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    ❝Conceal yourself; hide behind your strengths and push away your faults.❞
    – Halfblaze
    half ▻ his mother said that his face is like a cat’s two split halves being placed together.
    for being a fearless fighter ◅ blaze


    July 28, 2018 ◅ 22 moons
    born a molly ⬩ he/him/his ⬩ trans male
    Hollywhisker(NPC molly) (ex mentor), fearedjackal (former mentor) ▻ Cloudedpaw (current app.)
    homosexual ⬩ homoromantic


    (art credit goes to: BlkCat [me])
    btw, in the bottom corner drawing, Halfblaze is poking his paw in a river
    scent > Smells like something burnt, but not unpleasantly so (it’s weird)
    Halfblaze is neither too heavy nor too slim, but he’s a bit on the short side. His fur is mostly sleek, though it fluffs up and tangles in certain areas. He claims he’s a tortie, though he has a white tail tip and ear tip. Half’s eyes are a blue that reminds you of being dunked in icy water, cold and piercing.


    fighting (offense + defense), stealth, strong, swift, graceful/agile  |  indecisive when strategizing, not the greatest hunter, average tracking skills, s


    leo ⛭ lawful neutral ⛭ yang
    devoted ⬩ patient ⬩ perceptive ⬩ supportive ⬩ altruistic ⬩ inquisitive
    trusting ⬩ devoted (depends) ⬩ introvert ⬩ repressive ⬩ curious (depends) ⬩ dubious
    – Halfblaze does have a side that’s just ALL anger. That side is the kit that got left by both parents and bullied as an apprentice, that side is the part of Halfblaze that encouraged him to become a better fighter and advance farther than those he trained beside
    – Halfblaze is really only fearless and bold when it comes to fighting because in a fight it’s like he “shuts off” or his brain clicks out and it’s all just action
    – While Halfblaze can talk, he finds it difficult. He stammers a lot, even if he isn’t nervous, he just finds speaking difficult and will likely communicate with physical acts
    – slow to judge others/trusting (sometimes too trusting)
    – because Halfblaze spent his apprenticeship pushing away who he was so he could fit in, he will often (intentionally or no) repress others’ individuality and his own
    – While Half can act confident, he’s almost always wondering if something he did or has done was done right or to the best of his ability. He has a tendency to hesitate a lot.
    – Halfblaze is definitely a wingman kinda guy and will listen to your rants and put in his two cents
    – Half loves Feared, though in a platonic way, and cherishes his friendship with his former mentor. Though Feared was young when Half became his apprentice (@ 9 moons) Half will resolutely tell you Feared was his best mentor


    Halfblaze’s parents were two well known Shadowclan disgraces. Oh, his mother was a fine huntress but terrible about bringing back the right kind of prey (she was a former kittypet who joined later on in life) and his father was a terrific fighter but shied from battle. Halfblaze’s father was too shy, his mother too fiery and short tempered, but both were cowards in battle. Halfblaze was only about 3 moons, recently weaned, when his parents went out for a short patrol. The patrol ran into trouble with foxes and, to cut to the chase, his parents fled the fight. All of Shadowclan, but mostly Halfkit, were certain that the two would return after the danger was gone… But, they never did.
    Halfkit, now Halfpaw, was given to Hollywhisker to be trained. Hollywhisker was a fierce warrior and a great tracker, Halfpaw… Not so much. But he worked well with Hollywhisker, excepting the fact that she was rarely there to train him. Because of this, and because Halfpaw was being bullied at the time for his history, his descent, and his strange habits (being interested in water, collecting things, etc.), Halfpaw worked twice as hard to prove he could be a better warrior than his parents, and to cover up for the fact he wasn’t getting all the training he could from Hollywhisker. Luckily, Fearedjackal, a young warrior, stepped in to help Halfpaw with battle training. Feared also encouraged Halfpaw to push away and conceal his stranger attributes, to keep bullies at bay. When Shadowclan realized Holly had left, only a few days later they found her with a kittypet molly. After that, Fearedjackal became Halfpaw’s official mentor.
    Since then, Halfpaw’s earned his name, Halfblaze, become well known for his fierce fighting skills, and has become Cloudedpaw’s mentor.
    NPC (bio mother) x NPC (bio father)
    no siblings


    open for romantic interest (message me)
    open for friends
    open for rivals/enemies



    – MORE TBA

    scent still needs to be included ^^


    Hi June! Halfblaze is looking great; we’re just missing his appearance. Cheers!


    Oh, I put a picture with the bio (unless you can’t see it, which is…. Odd)

    I also added a description of his appearance below his scent

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