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    Peachblossom was more than thankful to have Kass there siding with her. The bombardment coming from the other clans was alot but at least she wasnt alone in the fight. Peachblossom took notice of Pantherstorm but didn’t verbally acknowledge him, Kass was handling that one for her. Gotta remember to thank her after.

    What did get under her skin was the brown Shadowclan healer deciding to poke his nose into things, thinking he could diffuse the situation just because of who he was. “Get out of my face old man. For someone who cares so much about the code I’ve heard you sure do spend alot of time frolicking in Riverclan. I wonder why that is, perhaps maybe someone has grown too close to the Riverclan leader.” It wasnt a secret that Saplingskies spent much of his time running between the two clans, normally she’d look over it as just offering a helping paw but anyone could tell that the healer was growing closer to Riverclan than he should.

    “My job as a medicine cat is for the wellbeing of my clan! That’s what I plan to do, I feel for Riverclan I truly do, losing so many medicine cats in such a short amount of time can be tough. But Wisteriastar knew what she was doing when she marched into our camp with a patrol. She knew what would happen. We can’t just let this pass over like it didn’t happen because it did! I’m tired of everyone acting like it was a kit squabble, if we dont get this in the air now it’s just going to fester and sooner or later you’ll have more than a pissed off medicine cat to deal with.” While her methods were probably not the best she did feel like it needed to be done. Peachblossom always had her ears to the walls in Thunderclan, she heard the conversations between the warriors, many were pissed, they wanted revenge for Antlercreek. Peachblossom though that Hollystar would address the situation for her clan, but it was clear she was wrong.

    “I’m sure Riverclan needs this just as much as Thunderclan. I would have preferred to handle this between the two clans but it was obvious that neither leader would budge. Now it’s become a matter of the clans, now they have to hear about it and stop acting like it was nothing.” Her eyes turning towards her leader. The tears had dried and nothing but determination and passion filled them. “You hear that Wisteriastar! No more running away it’s time to face what happened. I dont want to be angry anymore and I’m sure you dont either so just be honest about what happened, admit to it. Let that burden finally be lifted, and I’m sure Thunderclan would happily do the same.” Peachblossom let her eyes rest on the leaders at the top, none looked happy with her actions but she expected that, she could deal with that, she didn’t care what the other clan leaders thought about her.


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    He blinked in mere surprise when Peachblossom bristled beside him, his right eye flickering towards the young molly as she seemed angered towards Wisteriastar. As he listened to his friend speak heatedly between herself and Bluefire he could understand why, but it was not their place to speak out of turn. They were medicine cats after all, it was one of their duties to try and keep the peace between clans, even if it was difficult. Lips parted slightly as he meant to calm his friend but Bluefire came to the rescue in an attempt to keep Peachblossom from making a fool of herself and stirring up trouble. He dipped his head in respect towards Bluefire, looking worriedly at his friend for a moment before his chin in order to gaze upon Hollystar. In politics her answer was just, but Peachblossom and Bluefire wanted to make this personal, a high sigh leaving his lips. Peachblossom immediately leapt to the defense, her fur bristling and her voice cracking with emotion. He frowned as he looked at the little spitfire, they were around the same age but clearly the death of this Antlercreek had rocked her little world. Ears twitched as a deep and mysterious voice began to address Peachblossom, chin turning as he watched the dark black spotted feline prance forward like a predator stalking its next meal. He was up to no good and it was causing his fur to start to stand on end. “Peachblossom knows her duties, her emotions are only getting the best of her. Perhaps you should keep your nose within RiverClan, Warrior.” He retorted, clearly rubbed wrong by the warriors accusations, glancing towards Bluefire as she began to spit fire towards both Pantherstorm and Wisteriastar.

    Saplingskies was to the rescue once more, glancing towards the tomcat with a soft huff. The tomcat always liked to either be seen or heard, the center of attention, but he certainly was a good talker. “Saplingskies is right. Bluefire, I am well aware that our ways are strange and even seem wrong to you. But keeping peace at this gathering is a top priority.” He spoke causally to the ThunderClan deputy, he had seen in other cases where confrontation didn’t work well with the molly, while his voice was calm his expression was irritated. Startledcrow shifted to where he was now standing and positioned himself in front of Peachblossom, many cats were beginning to look unhappy throughout the crowd. “Peachblossom-“ He cut off when Rainysky spoke, clearly he had taken offense to all this but he could understand. He was only now becoming a Medicine Cat, he didn’t understand that medicine cats were neutral. Or tried to be. “Rainysky, I am so sorry for the-“ He was immediately cut off when Peachblossom spoke up, moving to let her have her space before he sighed.

