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    Koipetal had contemplated just sitting out this gathering, it held no interest to him, that was until he remembered that Rainysky had to attend the gatherings from now on due to his new role. The whole thing felt weird not only was he willingly going to the gathering, but he also felt the need to be closer to the front. Not because he was excited to be surrounded by clusters of cats, it was probably because his friend was attending his first gathering where he had to sit in front of everyone and Koipetal knew that wasn’t always the ideal situation. His gut feeling was confirmed when he noticed Rainysky do something he himself did quite often, the slim tabby was attempting to merely blend in trying to stay out of sight. 


    As the rest of the clan dispersed throughout the crowd the bi colored tom rushed forward to Rainyskys side, “Hey you got this.” His muzzle close to his tufted ears. “I’ll be right over there if anything happens.” His paw pointed over to a spot not quite out in the open, but still where he was visible to Rainysky and Rainysky was visible to him. Koipetal offered the silver healer a genuine smile as he departed from the medicine cat as the reached the huddle of healers.



    I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it

    The moon stared down upon the gathered cats, flooding everything in silvery-blue light. Above the other cats, the four leaders sat tall, all tense shoulders and wary stares. Down below a slim white molly wove through the crowd, a small smile flickering on the molly’s face when she saw someone familiar and wrinkling of her nose anytime someone got too close for comfort. The Riverclanner was trying to find a good spot to settle down, searching for one away from toms and finally finding one just towards the middle of where the Riverclanners had gathered. In a few smooth steps she’d sat down, tail wrapped around her paws and twitching sporadically, the only sign of her nervousness.

    Swanpath hadn’t been at the last gathering but clan life being what it was she’d found out fairly quickly, and to be honest, she was shocked! Clan leaders were representatives of their respective clans, they were meant to be role models and examples to their subordinates. The most shocking thing of all for the warrior was seeing Firestar claiming a spot among the leaders, a spot that was once occupied by Blazestar. The white-furred molly frowned, kitty brows drawn together in consternation. Glancing around, Swanpath sat up when she found a familiar dark brown coat in the crowd. Swan held no ill will towards toms, however, she didn’t trust them, either. As with anything, though, there were exceptions, for example: Sharkpaw, Swanpath’s apprentice, an adorable (albeit horrendously insecure) little tom and of course, her son, Sleekfeather. Another exception had to be made for Forestmask, a dear friend and always there to lend advice to her. Swanpath liked to think she could charm any she-cat with ease but it did help to vent to the tabby whenever he was able to listen and she in turn enjoyed doling out advice for the other.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    Desertrose knew that she should be nervous at such an event, but she wasn’t. She was as calm as ever. Perhaps living under her father’s spine crushing scrutiny in constant fear of failure had its perks after all. As the night air swept by, she gently closed her eyes, perfectly content listening to the dull roar of nearby conversation and the crickets singing their nightly lullaby until the gathering began. Though,  a voice had broken the relative silence. Desertrose blinked in surprise, turning in the direction of the greeting. Her face softened. “Good afternoon, Rookfall,” her smile was warm and inviting, not at all unwelcoming of the sudden conversation, “I see that Windclan isn’t the only one with a new deputy.” Truth be told, she was pleasantly surprised with Firestar’s choice. Rookfall was definitely loyal to his clan, and there were quite a few things that she had liked about him. The cats chosen for deputy were the potential leaders that would stand atop of the high rock with her one day. It was easy to think about them fairing well if both of them were to lead at the same time, and that’s exactly what she wanted: easy, peaceful relationships with the other clans. If she could avoid unnecessary conflict, she would. “Might I offer my belated congratulations,” she asked, the words dripping from the soft cushion of her lips like honey.


    Warrior of Riverclan

    As night fell, the trees became looming silhouettes; their branchlike fingers desperately reaching out towards the moon, as if wanting to gently cradle their pale mother in its leafy grasp. The mountains turned to dark waves; the midnight sky a sea of endless stars. A cool breeze swirled around Sleekfeather, ruffling the soft fibers of his dark, well-groomed pelt. He sat in his usual spot, towards the back so he could watch the chaos unfold from a safe distance. It was also to avoid any potential clan chatter. ‘Oh, well look at you and your fancy new title as you strut to the high rock,’ he thought bitterly as he finally caught sight of his lovely sister, Desertrose. She wasn’t difficult to spot— not with her long legs and strikingly golden pelt.

