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    The Clan Ranks

    – Leaders
    the Clan leader is in charge of the safety of their Clan, they oversee the entire Clan

    – Deputies
    the deputy is the leader’s right hand (or paw), they help organize the Clan and assist the leader with running things smoothly

    – Medicine Cats
    the clan healer, they receive messages from StarClan and prioritize the Clan’s health

    – Medicine Cat Apprentices
    the next in line to succeed the Medicine Cat, their training is much different from a regular apprentice’s and are treated to the same extent as a healer with their full name

    – Warriors
    they protect and defend the Clan, they hunt for the Clan, and they devote their lives to the strength and survival of the Clan

    – Apprentices
    the Clan’s cats in training to become warriors, their guidance is of utmost importance

    – Queens
    they raise the kits of the Clan and are the backbone of the next generation

    – Elders
    Warriors retired from their many seasons of devoting their lives to the Clan. They are very respected by their clanmates

    The Tribe

    – Teller of the Pointed Stones
    akin to a Clan leader, the Teller is in charge of overseeing the tribe’s best benefit and leading them. However, they also interpret signs from the Tribe of Endless hunting. Essentially, they are the leader and the healer of their Tribe

    – Watcher of the Rising Stones
    the watcher is a deputy and a guard in one. They not only assist the Teller in every day duties like a deputy would, but they also stand vigil over the tides and ensure the safety of the Tribe. They are also in charge of the shift changes of hunters and guards

    – Sand-Hunters
    hunters that find their prey among the waters and surface of the tribe’s territory

    – Cave-Hunters
    hunters that find prey underground beneath the tunnels

    – Guards
    they are in charge of keeping the cave safe, they also accompany hunters out while they hunt to make sure they are kept safe and prey is returned to the Tribe

    – Kit-mothers
    queens who birth the Tribe’s next generation

    – To-Be’s
    young cats the age of six moons who train under hunters or guards respectively

    cats under six moons who yet are unable to contribute to the Tribe

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