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How the gang shows their love!

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    I’ve been working on this for awhile, but this is how all ten of my current characters show affection to their partners! (Currently everyone is single, wink wink.)


    Murktongue: You will never need to open your mouth, he will always know what your heart desires without you ever having to speak. You might wake up to find posies in your nest, somehow they are just what you wanted but even you did not know. Maybe you were looking at some yesterday? Weren’t you alone then…?


    Blankstone: Vulnerability. There will not so much be tender words as tender moments, you will see a rare side of her constantly concerned with your happiness. Her walls will not disappear, but they will expand to include you, a safe fortress for you both. She will defend it until her last breath.


    Brownear: He will be the constant in your life, your rock. There are no lengths to which this tom will not go for you, he will lasso the moon and hunt down the stars to see your smile. He will not rest until it is so.


    Rainysky: He will always notice the little things, the way you like trout over perch or the way you like feathers in your nest. He will be attentive and in sync with your emotions, sensing you are sad perhaps before even you knew it. When you need to talk, his ears will always be open and his heart understanding. His love is a gentle stream that will carry you both through the trials and tribulations of life.


    Bearheart: Jolly laughter will fill the den, a rough sort of love may chafe at the heart but will always fill it to the brim. You will watch the seasons change in quiet harmony, yet also rage against old age in tandem. You will find your own youth sustained in a love that keeps you both young at heart and wise of spirit.


    Hawkpaw: That scruffy tom keeps looking at you, but looking away when you catch him? Is he glaring at you? What’s his problem? If he’s got an issue with you why is he always hanging around while you work?! You notice fixed the leak in the den roof above your nest, could it be…?


    Mudface: Gifts, gifts galore. A shiny stone, a cool twig. Your nest will be littered with the beautiful treasures of the forest, and you are the epicentre. Your paws will always be clean, your sore muscles attentively massaged. You will be treated as the most valuable cat in the woods, lavished with attention and affection at every hour. You will never doubt your worth.


    Magnoliabreeze: A ray of sunshine will illuminate your path, a joyful upbeat companion to walk through life with. A word of encouragement whenever needed, she will be your respite after a long day. The wind beneath your wings, never asking anything more than that you treasure her in return.


    Palefawn:- Palefawn will be your knight, a position she will serve with honor and devotion. Your boundaries, you preferences, will always be respected. She is an old romantic at heart, though clumsy. Gestures of affection may stumble, but their intent will always be clear: you are loved.


    Nightstorm: Nightstorm is the romantic type prone to deeds- he will take to the battlefield in your name, when he stands over his enemies dripping with their blood they will know the goddess for whom he is a patron is not to be trifled with.



    How do your characters show their love? Feel free to reply! :3c

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Forums Community General Chatter How the gang shows their love!