    He’d heard rumors that Owlbelly had fallen ill, and while it was no surprise that she’d been chosen to take his place, he’d still hoped to see someone else walking with Wolfstar tonight. ‘I bet father could hardly contain himself when his favorite child was given the honor of deputy.’ Sleekfeather’s expression was as impassive as ever, but internally, he could feel his anger slowly bubbling up at the thought; the molten lava of a dormant volcano whose pressure was beginning to peak. He sucked in a deep, pained breath before deciding to look away. The warrior had managed to keep his true lineage a secret all these moons, containing himself even when seeing his wretched father and his perfect family attend these gathering without even a clue of who he was. He wasn’t about to let a little flare of rage blow his cover now.


    Vinetalon ~Warrior of RiverClan~

    For most of the journey to the Ghostly Flats, Vinetalon had padded by herself, taking the time to think over who she would like to seek out amongst the Clans and converse with. However, her walk alone was lonely, and she found herself sticking next to Stormstride’s side for the rest of the way, their pelts touching every now and again. She could feel the burning stare of Burntsage boring into her back, but she ignored it. Vinetalon didn’t know whether her sister was annoyed with her or not for spending the majority of her day with Stormstride, and she knew she needed to spend some one on one time with her soon to make up for her absence. But she would think about that later, wanting to focus completely on the gathering tonight. 

    Vinetalon narrowed her eyes and to block out the dust flying with the wind as they descended upwards before dropping back down into the clearing. The scent of ShadowClan and SkyClan wafted up, and she wrinkled her nose. What an odd mixture of smells. The mottled gray she-cat looked at Stormstride and smiled. “At least we’re not last,” she murmured. When Wisteriastar departed from her Clan to join the rest of the leader’s, Vinetalon looked around the clearing for someone to talk to, but she didn’t know anyone. “Well, it seems I’m not the most social Clan cat seeing as I don’t remember anyone here,” she chuckled to Stormstride. “Mind if I stick with you tonight?” 

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    SkyClan Deputy

    He had never met Desertrose personally, but from what she always saw of her, she was incredibly worthy of the position Wolfstar had given her. She was coherent and elegant; she looked like the deputy of WindClan in every sense of the word. Her aura commanded respect, and it was given to her. The golden she-cat was respectful and amicable to him, thus he responded with that same goodness. It was a relief to see someone with such a level head. “Thank you,” he purred and dipped his head to her. “The circumstances of which I was promoted are regrettable, but Firestar and I get along well. I wish the same for you and Wolfstar. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing you at future Gatherings. Have you been WindClan’s deputy long? It’s only been a dozen or so sunrises for me. It seems so…surreal.” He looked over the crowd of cats and sighed wistfully. As a kit, he had always dreamed of becoming deputy. Who didn’t? But now that he was up here, it didn’t seem real. He was waiting for Moonbird to pinch him to wake him from his dream. “I hope tonight ends well.” The comment seemed more like a prayer.

    Stars, he prayed the warrior ancestors heard it.

    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    – P A N T H E R S T O R M –

    Pantherstorm joined the mass of RiverClanners that left the camp quietly and obediently, lining up with his clanmates in order as they left RiverClan territory and made their way to the ghostly flats. He noted that there was not a sight nearby of his former mentor, Forestmask, and that the Clan deputy, Heronflight, had kept himself to the front of the pack by his mother’s side. His yellow eyes were stoic, unrevealing as to how he felt about the grey tom or the fact that he had attempted to take his life in the last Clan battle. He was positive that Forestmask had disclosed the information to the older tom, as he noted the glint in his stony eyes when they looked upon him, but he did not fret the reveal of his actions. There was some sort of miscommunication between the black dappled warrior and his conscience in terms of whether or not he felt such things as anxiety or guilt for what he had done. Quite the contrary, there was a more overwhelming part of him that yearned for more than just that.