    Startledcrow stayed silent for a moment as he analyzed Peachblossom, she was hurt and very angry and was allowing her emotions to get the best of her. Ears flattened as she spit challenge at Wisteriastar, causing him to growl. “Peachblossom that is enough coming out of your mouth. Medicine cats care for all cats, not just their clan. I’m sorry for your loss, I really am my dear friend.” His voice had started our harsh but ended soft, indicating he wasn’t a threat to Peachblossom but she honestly needed to stop talking, she was digging herself a hole. Distant thunder echoed in the distance, the ancestors weren’t exactly happy about the arguing but they weren’t going to butt in just yet as it would seem. “Keep the peace for the gathering Peachblossom, leaders and deputies duel it out. Medicine cats don’t.” He remarked, looking between Peachblossom and Rainysky.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    ~ Hareflight, ShadowClan Medicine Cat ~

    Hareflight had hoped for a peaceful gathering, and it seemed through the first few announcements that she would get just that. Then it went out of control. All these politics, all the arguing back and forth, it was making the healer’s head spin. Then, all of a sudden it was happening in the gathering of medicine cats, cats speaking up all around her. It was alarming, particularly hearing Peachblossom speak like this, and at a gathering no less. Then, her own mentor was speaking up against Peachblossom. Was she supposed to pick a side? How could she do that? The decision was made for her as soon as insults were thrown Saplingskies’ way.

    Her fur was fluffing up as she took a couple slow steps away from the peachy medicine cat, eyes uncertain. For a few moments, she opened her mouth and closed it, looking undecided. Oh, hurry up with it, Hareflight. Everyone’s said their piece, you might as well say yours.

    P-Peachblossom, it’s- it’s important for cats to know the truth, b-but this is supposed to be a peace- a peaceful chance f-for all the Clans to k-keep informed. Everything that h-h-.. happened during the battle is between ThunderClan a-and RiverClan. A g-gathering is just not the place t-to.. Well, to start this.” Then, she spoke again, more quietly. “I-I’m sorry, Peachy.” Moving closer to Saplingskies, she sat back on her haunches, bi-coloured eyes wide and nervous. Oh, she just hoped that connections between medicine cats wouldn’t be shattered as well, but how could she ever be respected as a medicine cat if she didn’t speak her mind? It had to be said.


    Nettlenose, WindClan’s Medicine Cat

    For the majority of the gathering so far, the fluffy cream and white she-cat had been silent. She usually arrived in such a way, greeting her fellow healers warmly and chatting to her companion Startledcrow now and again, but other than that she was usually one to sit and observe what the leaders had to discuss about the clan. The molly was extremely peaceful, her entire demeanor serene and collected, and she had been sitting  contently with her tail wrapped neatly around her paws, enjoying the chatters she heard floating around her.

    However, the molly could feel tension rising after Wisteriastar gave what she had to report, and Peachblossom, her fellow healer, had opinions of her own on the matter. Being outspoken wasn’t always an issue, but in this sort of setting she figured nothing ideal would come from it. Her round green eyes watched as the others stepped in with attempt to silence the controversy, but to no avail it seemed, and so she finally stood, stepping towards them with an even expression, but firm.

    That’s enough.” The medicine cat said simply, her voice firm yet not hostility present within it as she addressed all of the bristling furs. She didn’t feel like she needed to explain to them any further why the conflict needed to die down, but instead offered Peachblossom  a little smile. There was such passion in the younger healer’s eyes, Nettlenose felt a fool to discourage that very emotion that she felt like a medicine cat so needed.

    Peachblossom, I’m proud to see you stand up for your clan. However, there’s no room for any further anger here. Don’t you agree?” It wasn’t her place to tell her how to be a medicine cat, but after the she-cat calmed down Nettlenose was certain she would understand this wasn’t the ideal way to confront the situation.

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    Hearing both her friends speak out against her pained Peachblossom. She had trained along side these two, or at least tried to train with them. Startled and Hare were lucky in the sense that they both had such fine healers to train under, she didn’t, Peachblossom had to learn things the hard way on her own. She knew speaking to Saplingskies in such a manner was wrong but were was he or any of the other medicine cats when Spftbelly and Cherrycloud disappeared? Not one of them offered to show such a young apprentice the ropes, Peachblossom had to try and learn it all on her own. I guess this is the mentor-apprentice bond I never got. Hareflight had clearly made her decision to stand with her mentor, not that Peachblossom was expecting her to even chose a side. Her whole outburst was a surprise even to herself, Peachblossom always had her issues but she tended to keep those issues within the walls of her den, she never meant for them to erupt at the public gathering. “Oh so now everyone finally has a voice, careful now darlings you’re speaking outside of a medicine cats meeting you might offend the stars.” Peachblossom felt bad about the way she was acting towards her friends but with all of them clearly standing against her she felt backed into a corner.

