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    Soft rays snuck through cracks in the warriors den, birds had already woke up and begun their high pitched songs. Urrggg Crisp air rippled throughout her fur, as if it was trying to make her too uncomfortable to stay within the comfort of her nest. A warrior’s duty is never done, her jowls opening, fangs showing as she let out a large yawn. Raising to her paws, lower half dropping in a stretch, claws extending grazing the ground, muscle flexing. Her hind legs kicked out one by one, flexing her neck to both sides to finish up her morning routine. Still asleep, lazy crowfood, mentally smirking as her gaze landed on her older brothers. The youngest of three brothers Hyenaflower had to find one way to stand out and get a leg up against them, taking the early mornings to focus on just that, even now she couldn’t help but still wake up early out of habit. Her tail flicking the Dognose before ducking out of the den, he might technically be older but she still couldn’t help but tease her softest brother. 


    Her apple green eyes blinked as they adjusted to the new light, giving her multi-colored pelt a quick shake, her gaze dancing around the clearing before landing on the den of the warriors to-bes. Hyenaflower had recently given an apprentice, which she was grateful for truly, but it wasn’t exactly the one she wanted. In truth she wanted Firepaw, a spicy little she cat who she felt like had a lot of untapped potential; instead she was given Dustypaw, her littlemate. There was nothing wrong with Dustypaw; she just knew that he wasn’t as confident as Firepaw, and would take alot more paw holding than the fiery red molly would. Alas the choice wasn’t hers, Dustypaw was who she was given and Hyenaflower would do her best to train the young apprentice to be the best warrior he could be. 


    Upon reaching the apprentices den, dipping her nose into the den, her gaze being pulled to the firey she cat instantly stopping herself from waking up the molly and inviting her on a training session instead. Stepping over the other apprentices to the white and brown splashed tom, prodding him gently with her paws, “Wake up. It’s training time.” Hyenaflower was going to train him the way she was trained, waking up early and training until late at night. Seeing the young apprentice open his eyes, Hyenaflower gave him a few moments to adjust to being woken up so early, “Be ready and by the entrance in 5.” Nodding to the tom before slipping out of the den, waiting for him by the camp entrance.


    Dustypaw ~Shadowclan Apprentice 

    The small bicolored tom was curled into a ball within his comfortable nest. His fluffed tail wrapped around his paws as his face snuggles closer for warmth. His dreams filled with ongoing adventures of traveling outside of Shadowclan. Huffing softly as he feels a prod against his side. Figuring it was just his imagination; he promptly ignores it until it happens again with more force. Frowning in confusion as he tiredly lifts his cranium. Jade green eyes fluttering open, turning his head groggily in Hyenaflower’s direction. Furrowing his brows as he blinks his eyes rapidly, letting them regain focus in the dim lighting. Freezing once taking in the taller form of his mentor. Biting his lip as he listens attentively to her as she gives him 5 minutes to collect himself before training.

    Dustypaw didn’t even have a chance to properly respond to her before she was already out of the den. Not that he would have been able to spit out a coherent sentence in the first place. Silently muttering a bitter goodbye to his nest, the cream and dusty brown tom rises to his paws. Shivering at the shockingly cold contrast of the ground against the pads of his feet. Glaring at the forms of his sleeping siblings; oh how much he wished to be sleeping right about now. Silently and carefully maneuvering himself around the other sleeping felines within the den. Hobbling clumsily at one point as he almost stepped on a tail. That would have been a disaster.

    Releasing a long tired yawn, smacking his lips as he glances around the clearing. Thankful for his thick pelt to keep him warm during the early mornings as the sun’s light would not kiss the earth for another hour or so. Looking away from the dark navy blue sky, trying not to get distracted from the twinkle of starlight dusting the dark canvas above. Deciding that he couldn’t waste anymore time, five minutes were bound to be coming up shortly. Frantically rushing through the clearing, thankful for it being mostly vacant with the exceptions of a few senior warriors out and about. Sliding to a stop a few lengths away from Hyenaflower, a bashful smile making its way to his lips. Silently hoping he wasn’t late, but luck hardly ever seemed to be on his side. “What are we doing today?” Dustypaw asked, tilting his wedged cranium in a curious manner, though his heart pounded as his anxiety grew with every passing moment.

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