    As the five Clans began to settle among themselves and chit-chat and spread gossip, Pantherstorm overheard a few whispers of warriors wishing that tonight was one kept in peace. How naive, he thought to himself, barely able to suppress a vocal snort at their expense. His golden eyes took a quick scan around the clearing and he noted quickly just how few apprentices there were tonight. Normally, a gathering would hold as many apprentices as a Clan could possibly bring with them, for it was a boast of their pride in growing numbers and what warriors they would surely soon have. But this lack of young cats told him how little faith the Clan leaders had in each other if they didn’t trust one another enough to bring along inexperienced cats to a gathering. The other warriors were quick to forget, but they were in the middle of high tensions and Clans were beginning to separate from one another in terms of who they trusted and who rubbed them the wrong way. Pantherstorm thought that the warriors that were out tonight verbally begging for peace were spineless and weak, and if anything, truly pathetic if they couldn’t realize the truth of their situation and were tonight would likely go. It won’t be a calm night tonight, he thought scornfully from where he sat, far away from the clusters of felines in the center of the flats, not if I have anything to say about it.



    He wouldn’t have been able to, in good faith, stay behind at camp tonight. A Gathering would be the perfect time for Pantherstorm to strike again, and as much as he’d like to hope his brother could still have a change of heart, Forestmask wasn’t going to hold his breath. The brown tabby had silently tacked himself onto the end of the trail of his Clanmates that had been leaving for the Gathering, doing his best to keep out of Pantherstorm’s sight. However, if he could help it, his gaze was always on his younger brother and now previous apprentice. He felt like if he gave the younger tom a chance, he would somehow sense he was being watched and give his older brother the slip.

    Forestmask had been so on edge, so distracted by keeping one eye on Pantherstorm at all times, that he didn’t even notice they had made it to the Ghostly Flats. He nearly crashed right into a cat from another Clan, green eyes widening as he swerved at the last second to avoid the argument that surely would have caused.The brown tabby had enough stress without being the cause of why a fight had broke out at the Gathering, and even before the announcements from the leaders had taken place. Spotting a familiar white pelt in the sea of bodies, he bee-lined for Swanpath. Right now he needed some familiarity, and the only other family member there besides his mother, who was now perched on the Highrock, and his brother, who has a scoundrel that Forestmask couldn’t even think of speaking to right now, was another younger brother. And, well, no matter how much he seemed to try to forge a bond with Koipetal, it never seemed to work.

    “Hey, Swanpath,” he greeted with a sigh, seeming almost relieved as he sat beside her. Luckily from his perch, he could still see his previous apprentice sitting in the crowd. Pantherstorm’s black pelt was hard to pick out in the dim lighting, but Forestmask would recognize it from any distance. Then his green gaze traveled up to the Highrock, noting Wisteriastar before sliding down to Heronflight. He felt his heart swell at the sight of RiverClan’s grey deputy settled with all the others, looking rather regal and dashing tonight. Dear StarClan, he felt like a starstruck apprentice thinking of the deputy, let alone seeing or speaking to him. “Enjoying yourself so far?” The warrior finally forced his attention back to Swanpath, grinning at her.



    she was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them

    Swanpath snickered at Forestmask‘s hurried steps toward her, shifting slightly to allow her friend to occupy the spot beside her. Though she trusted Forestmask and his warm smile, the molly still kept a good two or three inches between them, shame punctuating her actions. Swanpaw knew her wariness was justified but that didn’t make it any better, even after all these moons she couldn’t bring herself to be in full contact with others except for the rare or very brief occasions. 

    “Hey, Forestmask.” The she-cat smirked, examining the large tabby as he ogled Heronflight where he sat among the deputies. Objectively the tom was good looking, that was apparent, but any idiot with eyes could see Forest’s admiration went a little… Deeper than that. The grin Swan flashed at her associate was sharp and very clearly displayed her gaiety. “You’re drooling, sweetie.” Swan tittered, inclining her head in the direction of the seated high ranks. “And to answer your question, yes. I’m loving this.” It was unclear as to what she was referring to, either the actual gathering, which was full of tense shoulders and hostile glares or if she were eluding to Forest’s obvious interest in their Clan’s deputy.