    Peace, ph how Peachblossom was getting tired of them throwing the world peace around like it meant something. “There is no such thing as peace. The gathering isn’t peaceful, it’s a made up kits tale. It’s the one time all the leaders up on an act and try and make their clan seem like it’s the best and the stronger and that nothing is wrong. Peace can’t come from playing pretend, but please continue playing this game of lies and disguises. I shall continue to play my part as well as the soft little medicine cat who apparently isn’t allowed to speak unless the almighty leaders allow it. I should think we are worth more than that.” She wasnt sure why her eyes graze across her fellow healers as if they miraculously come to the realization that perhaps she was even just a little right, maybe not in the way she was approaching the situation currently. Offering them no more than a mere snort the small molly turned away from her once support group. This wasnt fun anymore, she didn’t care about losing the respect of anyone else but seeing Hareflignt so openly chose Saplingskies prickled at her heart. That’s fine then, I’ve lost everyone so far might as well get rid of them now. Peachblossom anxiously glance between Kass and the leaders, was it too late to just leave already, she didn’t mean for things to happen this way, she just lost control again.



    He had been content at the beginning of Peachblossom’s outburst to sit back and let ThunderClan and RiverClan handle the issue, but when it just seemed to keep escalating, he felt his own blood pressure rising. All they had to do was let Wolfstar speak, and then they could all be on their own way again. Was that so hard to understand? Was it really so hard for the little emotional idiot to keep her trap shut so the WindClan leader could speak, and then she could hash out her own problems with RiverClan and apparently her own leader? Airing so much drama at a Gathering was unprecedented, especially since it only concerned two Clans.

    “ENOUGH,” he snapped, climbing to his paws to walk forward and peer down at the medicine cats. They were a motley cruel, now made more obvious by their bickering among each other. Leaders bickering was one thing, but the medicine cats? He thought they had always been able to agree. What had StarClan been thinking when they allowed Peachblossom to pursue the path of a healer? “You speak of there never being peace at a Gathering, yet these last two times it has been ThunderClan causing the upset! It would seem to me, if ThunderClan could just keep their high ranks under control, these Gatherings would go off without a hitch, farce or not.” His green eyes were hard, lower jaw grinding as he fought not to launch of the Highrock and physically smack some sense into the little medicine cat.

    “The rest of the medicine cats are right. There is a time and place to air these grievances of yours, and now isn’t the time. This is RiverClan and ThunderClan’s business. All I care to know is that the fight happened and warriors died, otherwise I don’t care how it was started and I don’t care whose little feelings it hurt. The life of a warrior isn’t glamorous, and more often than not ends in death. Stop tarnishing those deaths by ruining the Gathering.” He gnashed his teeth at her once more, tail lashing behind him. “No one else cares, Peachblossom. Those outside of RiverClan and ThunderClan who knew Swiftstream and Antlercreek will mourn their loss, but we don’t care about the truth of the matter. Now, Wolfstar, if you’d please. Some of us would like to return home,” he rumbled lowly, motioning the grey leader forward quickly before Peachblossom could get another word in edgewise.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    It wasn’t often that she’d been caught in the throes of irritation. The kind of feelings that would effect her mental clarity were not something she’d allow. A deputy should have more discipline, and should be able to make considered decisions without involving one’s own unpredictable emotions. Yet the feeling of annoyance had silently crept in, tightening into a knot as she listened to the small unit of Thunderclan; squawking and squabbling like a bunch of angry hens. She listened to Bluefire without interruption until the molly was just a pitiful, glaring heap of bristling fur. Had it been possible, she’d say there was steam rolling off of her multicolored pelt. Desertrose sighed. Of all the times for her to behave like an unruly kit. Regardless of what had happened between the two clans, she expected those of higher rank to have more tact when speaking. To choose to misbehave during a gathering is to spit in the face of Starclan. “Saplingsskies is right. The gathering is a time for peace, and all our ancestors are watching,” her silky voice was calm and dignified as it rose to full volume, gently reminding the group of where they were, “Such disputes between clans can be handled with far more grace and diplomacy.” Molten amber eyes returned to Rookfall, silently gauging Bluefire’s response before the words are even uttered. Desertrose hates messes of any sort, and there is a chance that all of their words will only manage to rile the Thunderclan deputy even further.


