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Guide to Tagging

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    Here on Kugyay, we use tags to help us find useful information. They’re incredibly helpful to find certain roleplays involving certain characters, roleplays by certain members, or even specific roleplays involving a certain event.

    Useful Tags

    There are certain tags that are there for our members to use when they’re looking for something specific.
    Tags such as #Help, #Guide, and #Rules are listed as such for users having difficulty with certain topics.

    It’s also important to note that tags are separated by commas and not by hashtags!

    Get Personal

    The only tags that we ask people use in a required setting are for Clan Applications; we ask that you specify which Clan you’re applying for in your tags, as well as the name of the character you’re using.
    (EX. #Wisteriaflower, #RiverClan)

    High Ranks are free to add their ranks to topics involving that character.

    For specific threads, tags like #open or #closed are helpful to let other roleplayers know whether or not they are welcome to join in.

    It also helps for the sake of organization to tag not only your character but your partner’s as well.

    Adding personal tags such as your member name to keep track of what your roleplays are is completely optional and up to you.

    Kugyay’s tag system is something we’re grateful to have, so please keep in mind to keep your tags friendly and appropriate in accordance to our site regulations!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums RiverClam RiverClan Information Guide to Tagging