    “I’m a bit sad that Sharkpaw didn’t come,” Swanpath admitted after her silent laughter died down. “But Sloepaw is at camp, too, so hopefully they’ll finally start talking.” The warrior had quickly become invested in her apprentice’s life, determined to shove him in the direction of any tom or molly who she thought would be a suitable friend. Sloepaw was the most recent apprentice and Swan was almost certain they’d be friends if Shark could just shake off his inferiority complex for one damn second.


    Firestar ~ Skyclan Leader 

    His long tufted ears twitch as voices muddle together within the dark clearing. Faint lighting of the full moon as well as twinkles of starlight could be seen through the thickness of the smoke grey clouds. If he didn’t know any better with how bruised and swollen the clouds appeared; rain was on its way. It had been  some time since the earth’s thirst had been quenched; only a matter of time now. Letting his attention slowly move back to the other leaders; taking in the way they all held themselves. An air of superiority surrounds the calico Riverclan molly, a quiet, but a fierceness swarming around the petite looking black Thunderclan leader; then a calming presence of Wolfstar. It overwhelmed Firestar slightly to sense their strong presence, even Hornetstar held strong amongst the leaders as the Shadowclan leader oozed confidence. It made him wonder if Blazestar left not only because of how stressful her duty was, but also having to handle how to approach each leader. 

    It felt like he would never truly understand any of them, though technically it didn’t truly matter. None of them were close nor probably ever will be considering the circumstances. Sighing as he glances away; it was giving him a headache. Smirking slightly as he notices Wisteriastar with her little slip on her way up, he couldn’t help but wish she hadn’t managed to catch her footing. Sure; they were in an alliance, but that did not mean he cared for the she-cat. He only cared that they had a similar goal in mind. After all this was all for the good of his clan; his dislike needed to be put on the back burner. At least for now. Besides she had made it perfectly clear on how she viewed him; ‘Good to know the feeling is mutual’ he inwardly snarked. Tilting his large 
    cranium downwards, his ember gaze flickering over the many felines swarming within the large clearing. It was certainly odd being up on the boulder looking down. He took this time to observe the large diversity of cats; the only time all clans gathered in a form of peace.

    Softly scoffing at that thought as he was brought back to the oh so peaceful gathering a moon prior. He couldn’t help but risk a glance at Bluefire, watching her settle at the bottom of the leader’s boulder. He quietly observes the confident, borderline cockiness, Firestar couldn’t help but wonder if she regretted her words at the last gathering. Or did she truly believe that her way was better than the way they had been following for centuries. Firestar would never admit it, but he regrets his reckless and shameful behavior at the last gathering. He wished he could have handled it better, but he did not regret what he had said. He hoped his words may have gotten to the diluted calico, but sensing her stubbornness, he knew that she more than likely had forgotten the whole encounter. Catching a glimpse of ginger caught his attention. Sitting up straight as he glances over at Foxnose; his half-brother. Furrowing his brows as he notices the thunderclanner’s tired form. 

    Many below looked exhausted and solemn; as many had experienced death. Whether that be from the harsh Leaf-bare or the viciousness of the aftermath of battle. Waiting silently for a few more moments, letting everyone settle down before deciding that it was time to begin. Figuring he would get his announcements over with first; not even bothering to inquire with the other leaders on who wanted to go first. Rising to his full intimidating height as he steps closer to the ledge. Keeping his expression 
    impassive as he speaks; “I am sad to inform that Blazestar has gone missing within the past moon-“ he pauses, hiding a grimace as he lies about what truly happened to the previous leader. He believed it was no one business to know that she had chosen the way of a Kittypet; he would not disgrace her good name. “I have taken on a new name as well as responsibility as leader. Rookfall has been chosen as the new deputy of Skyclan” he proudly announces, allowing the chorus of his deputies name fill the air in praise.