    The incessant banter rang in Wolfstar’s ears, getting louder and louder each time a cat spoke out of turn. His blue eyes flickered back and forth between Peachblossom, Pantherstorm, and even Saplingskies. Wolfstar looked at his own Clanmate’s. They were silent, watching the other Clans act like kits before them. He felt pride swell in his chest for the way his own Clan was handling the whole Gathering. Even Startledcrow was keeping his head level, only speaking to Peachblossom to calm her down. However, she wouldn’t shut her mouth, and continued to speak as if she didn’t care that the Gathering was meant for peace. Medicine cat’s were supposed to be better than that, stronger than their hot-headed warriors. Dark clouds continued to roll in, threatening to cover the full moon that illuminated the Ghostly Flats. A growl of thunder came from the back of the clouds, and he noticed a small flash of light. He could hear the strained whispers of StarClan circling the clearing, begging everyone to be quiet and keep the peace.

    I have had ENOUGH!

    Wolfstar’s voice boomed, echoing in the dipped clearing and forcing everyone else to fall silent. He was standing with his head up high, and the fur at the back of his neck prickled to show his anger. “I am disappointed in every single one of you that spoke out of turn. I haven’t even given my announcement yet! I am tired of listening to you leaders” He turned to the four beside him. “Letting your warriors and medicine cat’s speak like this! Do you not punish your Clanmate’s anymore when they act like petulant kits? Notice my Clan has been silent this entire time? I have been leader for awhile and have been able to keep my cats level-headed and quiet because they know how immature it is to act that way during a time of peace!” He glared at Hornetstar pointedly. “You just told them all to be quiet, but you are no better than the rest of them! You continue to whine just as much as RiverClan about ThunderClan. So, thank you for showing everyone where your loyalties lie.” Wolfstar gave Wisteriastar a glance before he whipped his head around to glare at Peachblossom. “You should know better than to act like the rest of them. Every warrior looks up to a medicine cat to be better than them, and you stooped down to their level tonight. You’re young still, and have a lot to learn. Learn from what the older medicine cats beside you are saying.

    It took a lot for Wolfstar to turn his attention away from the usual quiet medicine cat and look directly at Kass-now Bluefire. “You are deputy. Not leader. I personally don’t understand why Hollystar would choose you as deputy, but that might be because I don’t know you. I am open to hearing you out and learning from what you have to say, but you won’t have anyone on your side if you continue to act the way you do. This is not rogue life. Clan’s are different, and it’s about time you start learning how to act like a Clan deputy. You seem strong, brave, and like you care about ThunderClan, but you can’t disrespect the other ways of Clan life. At least not openly.

    Wolfstar shook his head and stared at the crowd of cats beneath him, their eyes wide. It was highly unusual for the WindClan leader to snap. He was known for keeping quiet and staying calm during an angering situation, even battles. But now, his limbs shook with the anger he felt in his bones, and his blue eyes were wide and sharp with vexation. “You all disrespect the dead and our ancestors! Hollystar chose her deputy. Get over it! There was a horrible loss between the battle of RiverClan and ThunderClan, yes, but that is how the Clan life goes. Do you know how many unnecessary deaths have happened in the whole history of the five Clans? A lot! But we get through them and we deal with the grief by trying to learn from the mistakes that were made. Tonight should make every single one of you think about what being a Clan cat means to all of you, and stop acting like apprentices in a petty squabble!” The clouds that had once almost covered the moon began to creep backwards, clearly agreeing with the words the WindClan leader spoke, but they were still gravely close. Wolfstar let out a deep breath and sat back down, his tail wrapping around his body to keep himself calm.

    “Now. I will gladly give my announcement to end this ridiculous Gathering so we may continue on. I will give my usual announcements, but I also have something I would like to bring up that I hope you leader’s think about.” Wolfstar cleared his throat and looked at Goldenrose, hoping to calm down even more just by seeing her beautiful face. It worked, and his muscles loosened and the fur on his spine settled to their normal position. “As you all can see, I have chosen a new deputy, Desertrose. Owlbelly has fallen ill with greencough and will not recover enough to return to his duties. Desertrose is smart and courageous, and will do well serving her Clan. Snowpaw has earned the warrior name Snowdove. My own kits have become apprentices and are named Wildpaw, Heatherpaw, and Breezepaw. I have allowed a very young loner by the name of Night to join our Clan, and has become Nightpaw with Quiethawk as her mentor.” He smiled at his kits, his heart aching that Wildpaw wasn’t with them, and he hoped no one would ask why.

