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    ~ Name ~


    | Hailkit, Hailpaw |

    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Hail – Because of his dark grey pelt that is spotted with faint white markings.

    Gaze – His yellow-orange gaze is so striking that his glares are known to make others uncomfortable.

    ~ Gender ~


    ~ Birthday ~

    September 25, 2014

    | 6 years old |

    ~ Sexuality ~


    ~ Voice Reference ~

    David Cubitt (Ted Pownall from Siren)


    ~ Allegiance ~


    ~ Rank ~


    ~ Mentor ~

    | Former MentorQuialflight (Deceased) |

    ~ Apprentice ~

    | Former Apprentice – Palefog (RPed by Roach) |

    | OPEN |


    ~ Scent ~

    Campfire and Leather

    ~ Skills ~

    • despite his height and muscle mass he is a swift feline
    • Excellent bird catcher
    • Knows how to at least swim

    ~ Personality ~

    | Hailgaze is smart, proud, brave, intelligent, vengeful and a bit stubborn. He is a sophisticated, noble and exuded ‘royalty’ and power, but he tends to treat his allies as equals and like family. He is respected by many throughout the clan, as he is a hard worker and an extraordinary warrior, despite being the son of Wolfstar. Unlike some members of his family, certainly felines do not truly work their hardest. He has a very serious demeanor, having to live up to the expectation of his younger siblings and even more so to gain his fathers respect. Hailgaze wasn’t exactly a fan of Goldenrose and Wolfstar becoming mates but after getting to know Goldenrose and helping to mold his youngest siblings, his heart had softened.

    While he initially shared the greed of his family and had an extensive love for loyalty, he values the welfare of others as well. He can be immensely brave and willing to give himself up for any just cause, though this may be to a limit since he nearly lost his life in a past battle between WindClan and RiverClan. Although his wounds had healed and nothing kept him living out his days as a warrior, his former mate, Honeyblossom, had decided that his wounds could possibly take his life and made her peace with him. Little did he know that she would be the one to die from a grave sickness. |

    ~ Appearance ~

    | Hailgaze is much like his father, his pelt is a dark slate grey with white markings randomly placed along his fur. All of his toes are white, a white collar of fur surrounds his collarbone and around his neck. He as a few white streaks along the bridge of his nose, but it only adds to his charm. The coloring of his eyes are a striking yellow-orange color, despite have the looks of his father his eye color is what really stands him apart from both Wolfstar and Breezepaw. He is a rather tall tomcat, even though his stature is a bit slimmer than Wolfstar’s, his shoulders are broad and his body is heavy with muscle. Along the back of his neck and the curve to his back are deep old scars from when he was a young warrior, the wounds were so deep and bled heavily to the point where he could have possibly lost his life. Now they are a reminder. |


    ~ Parents ~

    | Father – Wolfstar (RPed by Wolf) |

    | MotherCremefur (Deceased) |

    ~ Siblings ~

    | Littermate ~ Sister: Blizzardfall (Deceased) |

    | Littermate ~ Brother: Pinechaser (RPed by Toxic) |


    | Younger Sister – Brookflower (RPed by Wolf) |

    | Younger Brother – Redstrike (NPC) |


    | Younger sister – Nettlenose (RPed by Bento) |

    | Younger sister – Willowfur (RPed by Wolf) |


    | Younger Half Brother – Wildpaw (RPed by Wolf) |

    | Younger Half Brother – Breezepaw (RPed by Fear) |

    | Younger Half Sister – Heatherpaw (RPed by Bento) |

    ~ Nephews and Nieces ~

    • Dustpelt and Blizzardfall’s kits

    | Nephew – Wolfleap (NPC) |

    | Niece – Meadowfur (RPed by Feared) |

    | Niece – Speckledstep (RPed by Wolf) |

    • Willowfur and Startledcrow’s kits

    | Niece – Stormkit (RPed by Wolf) |

    | Nephew – Desertkit (RPed by Feared) |

    ~ Mate ~

    | Former mate ~ Honeyblossom (Deceased) |

    ~ Kits ~

    | None |

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