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    SAFFRONGAZE: With hurried feet, Saffrongaze padded into Skyclan territory. She could see the snow falling down. It was Leafbare and herbs rarely grew within the undernurished soil. She beconked her apprentice, Speckledpaw, to make it quick and heisty trot while she held a woven basket in her mouth by a stick handle. “Come, Speckledpaw, we must hurry. Leaf-bare is upon us. I know we had constant runs for the last few days but herbs are much more important now than throughout the Moons because of its scarcity. The snow doesn’t allow greenlife to flourish like it may during New-Leaf.” She explained, placing the woven basket down. “Use your paws, no claws, and nose, to look for Catmint and Chickweed. They treat the Coughs, which I have a feeling will hit us decently hard.” She added on. Snap. Quickly, Saffrongaze lifted her head in the direction of the snap. But it was hard to pinpoint where it came from.

    Concern spread across the medicine cat’s face… She first thought of a predator, fox, looking for its meal. This spiked the search to rapin, and quickly. She trotted around the territory, letting Speckledpaw go her own way. Two searching separately was more effective than the two sticking together. Digging under a patch area, she sniffed then began to dig using her paw pads. “Bingo, found a decent amount.” She thought. Putting them to the side, she froze slightly. The Winds blew her way and she smelled… fresh blood. Fresh-kill. Her ears flicked then her eyes followed the scent. It was against Clan Law to eat before the elders. Her paws didn’t want to move; fear had enclosed her in its talons.


    Fear coursed her blood and body unlike any other fear, more than when the fox attacked moons ago. Her eyes widened more; Speckledpaw. She quickly looked around. “S-Speckledpaw. Speckledpaw! Speckled-!” Frantic and hurried breathing escaped the feminine’s mouth then she froze in place when she saw a she-cat pinning down her apprentice. Mixed emotions passing through Saffron’s veins but she knew she had to act, and it had to be now or never. “R-release my apprentice!” She yowled at the brown cat, assuming she was the ringleader.

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    Pale baby blue eyes slowly roamed along the woods that were laid out before her, pale pink nostrils flaring as she breathed in the scent of salt clinging to the air as the faint roar of the ocean could be heard off in the distance. It was comforting in a way, but it also reminded this feline of the terrors that came with living so close to big water. Bird song filtered through the forest in soft chirps, causing this cat to lift her chin, pupils narrowing as she could just briefly see the quick dark flashes of birds fluttering through the treetops. Her expression unreadable for a slow amount of time as she gazed upon the strange trees, unlike most trees the bark on these trees were a grey and white painted scene before her. 

    The leaves upon the branches were scarlet red and didn’t appear to be dropping anytime soon, yellow grass poked out of the thin layer of snow that covered the ground. Loud snorts of antlered beasts trembled throughout the forest but she knew they were of no bother to the felines, they didn’t care as long as you stayed out of the way of their hoofs and didn’t try to nip at their ankles. Dropping her gaze from the treetops, she slowly lowered her chin towards the ground, her scent glands tingling from the scent markers that other cats had laid in place, smelling strangely of this forest. They had been here for a long time. Not anymore. Her silky voice chimed within her mind, eyes flashing as she let out a small chuckle. Two cats stood behind her, staying silent but she could sense their unspoken curiosity as she lifted her head back up and smirked. “My, my. I like this place.” Her voice was smooth and silky, one you would expect from an innocent kitty pet, but she was far from one. 

    Tentatively she stepped over the scent marker that had been put in place, her long and feathery tail lifted and was held with grace as she found the scent marker of no value. Her hench kitties followed closely behind now that they had been given silent permission to move forward. Strands of sunlight were filtering through the scarlet leaves upon the branches of these odd trees, rays of sunlight finding its way down to the forest floor and speckling her fawn brown pelt with warmth. Feathery whiskers twitched for a moment as she looked around the area as they walked without a care, although she didn’t have to make an effort to stay quiet. “Keep up your guard. We don’t know how many are here.” She spoke with authority and her own spark of curiosity, whoever these cats were they were no match for the Horde. Despite that thought, she still wanted to be cautious, get an idea of their numbers before showing this land to her leader. 