    Now as for the other thing. I am requesting a change in a rule for the medicine cats. It has always been that a medicine cat is unable to have a mate unless they themselves have a fully trained apprentice. I think that is ridiculous. I believe as long as there are two medicine cats both fully trained, then either of them can have a mate. It also shouldn’t matter whether they’re a tom or she-cat. If a she-cat leader can be pregnant and have kits, then a she-cat medicine cat should as well…as long as there is another fully trained medicine cat in the Clan. Does that make sense? What do you think?” He looked at the leaders, but gave Hollystar a longer glance. He hoped she would agree with his decision, and wouldn’t have any hard feelings over his snap. He made a mental note to pull her to the side before leaving and tell her he still planned meeting with her the next night.


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    Warrior of Riverclan

    Sleekfeather felt the tips of his ears burn in slight embarrassment, blushing invisibly beneath his ebony fur. The nervous laugh that rumbled out of his throat caused his visage soften, allowing a momentary glimpse of his younger self. The gleam in his eyes resembled the small, enthusiastic kit that would play in puddles on rainy days and get caught trying to sneak off with patrols. It was strange to think that had once been him— and how far he had fallen from grace. Certainly it isn’t that bad,” he grumbled quietly, almost to himself before the smallest of smiles played across his devilish features. “Are you saying my strong mother isn’t capable of protecting herself?” the warrior grinned from ear-to-ear, softly returning her teasing nature. He cleared his throat before adjusting his voice to a theatrical pitch, truly getting into character. My lady,” he leaned down as he began, “If I had known you were a feeble molly in distress, I would have been more careful. But fret not, my noble queen, for I have found you and I won’t be leaving your side until we return safely back to camp,” he assured her playfully, the usual frost in his sea green gaze melting into warm summer ponds; full of genuine love and kindness for his adoptive mother. It wasn’t until they flicked in the direction of Forestmask that they immediately froze back over to their icy stillness. “Oh, you know,” his voice was smooth and uncaring as he rasped his tongue over his mother’s ear protectively, “Another day living in paradise.” Though Sleekfeather didn’t care for his mother’s friends, he would do well to play nicely with them, especially during a gathering. Luckily he wouldn’t have to return the question and carry on with their meaningless conversation. “Seems that things are getting interesting,” he turned in the direction of the higher ranks, head still atop of his mother’s, as he watched them quarrel with each other. A feral grin crept onto his fanged maw when his sister’s voice joined their shouting.



    He had been expecting Wolfstar to just step up and get his announcement over with, but he was surprised when the grey tom started laying into everybody as well. Instantly the golden tom was leering at the WindClan leader, sharp anger glinting in his hard green eyes. He let the other tom say his piece, scoffing here and there as his anger continued to boil beneath the surface. How dare he act like WindClan had done nothing wrong and was above doing anything wrong. He still remembered the day that Wolfstar and Nettlenose had waltzed into ShadowClan camp unannounced, and he knew without a doubt that Startledcrow had spoke out against Peachblossom’s behavior tonight as well. The only Clans who had warriors, and not medicine cats, speaking out of turn where RiverClan and ThunderClan. Hornetstar could understand anger clouding ones judgement, but it pissed him off how Wolfstar behaved as if he was the only one here trying to hold the peace.

    “My loyalties lie with ShadowClan, Wolfstar, and you would do well not to forget that. Unlike all you other leaders, worried about all the other Clans, I care only for my Clan alone,” he hissed, muzzle wrinkling in the beginnings of a snarl. “And if I choose to ally us with RiverClan? Well than I say I made a smart decision. Hollystar clearly can’t control her own warriors, meaning how could ShadowClan ever trust them in an alliance? And judging by that little look you just gave her, I guess we know who WindClan will go running to when things get tough. Hell, you’re already looking to her for support tonight because you know your rule change is preposterous!” Suddenly the golden tom stalked right up to the edge of the Highrock, glancing down on the cats below.

    “I personally will not support this rule change. Multiple times the sacristy of the current codes we abide by has been mentioned, and now this leader proposes another change to them? If we just keep bending them here and there however we want, when will we stop? Only when we have descended into chaos and it’s every cat for themself?” He let his words sink in, tossing a glare back at Hollystar and Wolfstar specifically. Even just the sight of them was pissing him off now. One couldn’t even control her own Clan, and the other was a damn hypocrite who thought just because he was old meant he could run herd on everyone else. Hornetstar didn’t claim to be perfect, and he knew a leader couldn’t be held completely accountable for their warriors actions, but he disliked how Hollystar wasn’t even trying. He despised how Wolfstar was lumping everyone together and trying to force his truth upon them.

