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if I should die before I wake – [ raven + wasp ]

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    r a v e n f r o s t
    starclan warrior

    It had been just a few sunrises since her death had plagued ShadowClan. The life of a young warrior taken too soon was bound to take a toll on every cat, though it had certainly affected those who tried desperately to save her. What a cruel way to die, Ravenfrost thought as she stared at her frost-bitten black pelt, reflecting gently off the surface of a pond. She silently skipped through ShadowClan’s territory, the familiarity of it making her heart ache for her life back once more, but even she knew that a dead cat couldn’t come back no matter how hard anyone tried. Coming to terms with being dead was difficult, and although she’d only been a StarClan warrior for a few days, somehow they’d selected her to deliver the message to Wasppaw. She had tried to refuse but knew it would be more impactful if he recognized her in his sleep. The young apprentice had struggled trying to save her, and although he and Hareflight gave her every herb in their store, nothing seemed to save her from the sticky black liquid she’d licked from her fur. Of course, she had no idea that this had happened — she’d washed her paws off in a stream right outside the territory after doing some exploring, unaware that the water had been tainted with the same sickness that had plagued the moonpool. She’d groomed her pelt shortly after, and although she noticed a funky tang to it, she chalked it up to the uncharted forest she’d been adventuring in.

    As she neared ShadowClan’s camp, she couldn’t help but stop at the entrance, inhaling a sharp breath as she prepared to enter her old home. It was no longer filled with happy memories of apprentice fights and kitten adventures. Her brain had distorted this place to remind her of the horrific death she suffered, dying at the paws of her friends and family as they struggled to save her. The black bengal recalled the symptoms of her illness that led them to the black liquid; her belly had begun to twist, an ache that was too big to ignore. She’d spent the night in her nest, yet retired to Hareflight’s den by midnight due to nausea. Shortly after she began belching up a foul stench, followed by vomit the color of the night sky. She’d lived only a few days beyond that, her muscle mass she’d built decaying rapidly. Her bones had jutted out from beneath her pelt like jagged rocks, yet her stomach had stayed swollen and distended as if she were carrying kits. The oil had left burns and sores in her mouth and throat, causing every breath and word agonizing pain. She had almost begged them to feed her death berries, yet no matter how hard she tried to speak, nothing came out.

    She didn’t last long after that. Hareflight and Wasppaw had done their best to reassure her, but when she’d curled up alone in the mossy bracken of the medicine den, she knew her time had run out, and she felt grateful that no cat had to see her take her last struggling breaths. She didn’t know what had happened after that, as her journey to StarClan had begun. It had been long and cold, and the ShadowClan warrior feared she’d be lost forever, yet she’d found the entrance to the heavens, covered in slick muck, and managed to squeeze through. Of course, these thoughts needed to be tossed to the side. The black molly had a mission, and she was determined to accomplish it.

    On light paws, Ravenfrost skipped across the clearing, brushing into the medicine den and poking her way around until she located her target. The young tom was asleep, and although he was snoring rather lavishly, his face still seemed to be twisted in a concerned manner. She ducked her head down, silently hoping he would be able to get her message despite the strained communications with the clans, and spoke her piece. “Wasppaw,” she murmured softly, hoping to stir the tom. “Time is running out. You must save the clans, please. You and the others we’ve chosen, go to the place untouched by clan loyalties, there you will find your truth.” She grimaced at the uncertainty of it, but she didn’t have time to give him the entire story. “There you will find your answer. I beg of you. Save our clanmates, I can die happy knowing they can live.” She brushed her muzzle against his cheek, her warm breath stirring his ear fur as her onyx-colored pelt began melting into the shadows, frosty gaze glittering with hope for a mere second before all was black once more.


    – W A S P – 


    Wasppaw was curled up in his nest beside his mentor. Their den still reeked of the substance Ravenfrost had been vomiting, the same liquid that he himself had been spitting up ever since the omen the healers had received during their last visit at the mooncave. He knew while she was dying that this was the warning StarClan was trying to give them before it happened. It was incredibly frustrating for him– why couldn’t they have just been more direct? They could have told him what the gunk would do to cats that came into contact with it. After all, what was the use of a gift to speak to the dead if what they had to say held no grounds to help them? If they had really known what it would do, they would know how to avoid it, how to go about the precautions to prevent the deaths of their loved ones. And yet, there they stood, helpless as the life was sucked out of the black warrior. 

    The calico apprentice’s face grimaced in his sleep. The unease he had felt at the disappearance of the spirits that followed him was beginning to grow into frustration. First, they harass him. Then, they disappear on him when they need answers? 

    Would he ever find peace with this?

    As he lay there, Wasppaw felt something familiar lingering nearby. Whispers reached him, his dreams carrying the voice of the one whom had just left him. Her message spoke to him, loud and clear– clearer than anything he had heard in moons. Bi-colored amber and green eyes shot open and the healer to-be was on his paws in a heartbeat. His head whipped around, but Ravenfrost was no where to be seen. “I heard her–“ he muttered aloud, confirming to himself that the spirits hadn’t completely left them. They were doing what they could to help. 

    “The place untouched by the Clans, huh…” He reiterated, solidifying himself with a new purpose. Wasppaw turned to his mentor, who was still fast asleep in her nest. He braced himself a quick apology for having to wake her so early, but there was news he had to tell her immediately. With Smokestar out of commission and more of their Clanmates to follow, they had no time to waste.

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