    “Lastly; we have three new additions to Skyclan. Milkynight, Brightspark, and Lostpaw”
    his voice remains level and smooth, though he felt hesitant in revealing Lostpaw. He had allowed her to come to the gathering as Darkbird had been admit on that she was ready and deserved to participate in clan activities. The leader couldn’t disagree as he had been keeping an eye on the she-cat; she was proving herself everyday that being part of the clan was meant for her. He was only iffy on how others from the other clans would perceive her, as he remembers weeks ago on how well he and many of his clanmates had taken to the three-legged she-cat. Smiling slightly as his gaze lands on a certain stubborn dusty Siamese molly that he had grown to care for in the past two moons. Quickly glancing away from her as he did not want to be caught staring. Letting his eyes sweep over the clearing as the chanting of names slowly dies down. Taking a 
    step back to commence the ending of his announcements. Purposely keeping quiet about a certain battle when Shadowclan and Skyclan a few days prior. He would let Hornetstar decide on revealing the battle.

    Minkpaw ~Skyclan Apprentice 
    The tall lean caramel and mocha brown tom glances around the dark clearing in awe. This was his first time attending a gathering, and he had to say—they sure knew how to pick a place! His warm butterscotch gaze couldn’t stay on one detail for too long as every little thing stood out to him. The overwhelming scents that differentiate between clans, the loudness of felines sharing tongues with one another. He barely noticed the tension clinging to many pelts as he brushed it off with ease. Minkpaw wasn’t one to follow along with the norm—he saw no real reason to be tense at this moment. To him it was a time to converse with those from different clans. 

    His dark brown and white speckled ears perk up as his golden gaze locks on a familiar form; Morningpaw! His Thunderclan ping pal! Grinning widely as he pushes his way through the dense crowd. Barely taking in some irritated voices at his disregard in manners. All Minkpaw cared about was saying hello to his friend! He could recognize her from anywhere with that shiny, unique kittypet collar dangling from her neck. Stopping next to her as he gives her a bright smile before pressing his pelt lightly against her in greeting. “Hey Morningpaw!” He beams, a soft purr rumbling in the back of his throat. “Is this your first gathering as well?” He wondered as he settles down next to her; not even bothering to ask the young g
    olden fae if she even wanted his company.
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    Hawkbite sat, feeling almost bored as the breadth of peaceful Clans cats clustering together. It didn’t feel like just days ago that he’d  been in the city fighting against ruthless ousiders. His wounds still itched, but were healing moderately though they did attract some odd looks. He didn’t know if anything would be said of what had occurred, most likely not as it would not exactly make their Clan look good.

    He personally didn’t care. He was here tonight with his new name, a mate waiting for him back home and he was smirking any time Wisteriastar and her crew came close to looking his way.

    Still, smirking grew dull enough so he took to pacing about not choosing to socialize, until his eyes fell upon an unusual sight. A three legged cat, an in the clans no less. He’d encountered injuries like this in his youth, but had not seen many here in the forest. There was no human intervention here, which meant her injury could not have occurred in the wild, lest she die from shock. Driven by curiosity he found himself making his way over to her for a closer look, clearing his throat to speak as just sitting and staring would be rude.

    “So, let me guess what insulting name they stuck you with. Wobblestep? Threelegs? I just got my name so I’m not sure what naming rules are at play here besides naming you for your outward appearances- you know the ones you’ve got total control over.” He chuckled wryly. she seemed nervous, so he hoped the attempt at humor might help her feel more at ease. It couldn’t be easy being different in a place like this.

    He knew that from experience.

    As her Leader spoke, he frowned knowingly.

    “Guess Lostpaw is you. I’m Hawkbite, by the way.” He sat down. “So like, no offense but why are you an apprentice? You look older than me.”


    Kass could feel the burning gaze of the SkyClan ranks hot on flank like a hot iron but payed them no mind. If they wanted to be childish then so be it, but Kass wasn’t going to indulge them this time around. Instead she’d let her focus remain on Rainysky, a playful look in her eyes as she regarded his startled reaction when the medicine cats greeted him. “Don’t worry, the rest of the medicine cats are harmless. They won’t bite you,” she leaned over the gap between the ranks with a conspiratorial whisper and cocking her head towards Peachblossom who hadn’t even acknowledged the gray tom’s existence. “Well, Peachblossom might, but she just doesn’t know how to play nice sometimes.” She turned a pointed look at the she-cat before relaxing with a lazy wink, the mood she had found herself in was probably preferable to everyone in question. They’d once been enemies- Well, scratch that. Kass had been Peachblossom’s enemy. 