    Without another word he turned back around and descended from the Highrock, a pang in his heart as he hoped his mate didn’t take these actions personally. “ShadowClan is leaving,” he called out, glancing over at his medicine cats. Saplingskies himself seemed done with tonight, and poor Hareflight… Hornetstar knew she and Peachblossom and Startledcrow were close because they had earned their names at the same time, so speaking out tonight like that had to have taken a lot out of the usually quiet she-cat. Not sparing another glance backwards, he led his Clan from the Ghostly Flats and back to camp.



    be strong because things will get better. it might be stormy now but it can’t rain forever.

    Swanpath stuck out her tongue (she was mature like that), snickering, “Yeah, I have eyes. I see how you can part seas of cats simply by existing.” In truth it bothered the she-cat just a bit that her son, even as a young kit, never made an effort to befriend cats. She’d pushed him to meet others and be more friendly, praying her son wouldn’t be alone all his life. ‘I won’t live forever. I don’t want you to be alone.’ Swanpath never told Sleekfeather that, but she knew he was older and had to have realized it by now. She was healthy and strong, yes, but she wasn’t immortal and one day fate will stretch out its paw and decide to nudge her into Starclan’s midst. Swanpaw didn’t want her pride and joy to be alone when she left. ‘If he could act this sweet towards everyone, I’m sure he’d make fast friends.’ And, okay, maybe Swan didn’t know much about how the smooth furred tom acted when away from her, but she liked to think he was comfortable around his clanmates. 

    “Oh, I’m perfectly capable, but I know I raised you to be courteous.” Swan chuckled at the dark tom’s theatrics, straightening her posture and puffing out her chest proudly. “As you should. If this pelt of mine gets stained by, Starclan forbid, mud and dirt then I shall be beside myself.” If Swanpath hadn’t been staring wide eyed at the growing chaos upfront she might’ve noticed Sleekfeather‘s shift from warm to arctic cold as he addressed Forestmask, as it was she sat there completely unaware until a weight rested onto her head. 

    “Oh, yeah, make yourself comfortable,” she meowed drily, but her heterochromatic eyes glittered with amusement. “Hmm… yes. And someone should’ve kept their mouth shut.” Swanpath sighed, though it was unclear if she was speaking about Kass, Peachblossom, Pantherstorm, or all three. She did, however, raise her brows in interest when Wolfstar started to speak. She laughed aloud when Wolfstar began admonishing everyone, laughed even louder when he admonished the clans themselves. “I had no issue with the rogue, she’s making her own way. i can respect that.” Swanpath meowed pleasantly, voice once again only loud enough to be heard by those nearest to her.

    “Odd,” Swanpath hummed. “What do you think of that change to the rules?” She tilted her head just enough to glance at Forestmask, but not enough to move out from under Sleek’s head she enjoyed having him close anyway. Swan’s pelt bristled slightly as Hornetstar began to speak, feeling a mix of frustration and apprehension. “We’d better keep an eye on the moon tonight,” the Riverclanner growled. The more pressing issue now was moving out of the way for the Shadowclanners as they left, led by a very much pissed Hornetstar. ‘This. This is a mess.’

    Hareflight [Mel]

    ~ Hareflight, ShadowClan Medicine Cat ~

    Hareflight watched as Hornetstar stepped up and shut Peachblossom down, and Hareflight stayed silent as Wolfstar began to speak. As Wolfstar began to reprimand the other Clans, Hareflight spared a glance to her leader, knowing how angry this would make him. And clearly it had. The calico molly didn’t think that the rule change was all that unreasonable, but it was more than that. At this point, there was a divide being torn in the Clans, and sides were being chosen. It was much more than just a rule change. 

