stupor at the sudden commotion going on through the gathering. Furrowing his brows to convey his confusion before his reddish orange gaze lands on the feisty small form of Peachblossom. His tufted ears flicking as he takes in her words. Feeling the anger and grief radiating off of her. He knew that both clans had lost someone dear to them, but he couldn’t grasp why they believed that everyone that was not part of Thunderclan and Riverclan needed to be brought into such a delicate manner.

    If he was being honest; he had no energy to bring himself to care. To command the chaos to quieten down, to reprimand those stepping out of line. How could he? When only a moon ago he was one of the those stepping out of line and speaking out of term. Firestar could tell that Peachblossom truly believed that she was doing the right thing, by revealing the truth of Antlercreek’s death, but knew that her way of going about it would only bite her in the butt later. Sighing as his headache was growing as the voices rose, demanding to be heard over the other. Rolling his eyes in distaste at hearing Bluefire’s as well as an unknown Riverclan Warrior spit words at one another. ‘Can I go now?’ He thought with a huff. He had said what he needed to say about his clan, there was nothing else that had anything to do with Skyclan. Tearing his gaze away from the troublesome medicine cat and deputy to eye his clan mates. Humming in approval as for once Skyclan was not making a fool out of themselves.

    Firestar jumps lightly in surprise at Hornetstar yelling, trying to gain control and order to the bantering going on below. Grumbling to himself as he glares over at the golden tom for his big mouth. Even though it was Fire’s fault for getting easily distracted during such a crucial moment. ‘Ah that’s right! Wolfstar has yet to speak up about his announcements’ his gaze shifting to the large grey and white older tom with a curious expression. Silently observing the obviously irked leader, inwardly smirking as it amused him to finally watch the usually calm and collected Windclan leader snap. This time he was not surprised at the thunderous voice of Wolfstar. Remaining silent like a good little leader he is; Firestar knew that now was not the time to make his presence truly known. As he was certainly learning far more than he would be if he put himself into the commotion. It was certainly odd for him to remain silent, to not state his opinion in this ridiculous matter. The Maine Coon leader just felt that it would be a waste of time to make his voice be heard.

    A sly grin forming on his lips as he notices that Wolfstar hadn’t mentioned Skyclan when poking at Wisteriastar and Hornetstar for their obvious alliance. To Wolfstar and Hollystar; Skyclan was playing the neutral party. Oh but if only they knew that Skyclan was Riverclan’s and Shadowclan’s surprise wild card.

    ‘Finally’ was all he thought as Wolf states his announcements. Stiffening at the unexpected want for a rule change. Eyes narrowing as he absorbs the words, wondering what had brought this sudden need for change; for medicine cats to bare a mate and kits. It was so random and unexpected that it threw him off for a moment. It didn’t seem to take Hornet or Wisteria long to turn down the thought of changing the rule. Firestar didn’t see anything necessarily wrong with letting medicine cats mother or father children as long as they had someone to help fill in their absence. Watching them stalk off with their clans, keeping his mouth shut as until the two short tempered leaders were out of sight before he glances back towards Wolfstar. Sighing through his nose as he gives him a small nod in agreement before walking off. He may be working with Hornet and Wisteria now, but that did not mean he had to agree with everything they thought. After all; he couldn’t help but feel that they only turned down the want for a small rule change because Wolfstar brought it up.

    Firestar has nothing against Wolfstar or Windclan in general; just with who they alliance themselves with. “Let’s go home!” His smooth baritone voice echos as he beckons his clan to follow him as he leads them back home.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    For a moment Desertrose looked at Wolfstar as if he had just sprouted a second head— he wanted to change the warrior code? This went against everything she’d been taught from the moment she could comprehend the clan life she’d been born into. His idea shattered her perception, leaving her mind to reel in foreign ways; ways she had long become unaccustomed to. Even so, she could not deny that his proposal made sense. Times had indeed changed, and what real reason did they have to continue denying medicine cats their rights? To her disappointment, the other leaders did not share her understanding.

