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    Name: Honeysplash | Gender: Male | Age: 45 moons (4 years) | Birthday: September 9th | Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Allegiance: Skyclan | Rank: Warrior | Mentor: Cindertail (NPC) | Apprentice: Mosspaw (Former, NPC)
    Scent: Warm honey & clover | Skills: Fighting & Hearing | Personality: Kind, witty, loud-mouthed, and flirty
    Appearance: A large, well-muscled honey-colored tabby tom with blue eyes. Has a medium length coat and white-tipped tail.

    Parents: TBA | Siblings: Firestar | Mate: Snowowl | Kits: Smokykit & Pollenkit

    Likes: Exploring, gatherings, sunbathing

    Dislikes: Rain, small spaces, woodpeckers

    || History ||

    Honeypaw was a talented, prideful apprentice. Everything came to him naturally, and he was praised among his clanmates. However, the praise backfired and grew his ego, causing him to treat those less talented than himself brashly. Despite his mentor’s best efforts, his pride remained until he became a warrior and was given his own apprentice.

    Honeysplash was miffed over the small, gray apprentice. Mosspaw was reckless, often flinging herself into danger. Although she was wild, Honeysplash could see the spark of ambition within her, and he decided to kindle the fire.

    During a cold, leafbare morning Honeysplash and Mosspaw were having a particularly intensive training session. She was struggling, which he interpreted as laziness, and yelled at her. The apprentice collapsed, coughing heavily. He rushed to her side, realizing she was seriously ill, and brought her to the medicine cat den. Help came too late, and she soon passed from late-stage untreated whitecough. He blamed himself for her death, stated that he was too narrowly focused to see his own apprentice’s suffering. He retreated into solitude for the remainder of winter as he grieved. He returned with spring, a changed cat. Although still a loud-mouth, and a bit brash, he learned to treat others with kindness, knowing that there was more to life than ambition.

    Some Revision needed, coming soon!

    Courtesy of Mairu Doggy, Deviant Art
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