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Hunting Ravens (Clouded and Raven)

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    Cloudedmoon ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    Pale olive green eyes were slowly flickering over Ravenpaw’s form as her apprentice attempted yet again with her hunting stance. Not that Cloudedmoon could really say anything, she was not the best huntress within the clan, that title belonged to her own mother, Briarfeather. Honestly if BlazeMoon had survived to adulthood, her sister would’ve been the next best huntress within all of ShadowClan. Those two mollies were gifted. “Hmmm.” She hummed thoughtfully, stepping forward to lift her right paw and gently place it along the curve of Ravenpaw’s back. “Lower your rump just a tad.” She instructed but then the younger molly dropped her rump to the point where her tail was touching the ground. “Oh, lift your tail. You will have to use your tail for balance.” Cloudedmoon instructed, before she stepped back, whiskers twitching in thought. Ravenpaw was a very good listener but she seemed to be having issues with holding this stance. “Your forepaws. Spread them out just a bit more so that they are lined up with your shoulder blades.” She instructed, moving towards Ravenpaw’s chest, reaching out a paw to gently move her apprentice’s paws into place. “Now that looks a bit more comfortable.” Cloudedmoon nodded softly to herself, taking another step back to observe the form. It wasn’t perfect but Cloudedmoon partially blamed that on herself, she didn’t even have the most perfect form when it came to hunting. Perhaps she would getting with Firelotus later on in the week, her sister was an elegant huntress and perhaps would be of more use to Ravenpaw.

    “How does that feel Ravenpaw?” Cloudedmoon asked, her pale brown nose twitching as she caught the scent of prey scuffling in the brush to the side, causing her ears to swerve in the direction of the ruckus before she grinned and looked at Ravenpaw and pointed with her muzzle. Now was the perfect opportunity for Cloudedmoon to observe her apprentice’s form and for Ravenpaw to test and see if this new stance helped her out. The clouded bengal slowly lowered herself onto her haunches, chin tilting faintly for a moment as she was pulled into her own thoughts, pressing her lips together. She was watching Ravenpaw stalk forward but her mind was else where, tugged towards her son, Skypaw. He was getting into trouble with the other apprentices and mouthing back to the mentors. Sure his father had a horrible attitude at times but Skypaw wasn’t usually like this when he was little, which worried her. Was there something else that was going on? Juncoberry was too anxious to talk to the young male himself, and she would do so when she felt the time was right. First she wanted to get the other apprentices take on what they thought was going on, or if Skypaw was really just being a nuisance. She blinked and her thoughts disappeared as Ravenpaw caught her prey and waltzed back towards her with a bounce in her step, causing Cloudedmoon to purr. “Well done, Ravenpaw! That was excellent! How did that stance feel?” She asked curiously, perhaps she could ask Ravenpaw.

    After a moment, she nodded and cleared her throat. “Perhaps later this week we can have Firelotus join us, she’s a lot better with helping others improve their hunting stance than I am.” She admitted sheepishly, but she gave credit when credit was due. Although now she was hesitating. “Ravenpaw…” She began, feeling uncertainly claw at her chest before she slowly began to speak once more. “Have…. have you noticed anything odd going on with Skypaw?” She questioned, her green eyes worried.


    r a v e n p a w

    It had been quite the morning for Ravenpaw, sprinting around and helping reinforce the nursery walls as the wind got colder, not to mention the dawn patrol before that. Now she was stuck out in the forest, struggling to master the hunter’s crouch. After training for three moons, you’d think the she-cat would master something so simple. It was odd, being a feral cat but being quite the useless hunter. She felt like a burden, though promised herself she’d work harder to master it. As Cloudedmoon poked and prodded her into the right position, the black bengal she-cat flexed her muscles, holding the stance the best she could. Her mentor’s praise felt like rain in the desert, making her tail tip flick with delight. The apprentice was quiet, though not shy, and she nodded softly as she spotted the mouse scuffling under the pine needles in search of food. She lowered, stalking silently across the ground as she closed in on the morsel, blue eyes narrowing in concentration. In a matter of seconds, she’d leapt and killed it, bringing the game back to her mentor with a slight skip in her step. She dropped it and covered it with pine needles, willing no creatures to come and sniff out her catch. 

    At Cloudedmoon’s tone, she swiveled her neck around and fixed the Molly with her intense blue stare, nodding slightly. “It felt good, I think it’s awkward cause I’m tall,” she mewed in her delicate voice, not at all matching her intimidating exterior. Ravenpaw was rather tall for her age and lithe, with a thick coat of charcoal bengal fur and bright, blue eyes. She almost looked like a warrior, at only nine moons old, and often was complimented for her ability to pick up things quickly. Though hunting seemed to stump her, which certainly caused a nagging feeling in the apprentice’s belly. Perhaps more practice and feeling comfortable in her own skin was all Ravenpaw needed to shape up and master this part of her training. She nodded at the mention of Firelotus, hoping the warrior would help her. 

    “Skypaw?” she echoed suddenly, thinking about the apprentice. She’d forgotten he was Cloudedmoon’s son, and her denmate. The tom hadn’t taken the time to speak with her, but she had seen him arguing with another one of their denmates. Perhaps the young tom didn’t speak with her because Cloudedmoon was her mentor,  or perhaps it was due to her quiet and distant demeanor. She hoped her clanmates didn’t think she was mean, she just preferred to be alone or with one other cat, not large groups. I sound like a wanderer, maybe I should become one, she thought lamely, the thought merely passing by. “He doesn’t really talk to me,” she admitted, shrugging her shoulders slightly. “I did see him arguing with another cat over prey, I think, but I can’t remember who it was. Sorry,” she mewed, frowning softly. She wished she could help her mentor more, to repay her for her patience with Ravenpaw. 

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