    Her bi-coloured eyes were wide as Hornetstar leapt down from the Highrock, and announced that ShadowClan was leaving. Hareflight shot an alarmed glance at Saplingskies, and then at the other medicine cats, feeling as though this would only make things worse. She sucked in a breath, feeling torn. Okay, a quick apology and then you can catch up to them

    Hareflight stood, shuffling up to stand beside Peachblossom and nudging her gently, her wide eyes just as apologetic as her tone. “P-Peachblossom, I- I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. For leaving you to stand up there b-by yourself. I,” she ducked her head, sighing. “I s-still don’t think it was the right p-place to say that, but I think you’re r-really brave and-” The calico shot a regretful glance at the departing ShadowClanners. “I’m j-just sorry, and I hope we-we’ll still be friends. I… have to go n-now, but j-just… stay safe.” Her brows furrowed, and she kept her gaze fixed on the other medicine cat for a moment. Then, she turned, gently brushing sides with the other molly, and scurried after the other cats of her Clan.


    So much was happening all at once. Hollystar wanted to stand up and scream, and take control of this shitshow, but before she could do or say anything, Hornetstar and Wolfstar had already taken control of the situation. Anger was boiling up inside of her; she felt so stupid. How could she be so weak that she couldn’t even control her own clan? When they got back to camp, she would show them who was in charge. Hornetstar was right! Thunderclan was always the one causing drama. This would be the last of it. She was going to put her paw down. 

    She felt her heart drop at the Windclan leader’s scolding. She felt like a kit getting reprimanded by a parent. Hollystar wasn’t used to seeing this side of the grey tom; usually he was calm and laid-back like herself. Even so, he was so collected with his yelling, and knew exactly what to say. Everything coming out of Wolfstar‘s mouth made sense, and he didn’t pick a single clan’s side. She only hoped that she could be as strong of a leader as he was someday.

    The Thunderclan cat was grateful that things seemed to have calmed down, and that there was at least a moment of peace during Windclan’s announcements. The molly was glad to hear that the other clan was doing well for the most part, aside from Owlbelly getting greencough. She didn’t know much about Desertrose, but trusted that Wolfstar made the perfect decision for deputy. For a moment, Hollystar thought that the gathering might end on a calmer note, until the grey tom brought up the subject of changing the warrior code.

    Hollystar caught his long gaze, and gave him a reassuring smile. If he was able to get over his doubts about Kass being deputy, then she would support him in any change that he wanted to make. “I think that makes sense,” the ebony she-cat meowed, giving a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. “As long as there is one fully trained medicine cat in camp, and they both don’t have kits at the same time, then I don’t see why medicine cats and their apprentices shouldn’t be able to take mates and have kits.”

    Hollystar wasn’t the least bit surprised at Hornetstar‘s response. He’s such a grumpy foxheart, she thought to herself. When he glared at her, she shot a fiery look right back at him, and watched him go. She didn’t even bother saying anything- it honestly wasn’t worth it. She might as well let him leave without starting more of a fight. The she-cat got to her paws, and gave her pelt a shake. “Thunderclan, we’re leaving too,” she announced to her clanmates. Hollystar had quite simply had enough of this gathering. The other leaders knew where she stood on Wolfstar’s proposal, and she could talk with him more about it tomorrow night. “If Wisteriastar had just been truthful about how she came into my camp and let her warrior start a fight that resulted in the deaths of two great warriors, maybe this gathering wouldn’t have been such a mess,” Hollystar snapped, not even bothering to glance at the Riverclan leader. She began to exit, and as she brushed past Wolfstar, she whispered, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” only loud enough for him to hear. The black she-cat leapt from the perch, and began to lead Thunderclan out of the flats, keeping her head held high. 


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    There was so much going on at once and she was beginning to get incredibly frustrated with all of the warriors, and even healers, raising their voices and loudly exhibiting their rude opinions and petty grudges as soon as she had shut her mouth and finished her announcements. It was so blatantly disrespectful and Wisteriastar had no tolerance for such a thing at all. She could feel her blood pressure rising, her heart pounding in anger as she stood to her paws once more to address the loud crowd before the leader’s rock. She struggled to maintain her composure, not only for the sake of her unborn kits but also because she held herself with enough self-esteem that she absolutely would not stoop to the level of a bickering kit like so many other warriors here had. She tried not to let Kass’s input bother her, but it really did rub her the wrong way. “Pantherstorm!” She snapped, orange eyes cold as hard amber as they rested on her son, “That is quite enough. No more out of your mouth tonight.” Her tone of voice was firm and final, clearly indicating that he had better listen to her for once if he knew what was good for him. She wasn’t about to stand for her warriors not obeying her anymore and she had made that clear a moon ago when they had returned to camp after the battle.