    If there were cats here, then there was a supply of food and water. Suddenly she heard a snap of a dry twig, thin triangular ears stood straight up and swerved on top of her head to point backwards. Rolling her blue eyes, she turned her chin in the direction of a clumsy white and spotted black tomcat, pupils narrowing. “Brutus, if I hear another snap like that from you, I will chew off your paw.” She said in warning, her eyes cold before she slowly turned her chin to gaze ahead of them before sighing dramatically. “Why me.” She whispered softly in annoyance before her slender body began to move forward once more, only the faint crunch of snow underfoot could be heard. 

    Nostrils twitched as she caught the scent of a young feline, not quite reaching adulthood all the way, the feline still had the scent of youth. Tail tip twitching as she slashed her tail in warning to her comrades, forcing the two tomcats to pause behind her as she alone moved forward slowly and carefully. This forest didn’t have much brush, few bushes here and there but it was enough as she moved to hide behind a short bush, her eyes narrowing as she peeked through the woven branches. As she thought, it was a young she-cat that had most of her muzzle stuck in the snow, shoveling the snow out of the way in order to find the precious herbs underneath that hadn’t yet been ruined by the permafrost. 

    Dark brown fur stood up along her neck in delight as she watched the speckled apprentice for a moment before she slowly walked around the bush, whiskers pulled back against her cheeks as she moved with the direction of the wind, making sure it was always blowing towards her and not away. Carefully she walked up to the younger she-cat, waiting for her moment as the apprentice seemed oblivious to her arrival. Smirking with amusement, she pranced forward with long white talons unsheathing from her forepaws as she reached out for Speckledpaw, her claws snagging the back of the she-cats scruff and pushing down in order to muffle her startled sounds with the snow. Moving swiftly and elegantly, she placed both of her fore paws on Speckledpaw. One covering a round and terrified eye and the other at her throat to make it difficult to speak. 

    “One sound I don’t like and your eye will be laying on the ground.” Annabelle hummed with delight, her eyes gleaming as she pressed her claws into the young Molly’s eyebrow for dramatic flare. Ears twitched backwards as she listened to her soldiers making their way towards them, her gaze amused as she looked down at Speckledpaw. “My. My. You are awfully young.” Annabelle chimed, feeling Speckledpaw’s throat flex underneath her paw, causing her to arch an eyebrow as she dug her claws even deeper into the young cats face, while her other paw placed a deep and slow cut on Speckledpaw’s throat. “Not yet, my dear.” Annabelle hummed, lowering her chin as she breathed in the fear that was emitting from the young cat under her claws, chin tilting for a moment, Speckledpaw had a particular scent about her. 

    “What is this land?” She finally asked after observing Speckledpaw, “How many of you live here?” Annabelle asked sweetly before she heard a she-cat hollering nearby, causing her to slowly lift her chin and smile briefly. “Speckledpaw. I am assuming that is you, no? What an odd name.” She hummed thoughtfully, her pale blue eyes watching the foliage before her as a winded, flat faced dark cream colored molly finally came into view, her eyes wide and startled, tail bristling with obvious aggression but from her horrible stance, Annabelle knew this was no fighter. Just like the molly beneath her, they were weak. “Apprentice, hm?” Annabelle hummed softly, looking down at the wee molly she held down before she smirked with amusement. 

    “Cinnamon.” Annabelle chimed one of her soldiers’ names, her blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “Keep the nuisance at bay, I’ve yet to get what I want.” Annabelle ordered, looking at Saffrongaze before she lowered her chin and looked at Speckledpaw. “Now Speckledpaw, answer my question or your eye disappears.” Annabelle purred, no longer paying the peach Scottie any mind.


    c i n n a m o n

    The sun was setting, it’s glaring red rays casting a golden shadow over the treetops, tinting the foliage in it’s rich light. It was certainly growing cold, the soft spin of snowflakes dappling the half-naked branches and spiraling toward the ground. A small blanket of snow had covered the frozen earth below, stretching over each crack and crevice and freezing the small streams that trickled through SkyClan territory. 

