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here comes the sun [mink x morning]

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    Morningpaw mourned the loss of the flowers that had sprung up in spring, and she missed what they meant to her and Minkbelly. Habit and moons of doing this made the pattern familiar, but she still enjoyed the “messages” they used to communicate. Replacing the flowers of spring and summer were proud heaps of snow- the vines climbing the trees were merely snakes without their lustrous blossoms and decorative leaves. At least the ice provided some beauty, dripping from the branches and glittering like crystals. 

    “There she is,” Morningpaw mumbled happily, quickly approaching their tree. It was without leaves, so not much use as a hiding place, but she still bumped into it. “Hello, have you seen Mink today?” The ginger and cream tabby asked jokingly, settling among the roots.

    “Winter is such a barren time, but spring will come, and that will be exciting for you- for everyone, really.” She continued to chatter, giving her chest fur a few more licks in the effort to maintain a clean appearance. She wasn’t sure when she started caring about that but was not bothered by it, so she dismissed it. “I wonder how Skyclan is faring in that regard. Climbing trees must be strange when some of those trees don’t have leaves.” 

    Azure eyes peered into the dense forest on the other side, hoping to see honey-brown fur or familiar warm eyes. After a moment, the apprentice feared Minkbelly wouldn’t be there. He hadn’t stopped by for the past few sunrises, and neither had Morningpaw. She assumed, or rather, she hoped it was because they both had duties taking their time and attention. What if he’s found himself someone more interesting than you? Life long friendships don’t always stay life long, I’m sure. The thought was a bitter one. Still, she patiently smiled up at their tree and hoped



    ‘I am so late!’ he groaned in frustration as his long strides pick up speed, easily maneuvering through the barren birch forest. Snow flinging in every direction as his large paws dig into the biting frozen powdered snow. A shiver rippling through his brown and white pelt at the cold temperature surrounding him, a grin appearing on his boyish features as he takes in the scenery around him as he races by ashen tree after tree, his ears perking up as he could hear faint scurrying of critters taking shelter to avoid his rapid dash through Skyclan.

    Butterscotch eyes zeroing in on the twin maple trees that him and Morning often meet up at to catch up. His gaze brightening considerably at spotting Morningpaw’s beautiful golden pelt contrasting against the pure white snow. His breath catching in the back of his throat at the sight, a charming smile tugging on his lips as he nears her, catching snippets of her mumbling to herself. “Miss me that much? Talking to trees now? I suppose trees need company too” he teases with a playful wink.

    His chest heaving slightly as he tries to catch his breath, the air fogging around his mouth and nose as he breaths deeply. “Sorry patrol took longer than I expected” he adds as he settles down next to his best and closest friend. “How is your apprenticeship coming along? I knew there was more to you than a warrior” he purrs as his warm gaze flickers in her direction with a proud sheen in his eyes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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