    Though the golden deputy desperately wanted to voice her accordance with Wolfstar, Desertrose would not speak against the other clans when her leader was handling things perfectly on his own. It was important that she remain in the clans good graces for the foreseeable future and leave everything else to Wolfstar; someone who was well versed in leading his clan. If the other clans were to eventually accept his proposal, it would be through logic and reasoning, and most importantly, it would be on their own terms. Even amidst all the chaos, she felt a swell of pride to be a part of Windclan and to have such a dependable cat leading them, and offered a reassuring smile to Wolfstar to let him know that she supported him and his idea.


    I guess we know who WindClan will go running to when things get tough. Hornetstar’s comment made Wolfstar’s blood boil. The large tom wanted to stand up and slash that look off of the ShadowClan leader’s face, but he kept himself still. WindClan doesn’t run to anyone, you fox-heart. He turned his head away as Hornetstar continued, not giving him anymore attention. When the other leader dropped down from the leader rock and left, Wolfstar twitched his tail in good riddance. Fine. But you’ll change your mind soon enough. There was no reason not to accept this rule change, and Hornetstar’s disagreeance would change once he would cool down, hopefully. At Wisteriastar’s comment, Wolfstar snapped his head towards her. “An alliance? No, you are mistaken, Wisteriastar. Just because two Clans get along so well does not mean we have an alliance. We are not joined together, but merely coexist beside each other. An alliance is groups coming together to achieve something, but what do Hollystar and I have to achieve?” 

    It didn’t take long for the RiverClan leader to follow ShadowClan, leaving the Gathering Place grounds as well. Thankfully, Hollystar’s voice of reason made his ears twitch, and he turned his head to give her a grateful nod. He knew the ThunderClan leader would agree to this rule change, and he was happy she had verbally said so in front of the other Clans. Even Firestar’s approved nod gave Wolfstar hope. “Let’s all think this over and we’ll reconvene at the next Gathering.” His tail tip twitched and he stood up to jump down from the rock, but halted when Hollystar stopped at his side and whispered something in her ear. He nodded and jumped down, stepping towards Desertrose. “I’m sorry I blind-sided you on this decision,” he whispered. “I’ll explain it all when we get to camp. WindClan, let’s go!” 

    And just as they had entered the Gathering, WindClan was the last to leave. 


    Peachblossom didnt think she’d get this far, she thought that Hollystar would have pulled her back by now she didnt actually think about that to say. “Well um I-I…” Her eyes frantickly darting around everywhere but on Wisteriastar, trying to think of what she wanted to say to the calico leader. Her small paws shuffling, the tip of her furry tail twitching nervously behind her. This whole event got extremely out of paw, she didnt mean for things to go so wrong. All she wanted was to have the truth spoken, she owed it to Antlercreek to make sure the details of his death werent hidden. 


    With a small nod to herself Peachblossom faced Wisteriastar, her eyes locked on the multi-colored leader, “I will not apologize for what I said tonight. I still stand by it.” Peachblossoms tone was no longer shakey, it had more confidence to it now. “I can however admit that I was wrong in the matter of which I addressed the situation….and for possibly suggesting that Saplingskies had some sort of other relationships with you.” Thinking back to Wolfstars new rule change and Wisteriastars objection, she cleared her throat, “May I also suggestion having a word with your medicine cat when it comes to changing a rule that involves Medicine Cats. Raising her kittybrow at the leader.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R – 

    The calico warrior found herself to be impressed with the amount of conviction that Peachblossom carried herself with when she met her eye-to-eye. It was not only determination, but drive itself that appeared to be holding her together. Wisteriastar met the ThunderClanner with a respectful nod of her head. “I understand you feeling strongly over Antlercreek’s death. I’m sure he had many Clanmates that were close to him that are suffering as well. That being said, he was also a fellow deputy during my time and he was a friend of mine as well. Please believe me when I say that I took his death hard as well, especially for being responsible for ending his life.” When the young healer put forward her opinion on Wolfstar’s change of the Warrior Code, the RiverClan leader chuckled lightly. “I suppose you may have a point. I respect your right to lead your position just as I do with the other healers. I’ll discuss this later with Rainysky.”