    Although the weather wasn’t the only chilly thing about this forest; a tan she-cat with white paws trudged behind a much prettier she-cat, her amber eyes blazing with irritation. When she’d been picked to scout out this area, her heart soared and her spirits lifted. She was finally being recognized as one of the better soldiers, except she realized they’d paired her with Brutus, the burly tom whose brain was filled with rocks and possibly fleas. He’d been bumping into her and snapping every twig on the forest floor, causing a ruckus. Annabelle’s furious hiss only made the scraggly molly even more on edge.

    It wasn’t long until their trio leader had come across two felines, their fur soft and downy and their eyes full of stars. She hated cats like that, the kind who thought they were special. In this cruel world, no one was special, not even Annabelle. Of course, she’d never admit that out loud for fear of the death penalty, but her thoughts were private, so it was different. The skinny molly flopped on her haunches, amber eyes narrowed as she watched Saffrongaze fret and Speckledpaw struggle. It was amusing how they didn’t even attempt to fight back, actually it was quite sad.

    Her name made her head snap around, looking attentive as she was given a task. Whisking past Brutus with a grunt, she nimbly hopped over Speckledpaw and with incredible speed, shoved Saffrongaze into the ground. It was rough, sure, but Cinnamon wasn’t insanely strong. She was great at evading and was clever, but her thin bodice refused to hold hardly any muscle. What a shame. “Quiet fleabag,” she hissed in her rough voice, lashing her lanky tail. Was the she-cat whimpering in fear? Cinnamon was hardly a rogue to fear on her own, but when flanked by Brutus and Annabelle she seemed like a much stronger competitor. “Just tell Annabelle here what she wants to know and we’ll be on our way,” she cackled, a cracked, toothy grin sliding along her maw.


    Brutus squinted into the blazing horizon, his short scarred ears twitching with irritation. Dusk was a miserable time, the sun always in your eyes. Not light enough to justify sleeping, but not dark enough yet to begin one’s night.


    He followed dutifully behind his comrades, perking up when they drew near enough to detect the distant thrum of pounding waves. Brutus loved the sea. It was vast and unyielding. It was everything he strove to embody.


    So lost was he in his reverence that he very nearly bowled over one of his companions when they stopped short. Peering easily over their heads, he observed as Annabelle trapped and compelled a smaller younger cat to speak. The dominantly white tom grunted with impatience. He’d have taken the eye first and asked questions later. All this ornamental dancing about was vanity, and it wasted their time. But that was Annabelle, and he generally trusted that she had a plan up her sleeve eleven if her methods appeared superfluous on the surface.


    So he held his tongue and leveled his eyes, the color and consistency of clear ice, at their captive.



    For all intent and purposes, this day was supposed to play out like any other day, that Speckledpaw and her mentor and mother figure went out herb-scouting. Oblivious to the tumultuous events about to unfold in her life, Speckledpaw was eager to locate anything her mentor deemed mandatory for the benefit of their clan. 

    Her ears had picked up on the far away snapping, and they flicked over in that direction to try and hone in on the origin, yet wherever the distant noise had come from was just on the edge of her hearing capabilities, the only reason she’d even heard it faintly was because it carried towards them on a gentle breeze. She could feel a spike in her mentor’s emotional state, it was a twinge of muted worry.

    Yet despite it Speckledpaw didn’t feel uneasy, she assumes it was possibly prey of some sort scurrying about the underbrush. How wrong she soon would find herself to be. Once Saffrongaze calmed down enough, they parted way from one another to herb search. Speckledpaw, though not as tense as her mentor, still kept her eyes open and her ears up and ready to pick up on any sounds. 

    As she stumbled across some herbs of her own for the taking, she was about to reach out and gather them, when suddenly she was sent hurtling across the ground. Tumbling, flailing, and helpless against whatever had barreled into her side. As they tumbled they snapped several stray twigs and Speckledpaw was battered against a few jagged pebbles and some thorns from a nearby bramble.