    Wisteriastar’s jaws parted, as she had more to say, but she was abruptly cut off by Peachblossom’s shrill cries. The moonlight caught the fierce glint in her eyes, indicating that her patience was growing quite thin and that she certainly did not appreciate the ThunderClan healer’s accusations. However, it seemed as though it was not completely necessary for her to reprimand the young molly herself, for the other medicine cats had interjected and said their peace. Feeling somewhat satisfied that at least one problem seemed to be settled, at least for tonight, Wisteriastar backed down, just in time for Hornetstar to step forward instead and scold Peachblossom himself. Good to know that at least one of the leaders here is capable, she thought bitterly to herself, listening earnestly as the ShadowClan leader poured out what he had to say about the situation. Relief flooded deep within her heart as it seemed that her mate did not quite buy the accusations of cold-blooded murder that Peachblossom had slung at her. It was reassuring to know that someone outside of her own Clan believed in her and didn’t see her as a villain. 

    Next, Wolfstar was stepping up, his voice gruff and tinted in anger, an emotion that the RiverClanner didn’t even know he possessed. Surprised lit the calico feline’s as he went on his tangent, though the pointed look he threw in her direction as he referred to Hornetstar did not slip by her. Her eyes narrowed and she fixed him with a look that could easily resemble spite. “That’s easy for you to say,” She retorted quickly, interrupting his announcements briefly, uncaring to whether or not it was rude etiquette to do during a gathering, “You and Hollystar have been snug for moons, but the minute the other Clans come to their senses and realize what’s happening under their own noses and choose to alliance themselves, you feel threatened?” Wisteriastar scoffed, leaving her piece at that to allow the WindClan leader to return to his announcements once more. As Wolfstar suggested changing the warrior code, the RiverClan leader immediately felt her body tense up without her permission. This was something that the very core of her being screamed against doing– the warrior code had saved her from a treacherous life and she valued its honor almost more than her own, she wouldn’t allow anyone to tarnish it. 

    However, Hornetstar beat her to it, clearly stating his opinion on the matter and every word he said resonated with her. And then, he was announcing ShadowClan’s retreat from the gathering. She felt that tug in her chest again as she watched his broad back leave her, as she desperately wished that he would stay by her side for just a little bit longer. Nevertheless, there were other duties to attend, she reminded herself, and she found herself nodding her head in agreement, pushing her shoulders back as she spoke for her own Clan. “RiverClan will also not support this change. I find it quite ghastly that you would even try to propose such a thing in such a clearly bad time. RiverClan will be siding with ShadowClan from now on, we will not stand for the indecencies that ThunderClan has imposed upon us.” Wisteriastar was sure to include every truth that she possibly could right here and right now, especially with Hollystar’s last jab at her as the ThunderClan leader gathered her Clan to leave. “The truth is that both Clans are equally responsible for that happened that night. I’m sick and tired of ThunderClan acting like they were the only ones who lost someone or that they felt victimized. Hollystar allowed her deputy and her healer to speak out of turn tonight and disgrace my character, but if she had been a stronger leader to begin with, there’s a high possibility that Antlercreek never would have died if she had been more capable in defending herself.” Wisteriastar spat, her words thick like poison as she allowed her anger to get the better of her. She didn’t care that her voice had risen or if the retreating Clan could still hear her or not. She did, however, throw a pointed look at Wolfstar, for she knew that he and Hollystar were close and that if she said anything to him, she was sure that it would reach the ThunderClan leader eventually. “ThunderClan is so keen to forget that Antlercreek was my good friend. Do you think that I wanted him to die that night?” The RiverClan leader did not wait for him to respond to her. Instead, a scoff left her and she carefully made her way safely down the highrock. “RiverClan is leaving now, I’ve had enough of this.”



    i miss you a little. a little too much, a little too often, and a whole lot more each day

    A small gasp emitted from the fluffy furred molly, the slight trembles she’d been experiencing shifting into full-blown shaking as the voices grew louder and the anger that grew dark and thick between the high ranks thickened further. Swallowing past a thick lump in her throat the she-cat finally gave in to the stress and pressed up next to Minkpaw, if only to gain some semblance of comfort from the brown-furred, honey eyed tom. “I’m so scared…” Morningpaw admitted softly, the words a mere breath of air passing past her lips. 

    “I-I g-g-guess we-we’re leaving… So-Sorry…” Morningpaw started to stand but froze, a rush of uncertainty and hesitant hope touching blue eyes. “C-Can I s-see you ag-again?” The words were quiet enough not to be caught by others, stuttered out nervously by the lass.

    A few foxlengths away a warrior called for her to join the rest of the clan as it left. Scrambling up and away from the SkyClanner, Morning twisted around to leave but threw over her shoulder, “Morning, okay?”, before darting away.

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