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    Even though all the leaders and medicine cats were bristling and the mood of gathering had been cut short because of the flare of tempers, he still sought out the white, red and black streaked pelt of Wisteriastar. He noticed that the black spotted tomcat known as Pantherstorm had faded into the group, blending in among the RiverClanners, but his angry red aura could still be seen. Grunting slightly he finally spotted the RiverClan leader as she was caught in a conversation with Peachblossom. Both she-cats were in a deep conversation, the expressions on their faces saying everything. Ears twitched at the sound of Wolfstar’s deep bellow for the WindClan cats to begin their track home, teeth gritting as he finally looked at Nettlenose and gave her shoulder blade a gentle bump with his muzzle. “Don’t wait up for me, I’ll catch up.” He reassured his mentor before standing up and beginning to make his way towards Wisteriastar. His tall and lanky frame stood out just a bit against the builds of RiverClanners, although their builds had similarities. RiverClanners were tall and lean, with slightly heavier muscle as a result of their swimming techniques. Their fur pattern usually consisted of colorful pelts and the sleek sheen that kept the water from touching their skin. However, Startledcrow’s dark grey tabby pelt stood out from the array of colorful pelts, his aqua blue gaze locked onto Wisteriastar and Peachblossom as he slowed his pace as to not appear aggressive. As Wisteriastar and Peachblossom finished their conversation, he quickly meowed. “Wisteriastar… if you have a quick moment I would like to speak with you.” Startledcrow meowed politely, even giving a slight dip of his chin in respect.

    Once given permission, he dipped his head towards Peachblossom and moved closer to Wisteriastar, his expression troubled and his voice hesitant. “I know you may not like hearing this, but I believe that StarClan gave me warning just now within the gathering about Pantherstorm.” His voice was hushed so others around couldn’t hear him, the tip of his tail twitching slightly. “During the gathering I noticed that Pantherstorm had a red… spiral almost surrounding his body. It was small at first but as the arguing began, it grew and grew and when he spoke out the spiral was almost twice its size and lashing out.” Startledcrow explained, his chin tilted in order for his good eye to get a clear vision of Wisteriastar’s face. “I’m unsure of what it means, but something bad is coming and it starts with Pantherstorm.” He meowed, his voice full of confidence as he looked at the RiverClan leader. He may not be her medicine cat but as a medicine cat it was his duty to warn others.

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    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    Having said her piece with Peachblossom and received a well-rounded response from the young ThunderClan healer, Wisteriastar decided that this was likely all that needed to be tended to for the Gathering tonight and that it was finally time for her to return to her home for the night. However, that did not seem to be the case, for another feline had come to her to approach her before her retreat from the Ghostly Flats and it appeared to be another of the Clan healers– Startledcrow, Nettlenose’s apprentice. The calico warrior had never met him personally before. The tall tom stood above her in height, but the nod of his head that he met her with showed her that he did not let that fact hit him with arrogance. It’s nice to know that at least some toms in WindClan have manners, she thought haughtily to herself.

    “Very well, what is it that you would like to speak with me about?” Wisteriastar questioned. The look in his bi-colored blue eyes troubled her and it made her all-the-more uneasy when he dropped his voice to a whisper just for her ears as he came closer to her to reveal to her the warnings he had been issued. Her calico fur stood on its end at the back of her neck, a chill overcoming her as Startledcrow confessed to her the threat that was becoming over her son. Anxiety spiked within her and she dug her claws into the ground below to steady herself. I knew I had premonitions about Pantherstorm when he was born, but I truly thought that I wasn’t being fair to him. Wisteriastar thought to herself, but now even others are sensing a disturbance in him. She closed her eyes, willing herself to calm down. 

    “Thank you for telling me, Startledcrow,” The RiverClan leader dipped her head to the grey tabby tom, though gratefulness was honestly the farthest thing from her tone of voice. Now, she would have to face the reality of her son’s deposition and what would soon be following it. Sadness and dread clung to her like a blanket. What had become of her kin?

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