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    When Rainysky had first awoken to find the angelic face of Saplingskies looming over him just out of focus, he for some reason drew the conclusion that of course he must be dead. It wasn’t his most logical moment, more in the vein of the previous hour where he’d streaked into camp like a town crier announcing to the entire world their dreadful predicament and causing what could only be described as pure pandemonium.

    No, he was most certainly not dead. For that to be true Saplingskies would need to be dead too. That, and the ache in his skull from collapsing wasn’t a very StarClan-y feeling.

    He soon learned that while he’d been sleeping, Hickoryroot had died. Even though there was less than nothing he could have done about it, merely being one of the last few to see him with air still in his lungs made Rainysky feel responsible. The poor SkyClan tom had known nothing but reproach from the cats who should be thanking him for giving up everything he had to help them. And now he was gone forever. For once Rainysky felt a prick of legitimate anger at his own Clan, an emotion he never pulled off the dusty shelf for himself but readily sprang to life on the behalf of others. If’ I’d tried hard to reach out….would he still be with us?

    He did his best to root himself in the present moment- wherein he was following a weary-looking Saplingskies out of camp on an Apprentices errand to help him collect some supplies for the wounded. It was a soft reprimand for his idiocy, but perhaps Wisteriastar knew his penchant for self-flagellation was punishment enough.

    He tried to look on the bright side, if indeed there was one. He got to see his friend again.

    “I-it seems like we never get to meet when anything good happens.” He mused nervously, smiling sadly at the blue-eyed tom.

    He really is pretty. I could dive into those eyes…

    Instantly the retribution for his wayward thoughts snapped back like a knee-jerk reaction. You’re going to mate with a nice she-cat and have kits or he’ll have your pelt, idiot.


    Saplingskies’ heart was heavy. As a medicine cat, his empathy and love for other cats knew no borders. He had quickly learned that Hickoryroot had not been the only loss that day. RiverClan had lost a young warrior in the battle, and Antlercreek had perished as well. Despite the tensions that would surely be rising soon, he would need to visit Peachblossom and offer his condolences to ThunderClan. He would be praying for many cats before he could rest that night. He sighed softly, eyes slowly drifting to his companion, a dear friend he had made while their two clans were living as one. He let out a breathy chuckle at Rainysky’s comment about their ill-timed meetings. “It does seem that way, doesn’t it?” He mewed slowly, whiskers twitching as he rested his tail on the other tom’s back as a friendly gesture.

    “It seems like I’ll be sticking around in RiverClan for a while, Perhaps we’ll have some time to just hang out, hm?” He offered a small smile, sensing the tension coming off the warrior. “I’m sorry you got stuck with supply duties. I know herb picking is absolutely thrilling for you warriors,” He teased lightly, gently bumping Rainysky with his shoulder. It was clear that he was trying to lighten the mood despite his own sorrow. “So, do you know what the herb’s we’re looking for look like? I can explain if needed, I don’t mind at all.”


    Saplingskies had such a soothing presence, it carried away almost all worries like a river washing debris downstream. Rainysky guessed it made sense, he was a healer after all. I’m pretty much the opposite. He thought glumly.

    “I really don’t mind honestly.” He laughed softly, studying the ground to avoid those dazzling blue eyes which drew up so many wrong feelings in him. “I like quiet tasks, like patrolling alone at dawn or marking borders. Anywho, I deserve it after what I did.” He finished with a thin groan, memories of his embarrassing actions seeping back into his mind.

    “Erm, yeah. Just tell me what to look for and I’ll do my best!” He stood up a little taller, seafoam green eyes gleaming with a hunger to redeem himself by performing well at the task at hand.


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