    The air escaped her lungs in a short-yowl as she strained to figure out what was going on, only to be met with the sight of a large and intimidating feline she had never seen before. They didn’t smell of any clan and immediately she knew she was in danger.

    As the large cat held her down against her will, Speckledpaw could hear her mentor frantically call out to her, but her vocals were frozen over in terror and she couldn’t utter even a faint cry for help. Also the fact that the feline pinning her down was pressing against her vulnerable throat wasn’t helping her case either. All the while this strange feline was glaring down at her, jeering with a sneer, bombarding her with question after question.

    Speckledpaw’s heart was pounding furiously within her chest as she trembled like a shaking leaf being buffeted by a chilly winter storm, as she wondered if she was about to be delivered straight to Starclan themselves by the claws of this unknown assailant. 



    :: Saffrongaze::

    Saffron let out a breathed grunt as she was brought down to the ground. Intense adrenaline began to course her body, watching her apprentice being attacked for information about Skyclan. Her claws unsheathed as her fur bristled in unknown rage. Saffrongaze didn’t care if cats made an assault on her, but her loved ones was a big no-no. She looked at the Henchman who pushed her down with pierced eyesight and lashed her claws toward her eyes–

    (If hit): , then pushed past her with a shoulder rush- 

    (If not hit): , and while Cinnamon dodged, she leapt to the side, –

    And proceeded to push herself toward Annabelle with unsheathed claws. What was she doing..?! Her mind wasn’t on straight; she threw herself toward the Ringleader, but she had her apprentice. Something had to be done; of all days not to ask any warriors to come along.

    Before she knew it, she had tackled herself into Annabelle and bit down on her scruff while claws latches onto her shoulder and back.



    Amusement glinted in those pale baby blues that watched the molly before her, ears prickling forwards as the brown she-cat was watching the peach colored molly before her attention was brought back down to the speckled she-cat beneath her paws. “Dearie my patience is slipping, either answer my questions or I no longer have a use for you.” She purred as if she were being comforting, her paw lifting slightly from the younger cat’s throat but her claws were still firmly dug into the shoulder blade of the thin molly, the warmth of skin and blood under her paw pad felt familiar. However, before she could get any answers from Speckledpaw, the yowling commotion that Saffrongaze was causing, truly annoyed her as her eyes flashed upward to form a dangerous sneer as the peach and cream furred feline slipped away from Cinnamon. “My, my. It would seem that softness knows a few moves.” Annabelle chuckled faintly, the dark brown stripe along his spine lifted as she braced herself for the impact, never once retracting her claws from Speckledpaw’s shoulder blade. If she was going to be pried away from the young apprentice then she would cause the most harm. Saffrongaze rammed her smaller body against hers and while it normally wouldn’t have affected her, she wanted the Clan cat to feel like she had the upper hand. Claws were forcefully ripped out of Speckledpaw’s shoulder, tearing the flesh and fur from the speckled feline. 

    The two cats tumbled down to the ground, with Annabelle on her stomach with her paws pushed against the ground as Saffrongaze managed to use her own weight in order to try and keep Annabelle down, but in truth she was a little light. Teeth dug into her own scruff, trying to paralyze her but the medicine cat wasn’t hitting the right nerve and while the pricks of the digging claws were painful, she lived for it. Annabelle could only hope that Brutus and Cinnamon had half a mind put together to keep an eye on the small she-cat while she dealt with the nuisance. “If I want things done, I have to do them myself.” Annabelle grunted. The muscles within her back and shoulder blades suddenly flexed as she pushed their bodies to the side in a rough manner, forcing Saffrongaze on the ground with her weight laid out upon the she-cat. Her head went back in a single and swift motion, feeling the back of her head collide with something, but it was enough for the claws in her pelt to slacken. Pulling forward, the claws ripped from her skin but the sting didn’t bother her, dark red staining her doe brown pelt as she swiftly stood up, while Saffrongaze also tried to get up, Annabelle cut her off with swiping a clawed paw that scored across the medicine cats muzzle, ripping at the skin.  “I like your reflexes but you are too soft, I see it in your eyes.” The slender molly sneered faintly, losing interest in the apprentice as she used her shoulder blade to push Saffrongaze down on her side while placing her paw against Saffrongaze’s head, pushing her face to the side and against the cold ground. Nostrils flared as she breathed in the scent of the molly beneath her, herbs overtaking almost everything as she chuckled. “Plant lover.” Annabelle hummed, clearly understanding this feline was more interested in herbs than her throng techniques and it showed. “Best way to get them is to attack their symbol of peace.” Annabelle said loud enough for her henchmen to hear, her baby blues hard. “This molly plays with plants which means she is a healer, my dears. Which means, their group can’t be too far off.” She said out loud, keeping her eyes on Saffrongaze and pushing down on her face when she moved. “Perhaps you would be better suited to answer my question, and your little cat over there lives.” Annabelle said sweetly, “How many of you are there?” She asked, pupils narrowing into slits. Saffrongaze would know if Annabelle didn’t like the answer.