    At the mercy of SkyClan and Firestar the five clans shut their mouths long enough for the tom to begin the announcements. It had barely occurred to Kass that the tom on the rock was indeed not Blazestar. ‘Weak clan, weak ranks,’ the deputy thought to herself with a decisive hum. At the recognition of the newest additions to his clan Kass couldn’t help but pick them out in the crowd to size them up. Who were the other cats that shared the forest? Her gaze fell on Lostpaw quickly before moving to Hawkbite to see his murmurings to her. She gave him a nod in praise, that was a good connection to make. She felt respect for Firestar for a moment, letting a cat with such a deformity train was rather unheard of in the forest and yet here SkyClan was with their allowances. “It’s good for him to let her decide how she’s going to die. Instead of sitting on the sidelines her whole life,” she commented to Rainysky and perhaps even Peachblossom should she be listening. 



    good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget

    Morningpaw jumped slightly, blue eyes widening in amazement. She giggled nervously, glancing away in an almost timid manner. “H-Hey, Minkpaw.” The Thunderclanner responded to the tom’s silent greeting by gently touching noses with his shoulder, a small, sweet gesture she used to greet those close to her. The soft furred molly nodded her head slowly, Morningpaw’s own excitement for the gathering less pronounced next to Minkpaw’s.

    “That’s your leader, ri-right?” Morning whispered gently as the five clans gradually fell silent, only soft murmurs passing between cats. “He-He’s really tall…” And muscular, and scary, no- terrifying. Of course, the tabby had no basis for that claim, being the jittery mess she was. 

    “Uhm, th-the black molly, she’s uh… She’s my clan leader, Hollystar.” The apprentice waved a paw towards the sleek black she-cat. Morningpaw’s hairs stood on end when she listened to Firestar’s announcement on Blazestar’s disappearance, a million and one scenarios racing through her head. Disappeared?! Was she killed? Taken by two legs? Eaten by a monster? She was enticed by Minkpaw’s warm, amicable presence to press into him for comfort, but Gorsewhisker had always told Morningpaw she had a tendency to get too clingy. Especially when she was anxious… Which is all the time, the Thunderclan trainee thought sourly, opting to tuck her paws beneath the weight of her thick tail.



    if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun

    The slender tom frowned, ears twisting back against his cranium. “Blazestar disappeared?” He grumbled, wary of that information. Quiethawk was not comforted by this fact, making a mental note to be on as many border patrols as possible because no way in Starclan’s name was he going to let his leader or his clanmates simply “disappear”. Face clearing of its pre-existing storminess, Quiet turned his head slightly so as to direct his words to Eveningstorm.

    “So, two new deputies. Desertrose seems to be handling herself well, better than Owlbelly.” Quiethawk loved Owlbelly as much as any Windclanner but after the stunt he pulled last gathering? It was a blessing to have Desertrose sitting up there. His gratefulness didn’t overshadow his jealousy but it eased it enough for Quiet to smile through and lie through his teeth with ease as he spoke. “Desertrose and Rookfall… Now we’ve got ourselves a bunch of peace-keepers.” Quiet snickered, not unlike an apprentice at his first gathering, “Except maybe that rogue. Wonder what trouble will stir up tonight.” Possibly nothing. Possibly a lot. The grey-brown tom was ready for either.

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    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Smokewisp had prowled into the gathering upon silent paws, closely shadowing Hornetstar as they approached the center. She took a seat on the edge, silently nodding towards the other deputies in a sort of half-acknowledgement. Her dark, brooding attitude had nothing to do the gathering. Not yet, at least. She’d been in a foul mood ever since Hornetstar’s needlessly lost life. She looked up at high rock, eyeing Firestar with a mixture of disappointment and anger. She’d partially blamed herself for the incident. But, was also embittered over how Hornetstar had acted.

    She stared off into the sky, deeply embroiled in her own thoughts as the gathering continued. Her ears perked up as a ripple of disquieted murmuring spread through the gathered cats. She looked up at Firestar quizzically. ‘Lostpaw? What kind of name is that? Are you serious?‘ She grimaced, looking out over the crowd. ‘How horrible,‘ she thought, giving the fiery tom an accusatory stare.