    :: Saffrongaze ::

    Saffron knew she wouldn’t last long. Her instincts had taken over while her state of mind blanked out. Her apprentice in the clutches of another, a cat who were aware of their actions. The scent of blood knocked her back to reality and as she looked over in lost train thought, Annabelle’s far superior fighting skills managed to shove her down. Huffing in limited breathe, the medicine cat had no worry of how to fight, but perhaps after this day… she could learn to, to defend and protect her family. “F-foxdung! I’ll never show you were our home is.” She spat, giving a weaken snarl. Even if her life was taken away, she had given Speckledpaw a chance of freedom, which I hope she took. “You might as well turn home and tell your leader your mission was a failed one.” She hissed, as tears began to wield her eyes. She wasn’t sure if it was angry, sad, shocked… maybe all those tears in one emotion.



    Fear and worry were the only two scents that she could smell being emitted from the cat beneath her claws, chin tilting slightly as she gazed down at Saffrongaze and smirked faintly. She enjoyed it when they cowered and trembled with fear. A cold breeze was making its way through the forest, causing her long brown fur to shift and sway as she continued to glare at Saffrongaze. The she-cat was struggling underneath her but it was more amusing than anything, pressing her soft lips together. Small stings twinged throughout her pelt from the teeth and claw marks that this nuisance had left behind but no matter, it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. “Fox dung? Well that’s a new one.” Small bubbles of laughter left her muzzle at Saffrongaze’s weak snarl, her paw still pressed against the other cats head as she slowly lowered her face, eyes clipped of blue ice as she looked at the blood that now stained that peach and cream pelt. “So we aren’t too far.” She said slowly, the tip of her tail twitching as she wordlessly mentioned for Brutus and Cinnamon to prepare. 

    Annabelle hadn’t left her eyes from Saffrongaze, this feline was soft and useless, she wouldn’t have made it within their horde. But, she knew never to underestimate the enemy, perhaps the fighters of this group were a touch better. “Oh but it wasn’t a failure, instead a success! I found someone.” Annabelle purred with amusement her long and feathery tail swaying as her claws dug even further into the side of Saffrongaze’s head. “Listen closely nuisance. My leader wants to have an audience with your leader, tomorrow at sunrise.” She said slowly, letting her chin tilt faintly as she smirked. “Meet my leader at the big yellow oak tree, near the old grey barn. Alone would be preferred.” She snickered and lowered her head to point her muzzle down towards Saffrongaze, her teeth bared. “Don’t disappoint me, nuisance.” Annabelle chimed, digging her claws back into Saffrongaze’s face as she pushed herself off of the other molly, standing in the snow with her paws speckled in blood. “Now run along, we shall be expecting you shortly.” Annabelle smiled sweetly before she waved her tail for her henchmen to release Speckledpaw, standing there for a brief moment as she watched the two clan cats stare at her before running off. “And the fun begins.” She hummed, her eyes narrowed before turning on her paws. “Come, Brutus. Cinnamon. We must prepare Karma with what we found.” She meowed, her long and feathery tail weaving in the air.

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