    Rounded ears flickered as the sound of her name reached them, a small chuckle finding its way from her lips. Her gaze resting on the grey medicine cat of Riverclan then to the grey calico, excusing herself from her gathering partners to move closer towards Rainysky and Kass, “Oh Kass My Darling, you know better than I do. There’s no fun in playing nice.” Peachblossom had learned how to maneuver around most of Kass’ flirtatious notions, though she could still feel her ears warm up after catching her wink. “There’s never in harm in a little love bite.” The small molly biting at the air, the sound of her jowls clamping together ending her little burst. Peachblossoms eyes narrowed on Rainysky, just the scent of Riverclan caused her blood to boil, she knew he wasn’t to blame for what happened between their clans but she couldn’t help the way she was feeling. No this one isn’t to blame, she is. The small mollys attention moving to the large calico sitting among the leaders. Wisteriastar, yes she’s the one who killed Antlercreek, dont take it out on this innocent soul. 


    Peachblossom was so lost in her own world, she had almost missed the announcement of Skyclans newest, Lostpaw of course he’d pick a name like that, her eyes rolling at the thought. It wasn’t hard to pick out the molly among the crowd of cats, after all she was the only one there with such a deformation. “Complimenting your new buddy? That’s a surprise, I hope that’s the only surprise you have in store for us today My Dear Kass.” A giggle forcing its way from her lips, not being able to help her side comments, maybe Kass was starting to rub off on her more now that she wasn’t so focused on trying to get rid of the she cat. After mentally snickering at the reactions Firestar got out of the other clans for his choice in naming, her gaze flickered over to her own leader, she didn’t envy the ebony molly when it came to this gathering, was she even going to bother mentioning the fight with Riverclan? What purpose would it serve its not like it was the other clans business. What about Antlercreek? If it was Peachblossom she would surely make sure to point out the culprit in his downfall but then again that’s why Hollystar was up there and not the bitter medicine cat, surely Hollystar would know the best way to handle such news.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    Desertrose’s eyes were full of sympathy, and the muscle ticking in her jaw showed how genuinely remorseful she was by the sudden turn of events. Though she could not tell if the loss had effected Rookfall personally, she knew that the loss of a leader altogether would be difficult for their clan. Instead of carelessly dismissing the news, as most would do when it came to tragedies that happened in opposing clans, she offered him words of comfort. “My condolences. It’s hardly ever a cheerful story when a new leader or deputy is anointed in their place,” she encouraged him, the conversation softly reminding her of the deputy before her. Had Owlbelly not fallen ill, he would still be deputy right now— however, most would argue that it had been a necessary change.  “It hasn’t been very long,” she answered him after a moment of thought, “I was appointment shortly before the gathering.” Though it hadn’t been but two sunrises ago, it had somehow felt like moons since she had been announced deputy. That was probably because she’d long been filling in for Owlbelly throughout his sickness, slowly easing into the responsibilities that came with being a deputy. By now, the rank felt natural to her. Honeyed eyes flicked towards the leaders with the same hope that clung to Rookfall’s words, her ears twitching attentively as the announcements began. “So do I,” she breathed.


    Warrior of Riverclan

    As much as he could spend all night brewing in his own hatred for his sister, father, and the whole of Windclan— he knew his adoptive mother was somewhere within the throes of conversing felines. If something went wrong, he wanted to be nearest to her. Sleekfeather stood from where he sat and weaved through the crowd with ease, his eyes soon finding that of Swanpath’s pure white fur. The way her pelt shone brilliantly under the moonlight made her easy to find. “There you are,” he purred softly as he came up to sit beside her. His voice was normally as chilling as the first ice of autumn when it came to anyone else, but when he spoke to her, it was warm like a dove fledgling in its downy nest. The dark warrior’s paws glided soundlessly across the bare earth, settling down on his haunches with a tired sigh. His tall frame and pitch black fur swallowed her small form in his imposing shadow much like how the night sky would a small, pale moon. Giving little notice to Forestmask’s existence, he looked down at her softly, easily curling his tail around her. “Sorry it took me a minute to come find you. It’s easy to get lost in such a big group.”

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